What Should I Wear For Indoor Skydiving? (What to Avoid)

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The number one rule when going indoor skydiving is to dress appropriately.

Wear clothes that allow easy body movement, are sweat-absorbent, and cover most of your body comfortably. 

Here are tips on what to wear for indoor skydiving for the best experience.

What To Wear For Indoor Skydiving

You want a pleasant experience before, during, and after your indoor skydiving session. To do so, dress in a relaxed manner, in clothes that will be light beneath the flying suit.

What Not To Wear For Indoor Skydiving
Indoor skydiving clothes

Here is a simple list of what to wear for indoor skydiving.

  • Pants in light or stretchy material
  • Well-fitting long-sleeved tops
  • Sports trainers with laces
  • If you have long hair, wear a hair tie. A bandana or buff will also come in handy to prevent your hair from blowing through the helmet
  • Competitive sports participants can purchase their gear. It includes compression pants and a top to wear beneath the flying suit

Safety Gear You Will Get When Indoor Skydiving

You do not have to agonize about safety, as all indoor skydiving facilities provide protective gear for every participant.

You will wear a flying suit over your regular clothes, so dress in the recommended clothing. 

These safety items include the following.


Not only does it offer full body coverage, but it also has handles on the shoulders and legs to help the instructor grab hold of it.

As a first-time flyer, you will need help getting the proper posture for lift-off. Your indoor skydiving instructor uses the handles on the suit to hold you firmly in place while guiding you.


You must wear lace-up trainers, but in case you do not have a pair, some facilities provide them on hire. However, inquire on their website or call to confirm before your visit.

Head and face shield

Safety is a priority in all indoor skydiving facilities. You will get a helmet with a built-in visor to protect your head and face from injury.

Alternatively, they provide plastic goggles to protect your eyes from the wind.

Ear plugs

The wind from the fans tend to be loud, hence the need for extra protection.

You will get earplugs in case the helmet does not have ear defenders.

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What Not To Wear For Indoor Skydiving

For every fun recreational activity you participate in, comfort is vital. When indoor skydiving, wearing the wrong attire can hinder movement. 

Below is a list of what not to wear for indoor skydiving.

  • Avoid wearing restrictive clothing such as tight jeans, pants, or shorts.
  • Do not wear loose clothing and accessories such as dangling earrings and necklaces.
  • Any loose items, such as Fit bits, watches, and rings, should be removed before a session.
  • You cannot wear ankle boots, heels, slides, or slip-on shoes in a wind tunnel for safety reasons.
  • Dresses and skirts are inappropriate as they do not fit well into the flying jumpsuit.
  • Consider leaving your valuables at home, although lockers are available. You can, however, bring a phone or camera to take videos and photographs.

FAQs About What To Wear When Indoor Skydiving

1. Can I wear jeans when indoor skydiving?

Yes. Although most first-timers wear jeans to indoor skydiving, it is not the best idea. Jeans are rigid, and some have decorations that stick out. Consider wearing pants in a fabric that is stretchy and comfortable.

2. Can you wear sweatpants to go indoor skydiving?

Yes. Sweats are comfortable and will go well under any safety suit, especially during cold weather. Pair them with a fitting T-shirt for extra comfort.

3. Is it okay to wear shorts for indoor skydiving?

You can wear shorts, but long pants are ideal to keep you warm and protect your skin from the high-speed wind. However, if you are in shorts, the jumpsuit the facilities provide will offer protection.

4. What should a woman wear when indoor skydiving?

Any close-fitting sports clothes are okay for women when indoor skydiving. These include leggings and gym or yoga pants.


Although most indoor skydiving facilities provide safety clothing and gear, cozy wear is necessary. You will have an easier time without worrying about discomfort and the risks of injury.

For those who wear glasses, you do not have to remove them as safety goggles are readily available.

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