8 Things to Do in Anderson, SC I Highly Recommend

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Anderson is one of those small towns in South Carolina that might not appear touristy.

However, despite its size, the town has much to offer: a vibrant community, a rich historic downtown, and beautiful sceneries.

During my trip there, I got a chance to explore `Electric City` and learn how it pioneered hydroelectric power. I also visited the farmers market, went hiking in Sadlers Creek State Park, took a boat ride on Lake Hartwell and much more

You would also be pleased to know that the town is also nicknamed the City of Hospitality and the Friendliest City in South Carolina.

If that is not motivation enough, below are some of the amazing things to do in Anderson.

1. Take A Stroll Through Downtown Anderson

Whenever I visit any new place, I always like to tour its downtown so as to understand the `vibe` of the town and its people.

Downtown Anderson South Carolina
Downtown Anderson

The first thing you will notice when touring Anderson is that it has a lot of history. For instance, it was named after American Revolutionary War Hero- Robert Anderson.

The first place I toured was the 16-block Historic District. The local stores and eateries there are unmatched, and the charming streets and ancient buildings are full of character.

Some of the places you will pass during your walk include:

  • The Anderson County Museum
  • The Old Reformer- A war cannon
  • P&N Railroad Deport
  • The Confederate Monument

The kind of community in Anderson makes it relatively easy to make friends. This is because the atmosphere is great, and people are hospitable.

2. Visit The Anderson County Museum

The Anderson County Museum is a true treasure in Anderson. The museum offers a lot of history regarding Anderson and how it became famous.

The Anderson County Museum SC
The Anderson County Museum

If you love learning history, this museum does an amazing job of chronicling Anderson’s development. In particular, there are more than 25,000 artifacts in their galleries.

Additionally, as the museum`s collection continues to grow, its exhibits constantly change to allow guests to understand the city`s past as well as its future.

For example, you will learn about the textile business that made the town grow and also see Native American artifacts.

The best thing, though is that you’ll leave with a renewed respect for everything Anderson has to offer.

3. Check Out The Farmers’ Market

Nothing beats waking up early on Saturdays and going downtown to load up on locally produced goods.

Farmers market in Anderson
Farmers market

While the Anderson Farmers` Market is not that big and only houses around 36 vendors, I really enjoyed visiting it and loading up on:

  • Bread
  • Pastries
  • Local honey
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables

It is also worth noting that everything you buy here is grown within 50 miles of Anderson. Therefore, your purchase will go a long way in helping the local economy.

The farmers’ market is also a terrific location to catch up with friends and neighbors and experience the camaraderie that makes this town unique.

4. Hike at Sadlers Creek State Park

Sadlers Creek State Park is a 395-acre park that overlooks the great Lake Hartwell.

Sadlers Creek State Park SC
Sadlers Creek State Park

There are various hiking trails in the park that meander through the woodland and alongside Lake Hartwell.

There are two main hiking trails:

  • Biking Trail-  6 miles long
  • Pine Grove Trail- 0.6-mile loop

The pine grove trail is relatively easy; you can access it at the kiosk near the pavilion. Kindly note that it is a foot traffic only trail. If you are lucky, you will be able to see different birds and wildlife species.

Personally, I hiked both trails. However, I preferred the biking trail. I really liked the breathtaking surroundings, with soaring trees, gushing streams, and gorgeous water views.

The access to this trail is well-groomed and mostly level making it less challenging to complete.

This trail also allows you to see more wildlife, for example;

  • Chipmunks
  • Deer
  • Snakes
  • Deer
  • Chickadees
  • Squirrels

The best part is that hikers of all experience levels can use the paths, from leisurely strolls to more difficult hikes.

Apart from hiking, there are plenty of other things to do such as:

  • Geocaching
  • Camping
  • Picnicking
  • Fishing
  • Kayaking

5. Visit The Electric City Playhouse

If you’re looking for a special and memorable night out in Anderson, you should definitely check out the Electric City Playhouse.

You’ll be amazed by how deeply tied the neighborhood is to this community theater.

In fact, you might even recognize some of the local performers, which only enhances the experience.

As a community theater, it is an excellent representation of Anderson’s artistic community. The theater’s warm and welcoming atmosphere is something that you will surely appreciate.

The ideal size of the theater makes it easy to interact with the artists up close. You’ll have the chance to witness some amazing performances, each marked by the artists’ enthusiasm and commitment.

To check the upcoming events, visit their website. Also note show hours usually begin 2 hours before a scheduled production.

6. Visit the Anderson Jockey Lot

The Anderson Jockey Lot is the biggest and in my opinion, the best flea market in South Carolina.

It spans over 60 acres and can host as many as 1500 vendors. However, the number of booths is 2000.

This means that there is a diverse selection of merchants and goods.

Everything from handmade crafts to fresh produce from nearby farmers can be found there, including vintage clothing.

The Anderson Jockey Lot market
The Anderson Jockey Lot

The products sold here are divided into different categories, including:

  • Fresh produce
  • Tools and Hardware
  • Books, music, and video
  • Yard sales
  • Art
  • Household, farm, and garden items
  • Pet care
  • Automotive components

With its endless variety of goods and antiques, the Anderson Jockey Lot is an excellent destination for treasure hunters and bargain shoppers.

Because of the lively and welcoming ambiance, you may spend hours perusing the aisles and chit-chatting with vendors at the Jockey Lot.

You may be lucky and discover unexpected gems and get them at a fair price. Anyone visiting Anderson should definitely go there!

7. Take A Drive Through The Countryside

I found traveling through the lovely countryside in Anderson a very enjoyable and relaxed experience. It was a welcome break from the daily commotion for someone who lives in a city.

Countryside drive Anderson
Countryside drive

Finding a natural scene as breathtaking as the one created by the undulating hills, vast farmland, and lush forests is difficult.

The narrow back roads provide an intriguing look into the area’s past, present, and way of life. There are picturesque farmhouses and small country shops everywhere you look.

I recommend a slow drive around the Anderson countryside to explore the breathtaking landscape.

8. Visit the Woodburn Historic House

The Woodburn Historic House is a must-see location to experience the beauty and charm of antebellum life.

The meticulously preserved 19th-century mansion is a treasure of Anderson and offers a window into the past.

During a guided tour, you will discover more about the previous owners’ involvement in the neighborhood and their family’s contributions to the area. The house acts as a historical and cultural reflection of the era.

The house sits on more than 10 acres, therefore from time to time small events are hosted there.  The admission fee for adults is $10, children ages 6-10 pay $3 and those under 5 are admitted free.

Final Thoughts

Anderson, South Carolina, offers a distinctive experience rich in personality and history.

In addition, Anderson is home to various outdoor recreation opportunities, including Sadlers Creek State Park and Lake Hartwell, where tourists may go hiking, boating, and swimming.

The Anderson Electric City Playhouse provides cultural enrichment and entertainment opportunities. Lastly, the Anderson Jockey Lot is a fantastic location for bargain seekers and anyone looking for unique items and antiques.

Therefore, if you are ever in South Carolina, give this town a chance as it has a very welcoming atmosphere to visitors.

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