7 Things To Do In Albuquerque (Plan Your Next Adventure!)

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Visiting Albuquerque has always been on my bucket list, and luckily I got a chance to do so.

During my stay, I got the opportunity to visit some of the city`s famous attractions, from the historic Old Town to attending the legendary Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

However, what intrigued me the most was the city`s deep multiculturalism and its rich American West historical heritage.

In this article, I will give you my personal take on some of the best attractions you must visit while in Albuquerque. 

1. Explore The Old Town

Visiting Albuquerque’s Old Town should be among the first things you do. The adobe architecture and the cobblestone streets in the city’s historic center are charming.

Old Town
Albuquerque Old Town

During my visit, I enjoyed perusing the charming stores and galleries, which sell various handcrafted items and interesting souvenirs.

You won’t be let down by the dining alternatives, either. Every taste, from traditional New Mexican food to foreign cuisine, is catered to.

Don’t forget to take some pictures of the magnificent San Felipe de Neri Church. I promise you’ll want to document your time in this gorgeous location.

2. Visit the Albuquerque Biological Park

I had an incredible experience when I visited Albuquerque Biological Park.

This is a place I would definitely recommend this place If you’re looking for a place to spend a fun-filled day with your family or friends.

Albuquerque Zoo visit
Albuquerque Zoo

The park has so many amazing sites to unwind and have fun after a long week.

The park is divided into four main sections:

  • The zoo
  • The aquarium
  • The botanical garden
  • The beach

Luckily, there is a small train system that connects the four sections. You can choose to visit one or more attractions at the BioPark. I recommend you try out each section. When you go for this option, you will get a slight discount.

However, go to the zoo if you only have time to tour one section. It was amazing to see so many wildlife animals, such as hippos, polar bears, Tasmanian devils, and Asian elephants.  

The aquarium is also equally mind-blowing, with exhibits showcasing a wide variety of fish and other aquatic life.

Due to the tons of things to do and see here, spare at least 5 hours to be able to appreciate everything the park has to offer.

3. Ride the Sandia Peak Tramway

You definitely have to take the Sandia Peak Tramway to see Albuquerque from a beautiful vantage point. The ride will take you to the observation deck atop the 10,378-foot Sandia Peak.  Its length makes it one of the world’s longest tramways.

Sandia Peak Tramway
The Sandia Peak Tramway

The breathtaking panoramic views of the city, the surrounding mountains, and the Cibola National Forest as to die for. There are a few things you should try after you reach the summit.

  • Mountain biking
  • Skiing
  • Hiking
  • Picnicking
  • Stargazing

There is a restaurant on the peak where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you eat your meal. You can opt for some casual dining at the sports bar or make a reservation for more formal dining.  

Also accessible through the tramway are the mountain’s hiking and skiing trails. For instance, you can take the Peak Nature Trail, which is only 0.3 miles. However, if you want to challenge yourself, take the more difficult 7.5-mile La Luz Trail.

4. Attend The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

The Albuquerque balloon fiesta is an experience you can only fully appreciate if you witness it first-hand. The festival is held in October; however, the specific dates vary depending on the year.

In case you were planning to visit the town at any other time of the year, we highly recommend you reconsider. All the events are held at the Balloon Fiesta Park, which is located in Northern Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

The Fiesta is the largest hot-air ballooning event in the world. There are also claims that it is the most photographed event on Earth.

The event attracts hundreds of balloon companies, and the number of visitors exceeds the thousands.

Some of the main events include;

  • Balloon ascensions
  • A gas balloon race
  • Balloon competitions
  • Morning balloon glows
  • Dawn Patrol Show
  • Evening balloon glows
  • Special shape balloon events

The sky is filled with amazing color and beauty as hundreds of balloons ascend.  You can also ride in a hot balloon to see Albuquerque from above.  

Due to the numerous events that take place during the fiesta, I recommend you spare at least 3 days.  

Also, there are other attractions scheduled each year. Some of them include music events, skydiving, chainsaw carving competitions, etc.

5. Go on a Ghost Tour

If you are looking for a more distinctive and exciting experience, you can try taking a ghost tour. Albuquerque is the ideal site for a spooky adventure because it is rich in history and folklore.

I visited Albuquerque’s most famous ghost tours, and I was impressed, although they were quite creepy!

Finding out about the city’s dark past and how these haunted places still have an effect on it today was fascinating. If you want to explore Albuquerque’s paranormal side, I highly suggest taking one of these excursions.

Here are activities on your Ghost Tour:

  • Examine creepy locations
  • learn about regional myths
  • Listen to scary tales

6. Visit the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

This museum and cultural center was founded in 1976 by 19 Pueblo Indian Tribes. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center is a great place to visit to understand Native American culture better. With the help of numerous displays, concerts, and dining opportunities, the center is committed to protecting and promoting this rich history.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque
The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

You may also visit the Pueblo Harvest Cafe and sample Native American foods like:

  • Tewa taco
  • Freshly baked Pueblo oven bread

I loved the fact that almost all the ingredients are sourced regionally, which enhances the authenticity of the cuisines served.

There is also an Indian Pueblo Store that sells traditional and modern jewelry, rugs, and pottery. Most of these pieces are made by renowned artists and local emerging talents.

As such, anyone interested in learning about and experiencing Native American culture must stop by this center.

7. Visit The National Museum Of Nuclear Science & History

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History should be on your list of places to see while in Albuquerque. It is actually the only congressionally chartered museum in its field.

Therefore, visitors are able to learn a lot of things, such as the Manhattan Project, the impact of the Cold War, and the story of the Atomic Age.

The museum provides a fascinating look at nuclear energy’s history, development, and effects on our planet. Essentially, there are several exhibitions to observe, including:

  • Interactive displays
  • Historical artifacts
  • Animated displays

Visitors of all ages will find the museum entertaining and enlightening, thanks to its interactive exhibits. You will gain knowledge of the principles behind nuclear reactions, their applications, and the social effects of nuclear technology.

The admission fee is also relatively cheap and ranges from $7 to $15. New Mexico residents have a discounted fee. However, they have to bring a valid photo ID with a resident’s address.

Final Thoughts

Albuquerque has a lot to offer everyone, whether they are interested in history and culture, outdoor activities, or special food. Visit this wonderful place and experience the beautiful scenery and warm people.

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