Does American Airlines Give Headphones? Entertainment Options Unveiled

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When you fly with American Airlines, you may wonder if they provide headphones for their inflight entertainment. As you settle into your seat and prepare for your journey, knowing what to expect in terms of entertainment options can enhance your overall travel experience.

On most American Airlines flights, a variety of free entertainment options is offered, which you can stream to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

American Airlines does offer free headphones on flights, however, they are only available on certain routes and cabin classes. It is advisable to bring your own wired headphones for in-flight entertainment

As an Apple Music user, you can take advantage of American Airlines’ complimentary inflight Wi-Fi access to stream over 50 million songs. Make sure you have a compatible headphone setup, as not all inflight screens have Bluetooth compatibility, and you may need to use a jack or aux port.

Entertainment Options on American Airlines

In-Flight Entertainment

On American Airlines flights, you have access to a variety of entertainment options. Your seatback screen offers free movies, TV shows, music, and games on select aircraft.

Wi-Fi and Connectivity

Wi-Fi is available on all Wi-Fi-equipped American Airlines flights for your convenience. This allows you to stream entertainment on your personal device, such as a tablet, phone, or laptop.

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Apple Music Subscription

As the first commercial airline to offer Apple Music streaming access, American Airlines provides complimentary in-flight Wi-Fi for this service. With your Apple Music subscription, you can stream over 50 million songs during your flight.

Headphones Provided by American Airlines

Domestic Flights

On most American Airlines flights, you can enjoy free inflight entertainment, such as movies, music, and TV shows, streamed directly to your personal device. Hence, it’s necessary for you to bring your own headphones or earphones. In case you forget to do so, some economy-class flights may charge a fee for purchasing or borrowing headsets.

International Flights

For international and long-haul flights, American Airlines provides its premium passengers with high-quality headphones.

Starting in Q2 2019, Bang & Olufsen headphones replaced Bose Quiet Comfort headphones on board. You can use these during your flight to enjoy the inflight entertainment offered on the Boeing 787-9 and the A321XLR aircraft.

Using Personal Devices for Entertainment

Laptop and Mobile Device Compatibility

American Airlines allows you to use your personal devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones for entertainment during the flight. To stream their library of movies and TV shows, all you need is the American Airlines app on your device.

Most flights are Wi-Fi-equipped, so you can watch entertainment on your device without purchasing Wi-Fi access. USB charging ports or outlets are usually available on the plane for keeping your devices charged.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If you prefer using your own headphones, especially Bluetooth-enabled ones, there might be some limitations. American Airlines’ in-flight entertainment system is typically not equipped with native Bluetooth support.

To use your Bluetooth headphones, consider investing in a portable Bluetooth transmitter, such as AirFly, that connects to the headphone jack in the seat back screen. This way, you can enjoy wireless audio from the in-flight entertainment system on your personal headphones.

Available Media on American Airlines

Movies and TV Shows

On most American Airlines flights, you can stream a variety of movies and TV shows to your personal devices. This free library offers content for various tastes and age groups.

Music Selection

Besides visual media, American Airlines also provides a diverse music selection to keep you entertained during your flight. Their library includes various genres, catering to different musical preferences. Remember to use your own headphones or earbuds for the best audio experience.

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Travel Experience with American Airlines

When you travel with American Airlines, you can expect a variety of entertainment options to enhance your inflight experience. Your journey may include access to Flagship First or Flagship Business services, depending on your ticket and destination.

In Flagship First or Flagship Business, you’ll enjoy an elevated travel experience with special amenities for long-distance journeys. This may include international flights or trips to popular destinations like Hawaii.

During your flight, American Airlines offers an extensive selection of in-flight entertainment. You can find detailed information about the available entertainment options by entering your flight details on the American Airlines website.

As discussed, for headphones, while American Airlines does not explicitly mention providing them, you are certainly allowed to bring your own. Choose headphones with standard plugs as double plug connectors have become less common on their flights.

If you prefer using your own headphones for in-flight entertainment, be aware that most wired headsets with two 3.5mm connectors might not be compatible with airline media systems. Consider bringing an adapter to avoid such issues.

With American Airlines, stay entertained and comfortable as you fly to your destination. Remember to research your plane layout ahead of time to ensure the best travel experience.

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