Does Jet2 Provide Headphones? Exploring In-Flight Entertainment Options

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Flying with Jet2 can leave you wondering about the entertainment options available during your trip. One question that may come to mind is whether Jet2 provides headphones for their passengers’ convenience.

This article aims to explore the various entertainment options Jet2 offers, with a particular focus on headphone usage.

While some airlines may provide passengers with headphones, it’s essential to know if Jet2 follows suit. Understanding the policy regarding headphone usage during takeoff and landing is also crucial for a seamless and enjoyable in-flight experience.

As a general rule, Jet2 does not provide headphones as there is no in-flight entertainment offered provided for passengers on most flights. It’s recommended to bring your own. Having your own headphones will ensure you can enjoy your own inflight entertainment via your mobile phone or tablet.

As you embark on your journey with Jet2, being prepared with the necessary information about their entertainment options, especially headphone provisions, can make your flight experience more comfortable and convenient.

Keep reading to dive deeper into this topic and find helpful insights on Jet2’s services.

Does Jet2 Provide Headphones?

Jet2 offers a pleasant flying experience for customers, but when it comes to headphones, you may have some questions. In this section, we explore Jet2’s policy on headphones and if they provide them for passengers.

You can use your own handheld electronic devices and Bluetooth headphones during the flight, as long as they’re switched to flight mode while onboard. However, it’s important to remember that Jet2 does not allow the use of headphones during take-off and landing for safety reasons.

From personal experience I advise bringing your own headphones on Jet2 flights is advisable for a seamless entertainment experience.

There’s nothing worse than reading the safety warning card for 4 hours!

Just remember to switch them to flight mode and remove them during take-off and landing.

Alternative Headphones

Purchasing on Board

In case you forget your headphones or prefer not to bring your own, Jet2 may offer options to purchase headphones on board. This allows you to still enjoy music, movies, or games during your journey on your own mobile phone or tablet.

Remember that it’s best to have your devices like phones, tablets, or laptops in flight mode before take-off, and don’t use your headphones during take-off and landing.

Jet2 Overview

Jet2 is the UK’s third largest airline, providing flights from ten UK airports to more than 65 destinations across Europe and beyond. Established in 2003, the airline has continued to expand its fleet and passenger capacity.

You can expect a friendly, customer-oriented experience when flying with Jet2. The airline’s staff is known for their commitment to provide a comfortable and enjoyable travel experience.

For entertainment, Jet2, unfortunately, does not provide free headphones or in-flight entertainment systems.

Remember to switch your devices, such as phones or tablets, to flight mode before using them onboard. Larger gadgets, like laptops, must be stowed away during take-off and landing.

Traveling with Jet2 provides a reliable and enjoyable journey to various destinations. Utilize electronic devices for entertainment and arrive prepared to make the most of your flight experience.

Inflight Entertainment Options

Movies and TV Shows

Jet2 does not provide in-flight entertainment such as movies and TV shows. However, you can use your personal devices like phones and tablets to watch your favorite content once you’re in the air.

Music and Radio

Although Jet2 doesn’t have a built-in music and radio system, you can listen to your music on your personal devices. Make sure they are in flight mode before taking off and remember not to use headphones during take-off and landing.

Interactive Games

Jet2 does not offer interactive games as part of their in-flight entertainment. You can still use your phones and tablets to play games after take-off, as long as your device is in flight mode.

Me enjoying some in-flight entertainment with Virgin Atlantic

Connectivity and Charging

Wi-Fi Availability

During your Jet2 flight, Wi-Fi will not be available. Before your flight, download any necessary content on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

I always download my favorite box set before heading to the airport!

Power Outlets and USB Ports

Power outlets might not be present on Jet2 planes. Make sure to charge your devices (phones, tablets, laptops) beforehand so they last for the duration of the flight.

On some aircraft, you may find USB ports for charging, but it’s best to come prepared with fully charged devices in case they are not available.

Remember, for electronic devices, ensure they are in flight mode while onboard.

Jet 2 at Manchester Airport

Key Times for Entertainment

Take-off and Landing

During take-off and landing, you need to turn off and stow away any larger electronic devices, such as laptops. Keep in mind that no headphones are allowed during these times as well. However, you can use your smartphones and tablets, as long as they are in flight mode before taking off.


Jet2 allows the use of headphones during flight, but it’s essential to switch them to flight mode. You may be allowed to wear headphones during take off and landing, as some passengers have reported no issues.

In terms of inflight entertainment, Jet2 seems to have offered handheld devices for rent in the past, however, there is no recent information available on this service. It’s best to prepare your own personal device for entertainment if flying with Jet2.

Remember to bring your own headphones, as Jet2 doesn’t provide them. Keep in mind that noise-canceling features might not be as effective on airplanes due to limited energy supply from the plane’s headphone jack.

Overall, it’s wise to expect minimal inflight entertainment from Jet2 and bring your devices and headphones to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience.

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