Can You Take Photos or Videos During Indoor Skydiving?

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If you’re looking to capture the memory, you may be wondering, can you take photos or videos during indoor skydiving?

Is this even possible? Simply put, yes, but you can’t bring cameras, cellphones, or other devices into the wind tunnel.

Instead, you’ll need to purchase videos and pictures from the indoor skydiving place, take them on the outside of the wind tunnel with a GoPro, or ask a spectator you know to film the experience for you.

So it is definitely possible to take photos and videos during indoor skydiving, never fear!

Can You Take Photos or Videos During Indoor Skydiving?

Indoor skydiving is a unique, fleeting, and exhilarating experience.

The feeling is indescribable unless you’ve tried it yourself. Each flight is only a minute or so, so you may find yourself wishing to look back.

This may have brought you to ask, can you take photos or videos during indoor skydiving? There are a few ways that you can indeed do this.

Just keep in mind, cameras, cell phones, and other devices are not allowed inside or even anywhere near the wind tunnel.

The winds inside are simply too powerful. It would be all too easy to drop a device and lose it in the current, which is inconvenient, and risky for both the device and the indoor skydiver! 

Along with this, if you’re looking at your device, you won’t pay sufficient attention to your instructor. This can detract from the experience considerably, as you’ll miss any warnings and any suggestions to help you maintain your form and maneuver!

So, the safety of you and your devices is the main concern when it comes to bringing cameras or cell phones into the wind tunnel. But this isn’t the only reason it’s a bad idea…

Especially with short-lived experiences like indoor skydiving, it’s important to be present.

If you’re focused on trying to catch that perfect angle or movement on film, you’ll find yourself pulled away from the experience itself.

It’s much more important to enjoy the sensation, and to successfully maneuver!

Options You Have

Luckily, there are other ways you can capture the experience without distraction or risk:

  • Buy photos and videos from the indoor skydiving place itself. One option is to purchase photos and videos from the indoor skydiving place of your choice. These are not only top-quality, but they often come with music and other entertaining features you’re sure to enjoy. What’s more, they require zero effort on your part. You can focus on indoor skydiving and still come away with more than a memory – zero risk!
  • GoPro. Now, one way that you can successfully take your own video is with a GoPro. It’s often allowed to place these on the outside of the wind tunnel, away from the actual wind current. This allows for a decent-quality video, so you can watch yourself indoor skydiving later. GoPros also have lots of cool effects, modes, etc., so you can take a dynamic and creative video of yourself in flight. In summation, GoPros are a fantastic alternative to a camera or cell!
  • Have a friend film from the outside (but nowhere near the wind tunnel). Another simple option is to have a friend film from the outside. Spectators get a great view of the indoor skydivers (although it may not be as up-close as say, a GoPro). They can move the camera, zoom in, etc., so – alongside purchasing videos from the indoor skydiving place – it’s the best way to get a top-notch video. If you’ve got friends and family in the spectators, all you need to do is ask!

Finally, filming yourself while indoor skydiving is simply unrealistic. The movements you’d require to successfully film would cause you to turn, go forward, etc. and you wouldn’t be able to balance…

Not only that, but the wind itself can interfere with the image quality. It’s just not viable, and you’d come away disappointed!

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Final Words

So, can you take photos during indoor skydiving? You absolutely can. It’s just important (and required) to do it the right way.

Either set up your GoPro on the outside of the wind tunnel or purchase photos and videos from the indoor skydiving place itself. 

Or, if you know a spectator or two, you can always see if they’d be willing to take some photos and videos… While you can’t bring a camera or cell into the wind tunnel, there are other ways that you can capture the memory forever!

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