Do Westjet Airlines Provide Headphones? The Insider’s Guide

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Westjet Airlines is known for providing a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience to its passengers.

One aspect of this experience is the entertainment options offered onboard. Travelers often wonder if Westjet provides headphones for their inflight entertainment system, WestJet Connect.

WestJet Connect offers a wide range of entertainment choices, including hundreds of hours of free streaming content, accessible through personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Westjet Airlines does not provide headphones directly, passengers are encouraged to bring their own wired headphones to connect to the inflight entertainment system.

This allows guests to enjoy their personalized entertainment preferences, contributing to a more customized flying experience.

Key Takeaways

WestJet aircraft in flight
  • Westjet Airlines offers an extensive selection of inflight entertainment through WestJet Connect
  • WestJet Passengers should bring their own wired headphones to enjoy the onboard entertainment options
  • Westjet strives to provide a comfortable and customizable flying experience for travelers

Features of Westjet Airlines

In-flight Entertainment System

Westjet Airlines offers WestJet Connect, a convenient inflight entertainment system.

This system provides a variety of entertainment choices, including hundreds of hours of free streaming content on your mobile device or laptop.

The airline also offers a music selection featuring Juno award-winning recording artist Sean Jones and other prominent Canadian music icons. To access WestJet Connect, passengers need their own devices and headsets.

Seating Comfort

Passengers flying with WestJet can experience an exceptional level of comfort in their Premium cabin.

The Premium guest experience is designed with a perfect combination of comfort, value, and guest service.

WestJet Premium offers an elevated travel experience, including extra legroom, advanced boarding, and enhanced in-flight amenities.

Be confident and relaxed while flying on WestJet planes, knowing that the airline focuses on providing a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

Westjet Airlines and Headphones

Availability of Headphones

WestJet Airlines offers passengers access to their inflight entertainment system called WestJet Connect, which provides hundreds of hours of free streaming content.

Passengers can use their personal headphones or earbuds on WestJet flights.

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Types of Headphones Provided

WestJet does not provide headphones or earbuds by default.

However, some flights with seatback screens, such as the 787 Dreamliner aircraft, may have headphones available on request.

For optimal experience, consider bringing your own noise-cancelling headphones like Bose or Sony brands.

Purchasing and Packing Headphones

Since headphones are not provided, passengers should pack their preferred headphones or earbuds.

Ensure you have an adapter if your device uses a single or double prong headphone connection, as some airlines use different audio sockets.

Bluetooth Connectivity

WestJet Airlines permits the use of wireless Bluetooth headphones during the flight, though you must provide all your Bluetooth devices for inspection during the safety briefing.

Wireless earbuds, such as those from Apple or Samsung, are also allowed on WestJet flights.

Entertainment on Westjet Airlines

Movies and Shows

WestJet Airlines offers an inflight entertainment system called WestJet Connect.

This system provides passengers with access to a variety of movies and television shows.

Content is streamed to passengers’ personal devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or laptops, giving them the freedom to choose from a vast library during their flight.

On certain aircraft such as the 787 Dreamliner, WestJet Connect can also be accessed through seatback screens.

Music Options

Along with movies and television, WestJet Connect features a selection of music for passengers to enjoy during their flight.

The system offers a diverse range of genres, allowing travelers to find something that suits their taste and enhances their inflight experience.

WestJet aircraft on runway

Comparison with Other Airlines

Delta Airlines

Delta provides headphones free of charge for international flights.

They charge $2 for headphones in domestic economy, while other cabins and routes receive them for free.

United Airlines

United Airlines offers complimentary headphones to their passengers.

This allows passengers to enjoy in-flight entertainment on their flights.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest does not offer or sell onboard headphones.

Passengers are encouraged to bring their own headphones for any entertainment services provided on their flights.

American Airlines

American Airlines provides headphones at no cost to their passengers.

This enables customers to use their audio and video services onboard without any additional expense.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers free headphones to their passengers.

This enhances the overall travel experience by allowing access to the airline’s in-flight entertainment system.

JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue charges $6 for a pair of headphones onboard their flights.

Passengers can purchase these for use with the provided inflight entertainment options.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines offers complimentary headphones for all routes, except those between Hawaii and the U.S. West Coast, where they charge $4.

This ensures a pleasant experience for passengers with access to in-flight entertainment.

Headphones Purchase and Other Options

Buying Headphones Pre-Flight

If you’re flying with WestJet, it’s worth noting that they don’t provide complimentary headphones.

To ensure you have headphones for your flight, consider packing your favorite pair of wired headphones.

Not only will this save you money, but it’ll also guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable in-flight entertainment experience.

Online Purchase Options

If you don’t already own a pair of headphones, numerous online retailers offer a wide range of options.

For instance, Amazon is known for its extensive selection and competitive prices. By purchasing headphones before your flight, you can compare various models, read reviews, and choose the perfect option for your needs. Just be sure to pack them in your carry-on bag, so they’re easily accessible during your flight.

Remember that WestJet’s in-flight entertainment system, WestJet Connect, offers a vast selection of movies and other content to help make your flight more enjoyable.

By preparing in advance and packing or purchasing headphones, you can fully enjoy your WestJet experience.

WestJet Aircraft in flight

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WestJet provide in-flight entertainment?

Yes, WestJet offers in-flight entertainment through their WestJet Connect system.

This allows passengers to enjoy a variety of entertainment options on their personal devices.

Are complimentary headphones available on WestJet flights?

Information about complimentary headphones on WestJet flights is not explicitly mentioned.

However, you can bring your own headphones to use with the in-flight entertainment system.

Are personal devices required to access WestJet Connect?

Yes, you need to use your personal smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access the WestJet Connect in-flight entertainment system, which provides complimentary entertainment and pay-per-usage internet.

Can I use my own headphones on WestJet flights?

Yes, you can bring your own headphones onboard a WestJet commercial airplane to use with their in-flight entertainment system.

Do all WestJet aircraft have TV screens?

No information about TV screens on all WestJet aircraft is available.

However, the WestJet Connect system enables passengers to access entertainment on their personal devices, bypassing the need for individual TV screens.

Is there a power source available for charging devices on WestJet flights?

Power source availability for charging devices on WestJet flights is not specified.

It is advisable to have your devices fully charged or carry portable power banks to ensure uninterrupted use during your flight.

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