Do IndiGo Airlines Provide Headphones? In-Flight Entertainment Explained

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IndiGo Airlines is well-known for its budget-friendly fares and convenient flight options.

IndiGo Airlines offers headphones on most flights that deliver clear and balanced audio performance. To ensure a pleasant in-flight experience, the headphones provide a good sound quality, ideal for enjoying movies, music, and other in-flight entertainment.

Passengers are allowed to bring their own headphones, whether wired or wireless, to enjoy in-flight entertainment during their journey.

Some airlines offer complimentary headphones or have them available for purchase.

It is worth considering investing in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones to enhance the flying experience.

Regardless of the airline, having a preferred type of headphones can significantly improve the comfort and enjoyment of a flight.

Key Takeaways

Do IndiGo Airlines Provide Headphones
  • IndiGo Airlines does not always provide headphones on board but allows passengers to bring their own. They are provided on most flights.
  • Investing in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones can enhance the flying experience.
  • Having a preferred type of headphones is beneficial when traveling with any airline.

Features of Headphones Provided by IndiGo

Audio Quality

IndiGo Airlines offers headphones that deliver clear and balanced audio performance.

To ensure a pleasant in-flight experience, the headphones provide a good sound quality, ideal for enjoying movies, music, and other in-flight entertainment.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

With the growing popularity of Bluetooth headphones, IndiGo Airlines is adapting to the trend by offering headphones that support Bluetooth connectivity.

This ensures that passengers can use their own Bluetooth headphones for a seamless and wireless in-flight experience.

True Wireless Earbuds

In addition to traditional wired and Bluetooth headphones, IndiGo Airlines aims to cater to passengers who prefer true wireless earbuds.

The airline offers earbuds that provide a compact and convenient listening experience for passengers during their flights.

Comparison with Other Airlines

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United Airlines

United Airlines offers free headphones for customers on select flights.

This service is available for passengers in premium cabins, as well as in economy class on some international flights.


Delta provides complimentary headphones to all passengers on long-haul international flights.

However, on domestic flights, headphones are available for purchase in the Main Cabin.


Southwest Airlines does not offer complimentary headphones onboard their flights.

Passengers are encouraged to bring their own headphones for inflight entertainment purposes.

American Airlines

American Airlines provides passengers with free headphones on some flights.

In international flights and premium cabins, headphones are complimentary. For domestic flights in the Main Cabin, headphones may be available for purchase.


Alaska Airlines offers complimentary headphones to passengers in its first-class cabin.

However, on most flights, passengers in the Main Cabin will need to purchase headphones if they don’t bring their own.

Types of Headphones

IndiGo Airlines entertainment

Wired Headphones

Most in-flight entertainment systems require headphones with a standard 3.5 jack for compatibility.

Wired headphones are a popular choice for travelers since they don’t require charging and are widely available.

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones provide the advantage of untethered convenience and are increasingly popular among travelers.

However, they may not be compatible with in-flight entertainment systems that require a physical connection to the audio jack. Keep in mind, some wireless headphones come with adapters for this purpose.

Noise-cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones make use of active noise-cancelling (ANC) technology to provide an immersive audio experience by reducing ambient noise.

These headphones are ideal for travelers seeking improved audio quality and a more enjoyable in-flight experience.

Where to Buy Headphones

IndiGo Airlines entertainment headphones

Airport Shops

If you are traveling with IndiGo Airlines and need headphones, you can often find them for purchase at airport shops.

These shops carry a variety of brands, including Sony and JBL, catering to different budgets and preferences.

Major airports frequently have electronics stores that offer a wider selection of headphones, providing travelers with more options before boarding their flights.

Online Marketplaces

Another option for purchasing headphones is through online marketplaces like Amazon.

Buying headphones online offers the convenience of choosing from a vast selection of brands and models while comparing prices, features, and customer reviews.

Purchasing headphones from online marketplaces before your IndiGo Airlines flight allows you to bring your headphones onboard and enjoy a personalized audio experience during your journey.

Points to Consider While Using Headphones on a Flight


Using headphones on a plane can cause minor interference with the aircraft’s communication system and affect passengers’ experiences.

To minimize interference, ensure that your headphones are in compliance with airline regulations and utilize wired headphones instead of Bluetooth options whenever possible.

Compatibility with In-Flight Entertainment System

The compatibility of your headphones with the in-flight entertainment system is crucial for a seamless experience.

In-flight entertainment systems often use two-pin sockets that may not be compatible with your personal headphones.

If you want to utilize your own headphones rather than the provided in-flight headphones, invest in an adapter that accommodates the two-pin system.

Additionally, note that while some airlines are starting to allow Bluetooth headphone usage, not all have this option, so it’s best to always carry a pair of wired headphones as a backup in case wireless options are not supported.

Customer Support and Service

IndiGo Airlines is known for its reliable and efficient customer support. They offer various channels to assist passengers with their queries and concerns.

Their Registered Office and Customer Relations Team can be reached through their contact page. Passengers can provide feedback, complaints, or suggestions, and expect timely responses.

Dottie, IndiGo’s AI-powered chat assistant, is available on the Chat Support page. Dottie provides instant solutions and information for commonly asked questions related to travel plans, bookings, and more.

For those who prefer using WhatsApp, IndiGo offers a dedicated customer service helpline at the number +91 742 8081 281. This enables passengers to communicate effectively and receive instant help.

In terms of in-flight amenities, it is important to remember that IndiGo is a low-cost airline. As such, they may not provide complimentary headphones aboard their flights.

It is advisable to check with their customer support for the latest in-flight services and amenities information.

In-flight Seating Considerations

Indigo airlines headphones

IndiGo Airlines operates a fleet consisting of A320, A321, and ATR aircraft, with a variety of seating options available.

The popular Airbus A320 features 180 passenger seats, including regular exit, emergency exit, non-reclining, and seats with extra legroom.

Regarding in-flight entertainment, passengers are allowed to bring and use their own headphones.

However, most wired headsets have a 3.5mm connector, which may be incompatible with the two-pin sockets used in many airline media systems.

To ensure a comfortable experience in an economy seat, IndiGo provides water cups on all its flights free of charge. Passengers can also purchase water bottles and other food items onboard.

Keep in mind that smoking is strictly prohibited on any IndiGo aircraft. Don’t forget to pack wired headphones for seamless use with the in-flight entertainment system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are headphones available on IndiGo flights?

Headphones are not mentioned as a provided item on IndiGo flights according to the information available on their website. Passengers are allowed to bring their own headphones for personal use during the flight.

Is in-flight entertainment provided by IndiGo?

IndiGo does not provide traditional in-flight entertainment systems, offering a more budget-friendly experience for passengers.

For entertainment, passengers are expected to use their own personal devices like smartphones or tablets.

What services are offered on IndiGo Airlines?

IndiGo Airlines offers a variety of services, such as the option to pre-book snacks for your flight at an additional cost and comfortable seating for a pleasant journey.

They do not serve complimentary snacks or alcoholic beverages on board.

Does IndiGo provide earplugs?

There is no information available to confirm whether IndiGo Airlines provides earplugs as part of their in-flight amenities.

In order to ensure a comfortable flight experience, it is recommended to carry your own pair of earplugs.

Are there any complimentary amenities on IndiGo flights?

Complimentary amenities are not mentioned on IndiGo’s website, suggesting that they focus on providing a cost-effective flying experience for their passengers.

However, they do allow passengers to pre-book a range of snacks and beverages for an additional cost.

Can passengers access Wi-Fi on IndiGo flights?

IndiGo Airlines does not provide Wi-Fi connectivity on its flights. Passengers should prepare to have other forms of entertainment or work ready for offline use during the flight.

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