Why Are Mickey Ears So Popular At Disney parks

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Disney has created many iconic characters over the past century, but Mickey Mouse is arguably their most famous to date. Mickey ears are a popular accessory for Disney fans worldwide.

Everything you need to know about Mickey Ears will be explained in this guide.

Whether you’re heading to one of the wonderful Disney Parks, embarking on a Disney Cruise, or wondering where you can pick up some Mickey Mouse ears, you’ll have all the answers you need after reading through the following sections.

Disney souvenirs are special to millions of people around the world.

There’s an undeniable magic about the experience of visiting a Disney Park or other Disney location, and you’re sure to see an abundance of Mickey ears being worn during your visit.

In this guide, I’ll answer the most common questions regarding Mickey Ears in detail.

What Size are Mickey Ears?

One of the most common questions people have about Mickey ears is what sizes they are available in. Mickey ears are worn by people of all ages, and therefore Disney produces them in three size categories. These are:

  • Infant
  • Youth
  • Adult

Infant-sized Mickey ears are designed for young children. They measure 5 inches, so if the person’s head exceeds this measurement, they will likely be too tight. If this is the case, the youth-sized Mickey ears may be a better option. They measure 5 ¼ inches, with the extra size designed for teenagers. 

  • Adult-sized Mickey ears measure 5 ¾ inches, making them a good choice for most parents, older siblings, or children who don’t fit into the two aforementioned sizes.

I’d recommend measuring the size of your head, along with any other people who might want to wear Mickey Mouse ears. This will ensure that you choose the correct size and avoid a mismatch.

Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom

Do Guys Wear Mickey Ears?

When visiting a Disney Park, it’s very common to see young children gleefully exploring in Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears. Although many females love to wear this popular accessory, guys can certainly be found wearing Mickey ears too!

Granted, many guys may not feel comfortable wearing Mickey ears on their daily commute to work, or when walking through on a busy suburban sidewalk.

However, at Disney Parks, everyone is very accepting of one another, and wearing Mickey ears as a guy is completely normal.

Disney Parks are a place to relax, let go, and enjoy the many magical sights and experiences. Regardless of gender, everyone can grab a pair of Mickey ears and fully immerse themselves in the magical world of Disney.

Even if you feel a little uptight about wearing Mickey Mouse ears on your visit to a Disney Park now, it’s likely that when you arrive and see all of the other guys and women wearing them, you’ll feel much less self-conscious!

Do People Wear Mickey Ears on a Disney Cruise?

In addition to the world-famous parks, another highly popular way for people to get the Disney experience is through the Disney Cruise Line.

Onboard the Disney Cruise Line, you can expect to see many people wearing Mickey ears, in addition to Minnie Mouse ears. They are perhaps less common than they are in the Disney Parks, but there will certainly be people wearing them.

Again, you’re likely to see people of all ages and genders wearing Mickey Ears on a Disney Cruise Line. They’re a great way to embrace the Disney experience and are available to purchase onboard.

Over the years, Disney has even created special Mickey ears exclusive to Disney Cruise Lines, so you may see some of these on show around the ship.

Take a look at this review of the Disney Cruise Line, from the ultra-experienced Emma Cruises!

You might be particularly interested in this review as Emma actually found one place where Mickey Ears were not well suited onboard, plus she also talks about feeling a little lost without them!

Check out this YouTube video that shows the many different styles of Micky ears available!

Can You Wear Mickey Ears on Rides?

Another common question people have is whether they’re able to wear Mickey ears on rides. In the majority of cases, this is not permitted, for obvious reasons.

Disney rides vary in size, speed, and many other aspects. Wearing accessories like Mickey ears is not permitted on most rides, simply because they may come off the person’s head due to the movement and velocity.

Disney Park staff will be able to advise you on specific rides, but it’s best to leave your Mickey Ears somewhere safe when embarking on a ride to avoid losing them or in rare cases, causing injury to others.

Furthermore, there is an exception to this rule.

  • If you’re attending a Disney show or attraction rather than a ride, you can keep your Mickey Ears on. Check with a cast member if you’re unsure before entering a ride, show, or attraction.

Do Universal Studios Sell Mickey Ears?

If you’re considering visiting Universal Studios in Florida, you won’t be able to purchase Mickey ears there.

This is because official Disney merchandise such as Mickey ears is only available at Disney parks, such as Disney World or Disney Land.

Universal Parks are not owned or operated by Disney.

There are however many other souvenirs you can acquire at Universal Studios, which are often inspired by movies and TV shows.

There’s nothing stopping you from purchasing Mickey ears elsewhere and taking them to Universal Studios, but you won’t see many in comparison to the sea of Mickey Mouse ears at a Disney Park.

Emporium Magic Kingdom

What are Mickey Ears Made Of?

Mickey ears are made of several materials which ensure comfort, durability, and longevity.

There are many variations of Mickey ears, but all of them use a headband that is commonly coated in soft velvet. The ears are made from foam, which is wrapped in a fabric material.

The main shell of Mickey ears is made from 100% polyester, barring any trims or decorative features. The filling is made from 100% polyurethane, which is known for its soft, cushioned feel.

Can I Wash/Clean Mickey Ears?

There’s a strong possibility that your Mickey ears will get dirty at some point, especially if they’re being worn by young children. With all of the activities, food, and drinks available at Disney Parks, you may feel the need to clean or wash them.

It’s not advisable to machine wash Mickey ears, simply because the materials are not designed to get fully wet. The foam will soak up water, and it will be very difficult to dry them if they are soaked.

Thankfully, Mickey ears are designed so that you can easily wipe them clean. To do this, it’s best to use a slightly damp cloth and gently rub it against any stains on the Mickey ears.

Ensure that you don’t soak the cloth too much before wiping the Mickey ears, as this will cause water to be absorbed into the inner foam and fabric materials, which will mean you’ll need to wait for them to completely dry before wearing them again.

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Where Can I buy Mickey Ears?

If you’re yet to purchase your Mickey ears, you might be wondering where the best place to buy them is.

Mickey ears can be acquired from the vast majority of shops in any Disney park.

One great place to shop for ears is the Emporium, which is the main store at Disney’s popular Magic Kingdom Park, located in both Orlando and California.

These stores have a huge selection of Disney memorabilia, including a wide range of Mickey and Minnie ears in many different varieties.

Additionally, any Disney store on the high street also sells Mickey ears. There might not be the same number of varieties in these stores, but they are still likely to stock a considerable amount because the ears are one of Disney’s best-selling souvenirs.

Alternatively, you can purchase your Mickey ears online on the official Disney store website.

If you choose this option, it’s a good idea to ensure that you get the correct measurements based on the size of your head or that of the person you’re buying the ears for.

  • Mickey ears sold by unofficial Disney retailers are unlikely to be genuine products, so be vigilant when shopping for them online. Check for the authentic Disney logo before you buy to avoid disappointment.

Check out this popular YouTube video to see if your Mickey Ears are genuine!

Can you bring your own Mickey ears to Disney Parks?

Yes, you absolutely can bring your own Mickey ears to any Disney Parks, such as Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Alternatively, you can purchase them from the stores within the parks.

Can you make and sell your own Mickey ears?

It is possible to make your own Mickey ears quite easily, using fabrics and cardboard. However, you cannot sell your homemade Mickey ears as they are copyrighted by Disney, and it is illegal to sell them.

Have a magical day.

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