When’s the Best Time to Visit Paris? A Seasonal Guide

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If you want to avoid the crowds in Paris, the best months to visit are January, February, and March. These can be cold, but they are the quietest. The peak season is June to August, and there are lots of events during this period. Winters may be quite rainy.

What’s The Best Time Of Year To Visit Paris?

This depends on your preferences, because Paris can be beautiful at any time of year.

However, the weather is best during the early spring and the summer, and this is when many people choose to go. Spring is probably the very best time of year, because it’s quieter than summer, but offers many of the same advantages.

Paris spring quiet
Paris is quieter in spring

Early summer can also be a good option, although prices tend to be climbing by this stage.

It’s, therefore, better to visit the city a little earlier in the year if you can:

  • In about January, temperatures are often between 3 and 8 degrees C, and it’s fairly dry, so you can easily spend time outdoors.
  • February temperatures are similar, and by March, they rise to between 9 and 15 degrees C, which is pretty perfect for outdoor exploring. It might be a little too cool for sitting in a cafe in the sunshine, but if you’re more interested in wandering around and seeing the sites, it should be ideal.
  • April temperatures are often between 8 and 17 degrees C, while May can be as warm as 20 degrees C. If you’re keen to spend time outdoors, choose one of these two months. They’re still before the peak tourist season, but warmer than the early spring months.

Celebrating Easter in Paris can be a particularly memorable experience.

France as a whole is known for its phenomenally beautiful food, and much of the confectionery you can buy at this time of year is almost too exquisite to eat.

Visit Louvre

There are also street markets beginning to open, along with live street music and lots of things to look at and do.

Spring in Paris is a busy, lively affair that is well worth seeing. Many people agree that this is the best season for going to this beautiful city.

Should You Go To Paris In The Summer?

As mentioned above, there are some drawbacks to going to Paris in the summer: the crowds.

These are particularly bad by July and August, which might deter you from visiting.

It can be hard to get accommodation, everything is significantly more expensive, and all the major tourist sites are crowded with visitors.

Paris in summer visiting
Paris in summer

You’ll probably need to pay more for hotels, hire cars, and even experiences if you visit during the peak tourist season, and you may find many things are booked up or sold out.

There are still lots of lesser-known areas that you can explore and check out in the summer if you choose to, but on the whole, it can be more difficult to find quiet areas and activities that aren’t booked up.

That Said – There’s no denying that Paris is beautiful during the summer months, with temperatures between 16 and 26 degrees C. You can enjoy the amazing sites, the cafes, and the culture in full when the sun is shining.

There are also more festivals and more events, because people take advantage of the tourist season and put on activities.

This makes summer one of the best times to visit if you want to see all the vibrancy and creativity of the city.

If you do plan to visit in the summer, you should make sure you book things in advance to avoid disappointments.

Make sure you have both accommodation and activities arranged before they get booked up.

It is also worth noting that because many Parisians leave Paris during the peak of the tourist season (mostly in August), some places will close for this month.

Always double-check bookings before you go to make sure there haven’t been cancellations.

Should You Go To Paris In The Autumn?

Paris can also be beautiful in the autumn, with the leaves changing color and prices starting to fall.

Temperatures are similar to the spring temperatures, and if you’re looking for Halloween celebrations, the catacombs can be a great option.

Paris at night visit
Paris at night

There are also some quirky festivals, including:

  • the Autumn Festival
  • the International Contemporary Art Fair
  • wine-tasting festivals, and more

These are well worth checking out if you’re visiting Paris in autumn.

There tends to be a little less going on than in the spring, though – a lot of things are winding down for the winter, rather than gearing up for the summer.

It’s still worth considering visiting Paris in the autumn, but be aware that you might find it quiet. On the other hand, prices tend to be lower and it’s easier to get accommodation.


Should You Go To Paris In The Winter?

Winter in Paris has some significant benefits, such as fewer crowds and a quieter atmosphere.

You will see a more natural Paris, rather than the show put on for the tourists, which some people prefer.

Paris in winter snowing
Paris in winter

However, wintry Paris can be quite wet, and does get crowded again in December.

It’s considered a romantic Christmas getaway, so you’ll need to book in advance if you want to spend the holiday here. Again, prices will go up as the city welcomes an influx of tourists.

If you avoid the Christmas period, though, you can enjoy the quiet Parisian streets.

It rarely gets truly cold in Paris, and even in November and December, the lowest temperatures tend to be around 4 degrees C (with highs of about 8 to 11 degrees C).

Paris may experience snowfalls between November and January, which makes this a particularly romantic place to be.


As you can see, Paris has a lot to offer no matter what time of year you go, but you should be aware that you’ll hit dense crowds if you go in the summer. Spring tends to be the best season, therefore, with quieter streets and good weather.

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