When’s the Best Time to Visit Rome? Catch It at Its Best

Best Time to Visit Rome guide

Many people feel that Rome is at its best between March and May. This is often the busiest season, but there’s plenty going on because of Rome’s birthday festivities, and Easter celebrations. Flights are cheaper, and the weather is more temperate.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Rome?

There are differing opinions on this, but a vast number of people feel that spring is Rome’s best season.

Rome at night visit
Visiting Rome

There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Firstly, the weather tends to be excellent. A lot of people find that Rome is too hot in the summer, and it can be chilly and wet in the winter. In spring, though, it’s usually temperate and comfortable.
  • February temperatures tend to be between 3 and 14 degrees C, while in March, they rise to between 6 and 17 degrees C. By April, you’ll see 9 to 19 degrees C, and in May, 13 to 24 degrees C. That’s warm enough for most activities, making the streets an inviting place for everybody. You should take some warm clothes, just in case, but this is normally pretty comfortable.
  • Rome celebrates its birthday on April 21st, and this is a big draw for many tourists. You’ll see historical reenactments, parades with costumes, mock gladiator fights, and more. You’ll have opportunities to learn as much as you want about Rome’s history. There’s a lot of energy in the air, and this is generally the busiest season. If you’re fascinated by the past of this beautiful city, it’s definitely the time to visit.
  • There are also Easter celebrations filling the place with light and energy, and this is an important day for everybody. The Pope will hold mass in the Vatican, and a blessing in St. Peter’s Square. Whether you are religious or not, these can be extraordinary and interesting events to witness, and people come from all over the world to see them.
  • The prices do tend to rise around Easter and Rome’s birthday, of course, and the city can be busier at these times than through the rest of spring, but that doesn’t diminish the appeal for many tourists. If you’d prefer to get lower prices, aim to avoid these festivities; you’ll still get to enjoy the beauty of Rome.

The drawback of spring is that it can be quite crowded, even outside of these events.

If you don’t want to visit Rome during the peak tourist period, consider going during one of the other seasons – which we’ll look at next.

Should You Go To Rome In The Summer?

If you’re booking your summer holidays, it’s worth knowing that Rome can be very pleasant in the summer, even though this is one of its less popular seasons.

A lot of people do still visit in the summer months, and have a wonderful time.

The biggest drawback of going to Rome in the summer is likely to be the weather – because although it’s sunny, it can be excessively hot, and pretty humid. If you don’t like heat or humidity, stay away from summer Rome.

Colosseum in the summer
Visiting Rome, Summer

However, if you like warm weather, you might find that summer in Rome suits you perfectly, and you can make the most of fewer crowds and slightly cheaper prices.

To give you some idea of temperatures, June to August can range as high as 31 degrees C, with lows between 15 and 19 degrees C.

September weather tends to drop by about 4 degrees, so it might be a good option for enjoying the city without overheating.

If you are going to go to Rome during the peak of summer, you should take:

  • good suncream
  • light clothes
  • and water bottles

This will help to ensure you can make the most of your holiday there. Overall, summer isn’t considered the best season, but it can be good if you don’t like crowds.

Should You Go To Rome In The Autumn?

Rome can be pretty mild in the autumn, making this another popular season.

The end of September and October tend to see dry, mild weather, but by November, most people are leaving the city, and temperatures are dropping.

Visit Rome fall season
Beautiful Rome in an autumn

There is often less going on in autumnal Rome than in the spring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find things to do.

After All – The biggest attraction of this city is usually its phenomenal architecture, and you can enjoy this even if there are no events or festivals.

Indeed, you may get a better opportunity to do so when there aren’t crowds drawn in by events.

If you’d rather visit Rome when it’s reasonably quiet, try the autumn months.

Should You Go To Rome In The Winter?

Rome can be pleasant in the winter, but it’s significantly colder. The days are also shorter, which can make it harder to fit in enough sightseeing.

That said, December in Rome can be pretty spectacular, as the city is bedecked with Christmas decorations and looks truly beautiful.

Rome winter visit
Rome in winter

As you’d expect, however, the crowds spike around this time, especially with couples looking for a romantic winter getaway.

There also tends to be less to do in Rome in winter, since this is the quietest season. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing, but you won’t get to enjoy the full vivacity of the city.

Temperatures tend to remain above freezing, often hovering between 4 and 13 degrees C in December, dipping down to between 3 and 12 degrees C in January, and gradually warming up through February.

The colder weather puts a lot of people off, since a lot of Rome’s biggest attractions involve being outdoors. You can certainly still see the city at this time of year, but it’s not at its best, either in terms of temperature or in terms of activities.


Rome is best visited in the spring, when festivals and celebrations are plentiful, and the city is waking up from the winter. However, it can be busy, so you might want to consider going in the summer if you don’t mind hot weather, or autumn or winter for the architecture.

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