How Big are Icelandair Seats and Seatbelts: A Clear Overview

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When planning a trip with Icelandair, many travelers might be curious about the size of the airline’s seats and seatbelts.

Icelandair accommodates passengers on various types of aircraft, and comfort during a flight is a crucial aspect to consider.

In Icelandair economy class, seat width on most of Icelandair’s planes is a generous 19 inches, which is wider than what many other airlines offer, providing a more comfortable experience for passengers.

Icelandair’s seatbelt length, however, can vary depending on the specific aircraft being used.

While seat measurements such as width and pitch can be found online, information regarding seatbelt length is often not provided by the airline.

In such cases, it’s best for travelers concerned about seatbelt length to contact Icelandair directly for the most accurate information.

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Key Takeaways

Icelandair Aircraft
  • Icelandair offers a comfortable 19-inch seat width in its economy class on most planes.
  • Seatbelt length can vary depending on the specific aircraft and might not be available online.
  • Passengers concerned about seatbelt length should directly contact Icelandair for up-to-date information.

Understanding Icelandair Seating

Icelandair offers a variety of seat options to enhance passenger comfort during a flight. Seat selection depends on the fare type and aircraft in use.

Economy Standard passengers can choose their seats, but may need to pay extra if they prefer seats at the front of the cabin.

In Economy Light, passengers receive a seat assignment free of charge, but can still opt to select a specific seat for a fee.

For those looking for more space, the airline provides More Legroom seats. Generally, the seat pitch in Icelandair’s aircraft is above industry standards, measuring 31″ to 32″ (79 cm to 81 cm).

To determine the most comfortable seats with ample legroom and recline, you can consult SeatGuru’s seating chart for various Icelandair aircraft. This resource is particularly helpful when booking a flight and choosing your seat.

Keep in mind that Icelandair retired its premium economy product in spring 2018, so middle seats or single seats in a two-seat pair are no longer blocked for additional legroom.

Icelandair Economy Class

How Big are Icelandair Seats

Economy Class Seat Specifications

Icelandair offers a comfortable flying experience with its Economy Class seats.

The seats feature a decent coating and the new-style thin padding, which provides a pleasant travel experience.

However, to avoid any backaches, it is recommended to get up every few hours during your journey.

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Economy Class Legroom

Economy Class on Icelandair offers adequate legroom for passengers.

The in-flight entertainment system varies depending on the age of the aircraft and is conveniently located in the seatback in front of you.

The air temperature control nozzle above your seat can be adjustable to ensure a comfortable experience during your flights to Greenland or domestic flights.

Economy Class Seat Selection

Icelandair provides seat selection options for its Economy Class passengers.

The seat selection is charged per flight segment, and reservation must be confirmed and ticketed to select seats.

Keep in mind that seat selection is free for children aged 2-11 and infants under 2. Icelandair’s Economy fares include both Economy Standard and Economy Light, each offering variations in baggage, cancellations, and other services to cater to the specific needs of your journey.

Icelandair Saga Class

Saga Class Seat Specifications

Icelandair’s Saga Class features comfortable recliner seats for their business class passengers.

These seats have a 2-2 configuration, offering ample personal space for a relaxing flight experience.

Saga Class Legroom

Saga Premium seats provide an impressive 40 inches of legroom, allowing passengers to stretch out and get comfy during their journey.

This generous legroom is quite beneficial for taller travelers or those who simply appreciate some extra space.

Saga Class Seat Selection

When flying in Saga Class, passengers have the privilege of selecting their preferred seat, be it an aisle seat for easier access or a window seat for the views.

Additionally, changes to departure time within 48 hours of the journey are allowed, giving travelers more flexibility and control over their trip.

Icelandair aircraft in flight

Seat Maps and Aircraft Layout

Understanding Seat Maps

Seat maps provide detailed information on the layout and arrangement of seats, galleys, lavatories, and other features within an aircraft.

They help passengers familiarize themselves with cabin features, locate their seats, and choose the best seats for their needs.

When consulting seat maps, it’s essential to know your plane’s make and model, as different aircraft may have varying seat layouts.

Boeing 757-200 Layout

The Boeing 757-200 is a popular aircraft in Icelandair’s fleet, and its layout consists of two versions.

Both versions have a few key features that you should be aware of:

  • Emergency Exits: These exits are located over the wings, ensuring passenger safety in case of an evacuation.
  • Galleys and Lavatories: You’ll find galleys and lavatories distributed throughout the cabin for your convenience. Note that proximity to these areas may result in noise and foot traffic.
  • Closets and Bassinets: Closets and bassinets are available on this aircraft. Bassinet locations can be found in the bulkhead rows.
  • Blocked Seats: Some seats might be blocked for Icelandair’s crew, ensuring they have a place to rest during the flight.
  • Premium Seats: These are located towards the front of the aircraft and often offer extra legroom and other amenities.
  • Crew Seats: Essential crew seating is located near the aircraft’s emergency exits and galleys, providing easy access during the flight.
  • Power Ports: Access to power ports can be found on the Boeing 757-200, allowing you to charge your devices during your journey.

Keep these features in mind when reviewing the seat map for the Boeing 757-200 and selecting your seat for your Icelandair flight.

In-Flight Comfort and Entertainment

Seat Recline and Comfort

Icelandair’s Boeing 757-200 offers 19-inch wide seats in economy class, providing extra space compared to the 17-inch wide seats found on most of their other planes.

To ensure more legroom and comfort, choose rows with a better seat pitch or opt for their Premium Economy class.

In-Flight Entertainment System

Passengers on Icelandair flights can enjoy a complimentary in-flight entertainment system.

The system offers an engaging selection of movies, TV shows, and music, keeping you entertained throughout your flight.

Remember that in some rows, the video screen is located beneath the seat, with a button on the side to pull it forward and up.

Booking Process and Check-In

Understanding the Booking Process

When booking a flight with Icelandair, you will have the option to choose between different fare types: Economy Light, Economy Standard, and Economy Flex.

Seat selection is included for Economy Standard and Economy Flex, but not for Economy Light passengers.

During booking, you can also manage your reservation, where you can add your Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) details, request a wheelchair, or change travel dates.

Upgrades to different cabin classes or purchasing additional services like extra baggage are possible during this step.

Online Check-in Guidelines

Icelandair allows passengers to check-in online, 24 hours prior to departure for all destinations.

This process can be done using any device, including desktop computers and smartphones. Simply enter your last name and 6-digit booking reference number to access it.

While online check-in opens up to 36 hours before European flights and 24 hours before flights to the US and Canada, be aware of requirements such as having ESTA (for travel to the USA) or eTA (for Canada).

Icelandair Stopovers and Flight Network

Understanding Icelandair’s Stopover Program

Icelandair’s Stopover program allows passengers to extend their layover in Iceland for up to 7 days without incurring any additional airfare.

This is a great opportunity for travelers to explore Iceland on their North American-European trips.

Icelandair’s Stopover program is user-friendly, as passengers can easily book their extended layover when purchasing their flights.

The Stopover package does not include accommodations, but it can provide a cost-effective way to visit Iceland and enhance the travel experience.

Icelandair’s Flight Network

Icelandair’s flight network connects North America and Europe with Iceland as a hub, offering flights to and from various North American and European cities.

The airline provides an excellent opportunity for travelers to explore Iceland on their transatlantic journeys.

Apart from their transatlantic flights, Icelandair also operates a domestic network within Iceland.

Destinations include Akureyri, a city known as “The Capital of the North,” and other regional airports such as Egilsstaðir and Ísafjörður.

This allows passengers to conveniently visit different parts of Iceland.

Baggage and Compensation Rules

Icelandair passengers are allowed to bring carry-on baggage with size restrictions of 115 cm/45 in (length + width + height) and weight limit of 10 kg/22 lb for both Saga Class and Economy Comfort Class passengers.

Additionally, they can carry a personal item with no disclosed weight limit and dimensions of 15.7 x 11.8 x 5.9 inches (40 x 30 x 15 cm).

Different rules apply to checked baggage allowances. For international flights, Economy Light, Standard, Flex, and Saga Premium passengers have one free checked bag, while Saga Premium Flex passengers are allowed two free checked bags.

When traveling with infants, Icelandair has specific regulations to accommodate the needs of the child. Car seats and foldable strollers can be checked without additional charges.

In case of baggage issues, such as delayed or damaged luggage or missing items, Icelandair offers compensation to affected passengers. Claims must be filed within specific timeframes to be eligible for reimbursement.

For passengers with special equipment, such as scuba gear, Icelandair allows these items to be checked as part of their baggage allowance, subject to certain restrictions.

Passengers should be aware of any additional fees that may apply for excess or oversized baggage.

Remember to check Icelandair’s website for the most up-to-date baggage rules and restrictions to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Icelandair Seating: Additional Information

Icelandair offers various seating options, ensuring passengers have a comfortable flight.

To make an informed decision, travelers should be aware of different seating choices and related prices.

How Big are Icelandair airline Seatbelts

Economy class seats on Icelandair flights feature standard seat width and pitch. Passengers can upgrade to Economy Comfort or Saga Class for a more spacious experience.

Upgrading will provide additional legroom, seat width, and other amenities like lounge access or recliner seats.

Some seats may offer extra legroom in Economy class, depending on aircraft and row. For example, rows 6 and 7 may provide additional space, but it’s essential to verify these details as it can differ between aircraft versions.

Passengers’ opinions on Icelandair seats vary, with some providing mixed reviews. Some find the extra legroom worth the additional cost, while others may find seat padding insufficient for long flights.

Seat maps can be an invaluable tool in selecting a good or bad seat during the reservation process. Online tools like SeatGuru provide seating details for various Icelandair aircraft on different itineraries.

In Economy Comfort and Saga Class, the seats offer added amenities such as Icelandair lounge access, priority boarding, and additional baggage allowances. Keep in mind the product and price differences while choosing your seat.

Finally, remember to consider the flight duration and your personal preferences when selecting a seat on Icelandair. Balancing comfort and price will ensure a pleasant journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the width of seats in Icelandair Economy class?

The seat width in Icelandair Economy class is 19 inches, which is wider than most airlines flying to Europe, including major carriers like Delta or American. This extra width provides passengers with more comfort during their journey.

What is the size of seats in Icelandair Saga class?

Information regarding the specific seat size in Icelandair Saga class are not available in the search results provided.

Are there any seat upgrade options available on Icelandair?

Yes, Icelandair offers upgrade options for passengers seeking additional legroom. You can find the prices for More Legroom seats during the booking process or on the My Journey page if you already have a reservation.

What is the Icelandair 757-200 Saga Premium seat configuration?

Information regarding the specific seat configuration of the Icelandair 757-200 Saga Premium cabin are not available in the search results provided.

What is the seat selection fee on Icelandair?

Seat selection fees vary depending on the fare type. While Economy Standard and Economy Flex include seat selection subject to availability, Economy Light passengers can select a seat for a fee. The prices for seat selection are displayed during the booking process.

What is the maximum size of airplane seat belts on Icelandair flights?

The search results provided do not contain specific information regarding the maximum size of seat belts on Icelandair flights.

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