Flying Virgin Atlantic: Do They Provide Headphones?

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When you are traveling by plane, different airlines offer different amenities during the flight, especially if you are on board for a longer period of time, i.e. you are on a long-distance flight.

When it comes to Virgin Atlantic, it is known that this airline provides a lot of ways to keep using your devices throughout the flight, however, you may wonder whether they provide some gadgets for your devices, such as headphones.

So, does Virgin Atlantic provide headphones during flights, and are they free of charge? 

Virgin Atlantic provides headphones for every passenger on each of the flights, and they are free of charge. However, many passengers have complained that they are not characterized by good quality sound or features, because they are not noise-cancelling, so you may want to take your own pair.

When preparing to travel by plane, especially getting ready for a longer flight, it is common that you want to make sure that you will be entertained for the time being, so you consider taking a lot of gadgets with you.

In this article, I will explain the items that are provided on Virgin Atlantic flights.

You will find out what kind of entertainment they offer and what kind of devices, therefore, you will know what will keep you amused during the flight. 

Does Virgin Atlantic Give You Headphones During Flights From UK To USA?

Virgin Atlantic is a well-known airline that usually provides long-haul flights, therefore flying from the UK to the USA is a regular flight destination.

Since passengers are kept in the air for a long time, they always try to find a certain type of entertainment that will keep them amused during flying. Therefore, people tend to bring a lot of devices and gadgets with them on board because they are not sure what the airline provides during the flight.

  • If you plan to take your laptop or tablet on the flight for some personal entertainment or work, or watching some movies on your own, you will certainly need some headphones.

Also, if you intend to enjoy some of the movies given by the airline, you will also need one set since you will not be able to concentrate if people around you are talking or sleeping.

So, you might ask yourself whether you need to take headphones of your own, or if the airline gives them to you during the flight?

These kinds of gadgets are provided by Virgin Atlantic on each flight, and they are free of charge.

It does not matter if you are flying economy or upper class, you will get the headphones for free either way. However, many passengers complain about the quality of the headphones that the airline provides.

According to many reviews, people are not satisfied since the headphones are not noise-canceling, but they will work just fine to watch some movies during the flight.

You need to remember that these are free of charge, and they do not include many features that you will require when you buy a certain set. Therefore, for a couple of hours, they will provide you with conditions to entertain yourself during flying. 

My favorite wired headphones that I use when flying are the Sony “wired” noise-canceling headphones.

I really like these on long flights as the noise-canceling works well and you can relax in total peace and comfort. It really makes a difference especially on a very long flight compared to the basic headphones provided by Virgin Atlantic.

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Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones With Virgin In Flight Entertainment?

Virgin’s in-flight entertainment system (also known as VERA) is not directly compatible with Bluetooth headphones, however, there is a way you can get connected without needing wired headphones.

You could use a 3.5mm Bluetooth headphone transmitter and plug this into “Veras” headphone socket. Next, simply switch on your bluetooth headphones and connect to the transmitter! No more wired headphones are required!

What Other Amenities Are Included By Virgin Atlantic When Flying In Economy Class? 

There are some features that will make your flight more comfortable even in economy class. However, some of the features are free of charge while for others you will need to pay a certain fee.

Also, some of the features may only be possible in the upper class, so you will need to do thorough research if these features play an important role during your flight.

On-Board WiFi

Most Virgin Atlantic flights enable you to use WiFi while flying, however, you will need to pay a certain fee to enable accessibility.

Of course, you may use the WiFi whenever the cabin crew announces that it is safe for use, and your device will need to stay in flight mode. There are different internet packages, so the charges are not fixed.

Power Configurations 

All Virgin Atlantic aircraft offer a power source where you can charge your device. However, the type of power sources may vary within classes. For example, in most economy class flights you will have access only to a USB port, while the upper class and premium AC power as well. 

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The drinks and meals are included in the price of your ticket, meaning that you will always get a meal.

Firstly, you are served with some beverage such as wine, beer, or a cocktail, and later you have the option to choose among three main dishes including a starter. After that, you will be served coffee or tea. 


If you are on a long-haul flight, you will definitely be offered a pillow and a blanket. These are free of charge, and they come in simple materials. You should not expect something really luxurious, but you will still be comfortable if you plan to take a nap on the plane. 

Here’s a brief video of Virgin Atlantic in-flight entertainment system

What Happens In “The Bubble” Of The Upper Class? 

As with everything in life, if you pay some more money you will get some greater benefits. This also refers to the Virgin Atlantic upper class. 

Firstly, there is a clubhouse that offers the passenger to dine before taking off. Once you are on board, you will be welcomed with a Champagne and some cheese serving. You can also choose among three main courses that will be followed by original British tea. 

Along with tea, you can get finger sandwiches, scones with jam, and you can choose from a selection of cakes. Finally, there is an open bar, meaning that you can get drinks throughout the whole flight. 

As you could see, gadgets such as headphones are free of charge, and they are available in all classes. However, the amenities that are offered in the economy and upper classes significantly vary, and that is why there is a big difference in the price.


Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a plane?

Bluetooth headphones are allowed on planes with certain restrictions. While most airlines permit the use of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones throughout the flight, you may be required to turn them off during takeoff and landing.

Some airlines offer Bluetooth compatibility for their in-flight entertainment systems, but this feature is not available on all flights. However, United Airlines has recently ordered a fleet of new aircraft that come equipped with entertainment screens featuring Bluetooth connectivity, which enables passengers to use their headphones wirelessly.

Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy cabin

Is Virgin Atlantic Inflight Entertainment any good?

Virgin Atlantic’s inflight entertainment (called Vera) is highly regarded for its wide selection of hand-picked movies, TV shows, and music.

The airline’s entertainment system, Vera, is recognized for its high-quality content and user-friendly interface. Furthermore, Virgin Atlantic offers additional features such as power supplies, Wi-Fi, and kids’ entertainment packs on select flights, which enhances the overall inflight experience.

Nevertheless, some passengers have reported that the selection of magazines on board is limited.

Virgin Vera In Flight Entertainment.
Virgin Atlantic Inflight Entertainment System (Vera)


Are Virgin Atlantic Headphones Any Good?

Onboard my last flight to Orlando I found Virgin Atlantics headphone were comfortable and the sound quality was reasonably good, unfortunately Virgin Atlantic complimentary headphones are not noise cancelling though.

How Much Are Virgin Atlantic Headphones?

The Virgin Atlantic headphones price is absolutely free! As discussed above these headphones can be use completely free of charge but are not noise cancelling.

What Are The Best Earbuds For Flying

There are several earbuds that are well-suited for flying, depending on your preferences and needs.

I have searched online for the best recommendations for earbuds on plane, however I do own a pair of Sony WF-1000XM4 which are comfortable and offer excellent noise reduction

Some of the best earbuds for flying include:

  1. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: These earbuds offer excellent noise cancellation technology, making them ideal for blocking out the ambient noise on a plane. They also have a comfortable fit and long battery life.
  2. Sony WF-1000XM4: These earbuds also have excellent noise cancellation and sound quality, as well as a comfortable fit. They also have a long battery life and come with a charging case.
  3. Jabra Elite 85t: These earbuds offer good noise cancellation and sound quality, and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They also have a long battery life and come with a charging case.
  4. Apple AirPods Pro: These earbuds have good noise cancellation and sound quality, and are comfortable to wear. They also have a long battery life and are easy to use with Apple devices.
  5. Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2: These earbuds offer good noise cancellation and sound quality, and have a comfortable fit. They also have a long battery life and come with a charging case.

It is important to note that the best earbuds for plane can vary depending on individual preferences and needs, and it is recommended to try out different options to find the best fit for you.

Virgin Atlantic Headphone Socket – Do They Exist?

Yes, Virgin Atlantic does have a headphone socket on their planes. The headphone socket is a 3.5mm jack located in the armrest of the seat.

Passengers can use their own headphones or the headphones provided by the airline to listen to the in-flight entertainment system.

It is recommended to plug headphones into the larger of the two Virgin Atlantic headphone jack to ensure proper audio output

Do Virgin Atlantic Provide Bluetooth Headphones?

Virgin Atlantic Bluetooth Headphones unfortunately at the time of writing do not com complimentary, neither can they be purchased, but given the advance in technology I don’t think it will be long before airlines provide this experience.

Virgin Atlantic Headphones Price

The price of Virgin Atlantic headphones is included in the overall cost of the ticket, with no additional charges imposed on customers. This excellent service demonstrates the airline’s commitment to providing an enjoyable journey to its passengers.

Do You Get Headphones On Virgin Atlantic

On Virgin Atlantic flights, passengers are provided with headphones for their in-flight entertainment.

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