Do Fake IDs Work on DoorDash: Buying Alcohol with Counterfeit Identification

In recent years, delivery services such as DoorDash have gained popularity for their convenience and ease, including the option to order alcohol for delivery. This has raised concerns about the potential for individuals to use fake IDs with the intention of purchasing alcohol under the legal age limit.

Fake ID rarely work on DoorDash as it has implemented strict protocols to ensure the age verification process while delivering alcohol is secure and effective.

According to their alcohol guidelines, delivery drivers are required to scan customers’ IDs, examine the information, and verify whether the customer’s appearance matches the ID. The usage of fake IDs on DoorDash, therefore, faces increased scrutiny and challenges.

Doordash App
Doordash App

DoorDash Alcohol Delivery Policies

DoorDash has implemented strict alcohol delivery policies to ensure the safety of both delivery drivers and customers.

As discussed, one of the key aspects of their alcohol delivery policy is the requirement for delivery drivers to scan customers’ IDs when delivering alcoholic products. This measure helps to prevent the use of fake IDs and discourages underage individuals from attempting to purchase alcohol through the platform.

The company has introduced a dual ID verification process which strengthens the safeguards against underage drinking. The delivery driver is not only required to scan the ID but also to examine the information on the ID to ensure that it matches the customer’s appearance and details.

Additionally, DoorDash provides training to their delivery drivers on how to handle alcohol deliveries safely, and they are instructed to refuse delivery of alcohol if they suspect a fake ID or believe the customer appears intoxicated or underage.

Given these strict policies and procedures, it would be quite challenging for someone to successfully use a fake ID to purchase alcohol through DoorDash.

The platform’s efforts in ensuring the responsible delivery of alcohol make it difficult for underage individuals or those using fake IDs to exploit the system.

How DoorDash Verifies Age

DoorDash takes age verification seriously, especially when it comes to alcohol orders. The company employs a two-step age verification process to ensure that customers purchasing alcohol are of legal drinking age. This process consists of in-app verification and driver verification.

In-App Verification

Before a customer can place an alcohol order, they must first verify their age within the DoorDash app. This involves uploading a photo of their ID. Once the customer’s age is verified, they can add alcohol to their order and proceed to checkout. The age verification process is designed to be secure and is handled by DoorDash’s partner.

Driver Verification

Upon delivery, Dashers are responsible for checking the customer’s ID to ensure it matches the information provided during the in-app verification process.

Dashers will use their smartphone to scan the front of the customer’s ID, and the app will display the necessary information to confirm the customer’s age. This process is part of DoorDash’s commitment to preventing underage alcohol orders and is demonstrated by the two-step age verification process.

While DoorDash employs these measures to verify customers’ ages, it is important to note that the use of fake IDs may still pose a risk. However, the two-step verification process helps mitigate this concern and ensures that both DoorDash and its Dashers adhere to legal guidelines concerning alcohol delivery.

Risks of Using Fake IDs on DoorDash

Attempting to purchase alcohol on DoorDash using a fake ID poses several risks, including legal consequences and account suspension.

In this section, we will explore these risks to better understand why using a fake ID for alcohol purchases on DoorDash is not advisable.

Legal Consequences

Using fake IDs to purchase alcohol is illegal, and if caught, the person can face serious legal consequences. Penalties for using a fake ID to buy alcohol vary depending on the jurisdiction and can include fines, community service, probation, or even jail time. DoorDash drivers are trained to check and scan IDs for alcohol delivery, making it more difficult for individuals to successfully use a fake ID for such purchases.

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Account Suspension

In addition to potential legal consequences, using a fake ID to buy alcohol on DoorDash can also result in account suspension.

DoorDash has strict policies regarding the purchase of alcohol and ensuring compliance with local laws. If a customer is caught attempting to use a fake ID, they can have their DoorDash account suspended, preventing them from using the platform for future deliveries, including non-alcoholic orders.

The legal consequences and account suspension serve as strong deterrents to discourage individuals from attempting to use fake IDs on the platform. Ensuring compliance with local laws and maintaining a safe environment for both customers and drivers is a top priority for DoorDash.

Why Fake IDs Are Less Likely to Work on DoorDash

DoorDash has implemented strict policies to ensure the safety and legality of alcohol deliveries. Their policy requires delivery drivers to scan customers’ IDs when delivering alcoholic products, making it more challenging for individuals to use fake IDs.

Drivers not only scan the ID, but they must also examine the information on the ID to verify the customer’s age and identity. This additional step ensures that the person receiving the alcohol is of legal drinking age and the rightful owner of the ID presented.

Furthermore, DoorDash introduced an ID scanning feature to crack down on underage alcohol orders. This feature allows drivers to easily scan and verify the authenticity of an ID, making it even more difficult for fraudulent IDs to pass unnoticed.

While using fake IDs to purchase alcohol may work in some circumstances, at DoorDash, the likelihood of success is slim due to their stringent ID verification processes and scanning technology.

Alternatives for Legally Obtaining Alcohol

For those seeking to purchase alcohol legally and responsibly, there are several alternatives to using a fake ID with DoorDash or other delivery services. These options ensure that you do not break the law and can enjoy your drinks responsibly.

One option is to visit your local liquor store or supermarket with a valid government-issued ID to purchase alcohol in person. This is the most traditional method, and the legal age requirements for alcohol purchases will vary depending on your location.

If you are inviting friends over for a get-together and would like to serve alcohol responsibly, consider hiring a professional bartender with a valid alcohol permit. This not only ensures that the alcohol is served legally but also adds a touch of class to your event.

Lastly, there are various apps and websites that offer alcohol delivery to individuals who meet the legal age requirement. These services often have strict ID verification processes, such as requiring scans of a government-issued ID or having the delivery person confirm your identity upon delivery. Some popular options include Drizly, Saucey, and Instacart.


In summary, while attempting to purchase alcohol on DoorDash with a fake ID might be possible, it is not easy or advisable. DoorDash requires delivery drivers to scan customers’ IDs when delivering alcoholic products, confirming the authenticity of the identification and the legal age of the customer.

Utilizing a fake ID for such purposes not only puts the individual at risk of legal consequences but also puts the delivery driver and DoorDash in a difficult position. As a responsible platform, DoorDash aims to ensure that underage individuals do not have access to alcoholic products through its service.

Instead of attempting to circumvent the rules, it is always better to follow the law and wait until the legal age to purchase and consume alcohol. This not only protects the individual but also maintains the integrity of the services provided by DoorDash and similar delivery platforms.

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