Does A Bum Bag Count As Hand Luggage

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Everyone that travels by plane frequently knows that you are usually allowed to carry one hand luggage with you and that is it.

That means that everything you want to take with you at all times while traveling needs to be packed in only one bag, and while packing you always think how an additional small bag, such as a bumbag, would be quite convenient at that point.

So, does a bum bag count as hand luggage, and can you take it with you without declaring it as a piece of your carry-on luggage? 

A bum bag is not considered as hand luggage since it is a piece of clothing in a way, or an accessory that consists of many pockets. Since you do not need to put it inside the overhead cabins while flying, and it does not take space because you carry it on yourself, it is not seen as hand luggage.

If you are preparing to travel light and with only hand luggage, you need to have a good packing strategy so you can take everything you need on your trip.

Here, I will discuss the possibilities you have when you intend to travel without additional suitcases, and how you can take more things but still stay light regarding your baggage.

You will read about the ways of using a bum bag as a piece of luggage while satisfying the regulations. 

Do Bum Bags Count As Hand Luggage? 

A bumbag or also known as a fanny pack is a small bag that people carry around their waist – the same way you carry a belt.

This bag is usually very convenient because it has a lot of pockets, and it is good for organizing your things, especially the valuable possessions that you want to carry with you at all times. It is a good way to make sure that you do not lose important things or get robbed, especially when traveling. 

Bum bags are often worn by power walkers and tourists. However, nowadays, they are considered a cool accessory, so you can see many people wearing them out of fashion on a daily basis.

It is very convenient because you can take a lot of things with you but your hands will still be free to do other things, meaning that it does not impose any pressure to carry it with you. 

Tourists usually consider the bum bags as a safe way to keep their valuables in since you carry them in front of you, and you can see them at all times.

Some people avoid bum bags since they can give you the “touristy” appeal, meaning that you will become a target for pickpockets. Nonetheless, bumbags can be quite convenient, and they can be very useful, especially when trying to travel light, i.e. with only hand luggage included. 

You probably already know that airlines generally allow one piece of hand luggage, meaning that you can take only a bag, a backpack, or a smaller suitcase according to airline regulations.

Do Bum Bags Count As Carry On?

Even though called bumbags – a certain type of bag, they do not count as hand luggage, meaning that you do not even have to declare them when you check-in. This is due to the fact that fanny packs are not considered as an additional bag or purse, but rather a piece of attire that goes with your outfit. 

If you want a better explanation, imagine that instead of a belt, you put something else on your waist. This means that you do not carry a bag, but a piece of accessory.

The bumbag is not spacey, meaning that you do not have to put it in the overhead cabin during the flight, therefore, it is not a type of hand luggage. 

What Happens If You Have A Carrier Bag As Well? 

When you check-in you must report your hand luggage, but that only refers to the bag you are carrying in your hand, or on your back.

Therefore, you do not show your bum bag as a piece of your luggage, meaning that it does not get weighed or analyzed in any way. However, you will probably need to take it off when you pass the security scanner.

However, in rare cases, you might come across different regulations and policies of airports.

This means that some airports might consider the fanny pack as a type of hand luggage, and you might be forced to take it off and pack it in your other bag. This is not a usual occurrence in most airports, and this is information confirmed by travelers who have traveled a lot and been to a great number of airports. 

Nonetheless, there is a solution for this as well.

As long as you stand behind the check-in counter, no one will spot your bumbag. The check-in counters are usually high enough, so the person who is doing the check-in of your luggage and tickets will probably not see it. Therefore, you can go without reporting it. 

Once you pass the check-in, you are in the clear, meaning no one will tell you anything about your bumbag, and whether it is hand luggage or not. The check-in agents are those who determine whether you can travel with it or not, so if they do not tell you anything (or do not notice it), then you can safely get on the plane. 

This way, you can pack more things that you want to take with you, and you can carry your valuables close to you.

However, you might need to spend more time on the security scanner if you have to take out things from the bum bag that need to be x-rayed separately. 

If you have thought about taking your bum bag as an additional piece to your hand luggage, you might proceed with the idea since it is not considered a carry-on bag. And if you know that the airport does not allow it because of some additional measures, you can just keep it out of the sight of the check-in agents.


Does a fanny pack count as a carry on?

Airlines have different policies regarding fanny packs as carry-on items.

Some airlines consider them as personal items, while others consider them as carry-on items. For instance, Delta Airlines allows fanny packs to be worn and does not count them as a personal item. However, it’s advisable to check with the airline you’re flying with to know their policy on fanny packs.

Does a bum bag count as hand luggage on Ryanair?

Ryanair does not consider a bum bag as hand luggage because it is an accessory that can be worn and consists of multiple pockets. 

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