Do Airports Have Showers? Essential Guide for Fresh Travels

Ever wondered if airports have showers for your convenience during layovers or just to freshen up after a long flight? You’re in luck as many airports around the world provide this amenity for travelers like yourself.

Not only are showers available in some airport lounges, but there are also public shower facilities that you can access either for free or with a fee. Next time you’re in need of a quick refresh, consider seeking out a shower facility during your travels.

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Why Airport Showers Matter

Travel Comfort

A shower facility can significantly improve your travel experience. Freshening up after a long flight restores both your body and mind, allowing you to continue your journey feeling rejuvenated.

Layovers and Rest

During layovers, finding a place to rest is essential. Taking advantage of airport showers during this time not only revitalizes you but also helps you make the most of your break.

Frequent Flyers and First Class

If you’re a frequent flyer, airport shower facilities become even more important. They offer a means to maintain a high level of personal comfort and hygiene during your travels.

For first-class passengers, many airlines include shower facilities as part of their premium services. Enjoying this luxury can greatly enhance your overall travel experience.

Shower Facilities Around the World

In this section, we’ll explore shower facilities in airports across Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, and Australia.


At Singapore’s Changi Airport, you can enjoy shower facilities in various lounges or pay for access at the Ambassador Transit Lounge in Terminal 2 or 3.

Tokyo’s Narita International Airport also provides shower facilities for a fee at the Airport Rest House in Terminal 1, and at Nine Hours Capsule Hotel in Terminal 2.


In Frankfurt International Airport, there are five shower facilities, available in Terminal 1 (A, B, and Z areas) and Terminal 2 (D area), open between 6:00 to 23:00.

London’s Heathrow Airport offers paid shower facilities in various lounges and at No1 Traveller Lounge in Terminal 3, available to all passengers.

Middle East

Abu Dhabi International Airport offers free public shower facilities at departure gates 32 and 37, as well as access to showers in lounges by paying a fee.

Dubai International Airport also provides shower facilities in various lounges, and in Terminal 3’s G-Force Health Club, available for a fee.

North America

Philadelphia International Airport has shower facilities available in its American Airlines Admirals Club, accessible to qualifying passengers or for a fee.

Incheon International Airport in South Korea presents shower facilities in the private sleeping rooms of transiting passengers and numerous lounges throughout the airport.


Sydney Airport offers shower facilities in some airport lounges, including Qantas, American Express, and Air New Zealand lounges, accessible based on your airline or membership status.

Christchurch Airport in New Zealand provides eight free showers in each of its accessible bathrooms.

Airport Lounge Access and Showers

Access to airport lounges can significantly enhance your travel experience, offering additional amenities such as comfortable seating, complimentary food, and, of course, shower facilities.

Many lounges, especially those associated with First Class and frequent flyer memberships, have shower facilities for travelers to freshen up during layovers, alleviating the stress and fatigue of long flights.

Benefiting from Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs, such as frequent flyer miles, come with exclusive perks like access to airport lounges that often include shower facilities.

For instance, membership in the Etihad Guest Miles program grants you access to luxurious Etihad Airways lounges which, among other amenities, provide shower suites for your comfort and relaxation.

Similarly, the ANA Mileage Club, associated with All Nippon Airways, entitles you to enjoy the modern and well-equipped shower facilities found in ANA lounges worldwide.

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Stand-Alone Shower Facilities

Some airports also offer stand-alone shower facilities, usually at a nominal fee, for passengers who are not part of a loyalty program or do not have lounge access. These showers, although typically not as luxurious as those found within lounges, can still provide you with a decent and refreshing experience.

Quick and affordable, these stand-alone facilities can be found at various airports across the globe, enabling all passengers to find the rejuvenation they need amidst their travels.

Popular Airport Shower Services

When traveling, it’s essential to know about the various airport shower services available to refresh yourself during layovers or after long flights. This section will cover popular airport shower services like Yotel, Minute Suites, and Freshen Up, and discuss the facilities they offer.


Yotel is a unique option found in airports like Schiphol International, offering shower cabins for rent. You can experience a rejuvenating shower for up to 45 minutes at a cost of €17.50. Yotel provides a comfortable and private space to freshen up before continuing your journey.

Minute Suites

Minute Suites are available in airports such as Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) and Charlotte Douglas International (CLT). They offer common shower rooms that include towels, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and a blow dryer. The shower locations at DFW Airport are Terminal D at D23 and Terminal A at A38, while CLT Airport hosts a Plaza Premium Lounge in Atrium 2.

Freshen Up

Freshen Up is a popular service that can be found in airports like Abu Dhabi International. These services offer shower facilities to all first and business class travelers, ensuring a luxurious experience. With modern and well-maintained facilities, Freshen Up lets you unwind and revitalize during your layovers or arrivals.

Tips for Using Airport Showers

Scheduling and Fees

To make the most of airport shower facilities, it’s best to plan ahead. Check if your airport offers showers and whether or not you need to be a lounge member to access them.

Keep in mind that airports may charge for shower usage. Research the fees before arriving so you’re aware of any potential costs.

Refresh and Rest

Using an airport shower can be a great way to refresh yourself during long layovers or after red-eye flights. Bring your own toiletries or check if the facility provides travel-sized essentials.

Remember to give yourself ample time to shower and change in case there’s a wait. Then, with a revitalized body and mind, continue your journey or enjoy the airport amenities stress-free.

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