Can I Bring A Friend To Watch Me Indoor Skydive?

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Indoor skydiving is an amazing experience. The thrill of freefall is an incredible feeling that’s even better shared with loved ones, even if they don’t participate.

But indoor skydiving has many rules, particularly around the number of people in a session.

So, are you allowed to bring a friend? 

Can You Watch Indoor Skydiving Sessions?

In addition to being a fun recreational activity, indoor skydiving is an exciting sport where competitors show off their incredible skills inside a wind tunnel.

And, yes, like any other sport, indoor skydiving allows spectators

That’s why wind tunnels have transparent vertical walls — so spectators can see the flight chamber clearly.

People can watch indoor skydiving sessions, so you can bring a few friends to watch you fly in a vertical wind tunnel. 

How the Indoor Skydiving Experience Works 

Indoor skydiving has exploded in popularity recently, with indoor skydiving locations popping up.

Thanks to the ubiquity of indoor skydiving centers, this thrilling indoor activity is accessible more than ever. 

If you’d like to go indoor skydiving and bring a friend, it helps to understand how it works. Knowing how indoor skydiving works will make you even more comfortable asking your friends to tag along.

So, how does indoor skydiving work? 

  • Indoor skydiving happens within a vertical wind tunnel with giant fans below. The fans pump air from the surrounding environment upwards through the glass-walled wind tunnel.
  • The upward-thrusting wind creates a smooth column of air that allows the person within the flight chamber of the wind tunnel to float.
  • During the flight, you will experience a falling sensation similar to freefalling through the sky after a plane jump. 
  • After your session in the wind tunnel, you can buy photos and videos from your flight. 

You don’t have to be a paratrooper or an experienced skydiver to enjoy skydive simulation; anyone can experience the feeling of weightlessness in a vertical wind tunnel.

It’s a cool experience, and there’s a good chance you’ll want to go back repeatedly. 

Do Indoor Skydiving Centers Have Stands? 

You want whoever you bring for your indoor skydiving session to be comfortable throughout the experience.

If you do bring your friend to watch you fly in the wind tunnel, where will they sit? Indoor skydiving facilities don’t have stands per se, but there’s an observation area. 

Your friends, family, and loved ones can watch your wind tunnel flight from the seating area.

We recommend watching a few flights from the seating area before your flight if you are unfamiliar with the experience. 

How Many Friends Can You Bring To Watch Your Indoor Skydiving Experience?

You may be wondering how many people you can bring to watch you take a flight in a vertical wind tunnel.

Unfortunately, it’s not a lot. Indoor skydiving facilities limit the number of people present for each session in the wind tunnel. 

That includes the number of people watching from the observation area. In most cases, only six people are allowed for each session. You’d probably be split into different flight sessions if you came as a large group. 

Why You Should Bring a Friend to Your Indoor Skydiving Experience

Here’s why you should bring a friend when indoor skydiving; this is an experience best shared with friends, family, and loved ones.

There are many reasons to bring a friend to your indoor skydiving session.

For instance, having someone to take photos of you during the wind tunnel flight is an underrated benefit of bringing a friend.

Otherwise, you’ll be limited to the pictures and videos you can buy from the facility, which may not be good. 

Gear up for an exhilarating indoor skydiving journey with this comprehensive beginner’s guide, packed with essential tips and knowledge.


Indoor skydiving is one of the fastest-growing indoor activities in the US. No matter your location, there are plenty of opportunities to try this thrilling adventure.

For the best experience, ask a few friends to tag along, even if it’s just to watch.

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