Does Hershey Park Allow Outside Food?

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Popularly referred to as the Sweetest Place on Earth, Hershey Park is the perfect place to spend some quality family time or a getaway with friends.

However, people cannot bring food or drinks into the park.

Read on to learn more about what you can or can’t bring into Hershey Park.

Does Hershey Park Allow Outside Food?

Economically speaking, bringing packed lunch is cheaper than buying food in the park, especially for a family with kids.

Unfortunately – Hershey Park’s policies do not permit people to bring in food or drinks from outside.

The only exception to this rule is food for people with medical conditions or baby food for people visiting the park with infants.

Hershey park activities
Having fun at Hershey park

The park only allows one well-sealed bottle of water per person.

You can also enter with a reusable water bottle, provided it is empty, or a clean and empty Hershey Park souvenir cup.

If you decide to bring your own food, there are picnic tables outside the park where you can set up and eat.

Also, you can always leave the park and go eat in your vehicle at your convenience.

Where Can You Get Food in Hershey Park?

Suppose you do not pack your own food or have to leave the park at some point to eat from your vehicle.

If that is the case, you need not worry, as there are more than 60 diners and food vendors in the park.

Where Can You Get Food in Hershey Park?
Get food Hershey park

There are all types of foods and drinks in the park, including fruits, fast foods, ice cream, milkshakes, popcorn, coffee, and soft drinks, among others.

For Instance – If you want gluten-free, nut-free, and shellfish-free food options, you can get that at The Outpost.

Other diners available in the park are:

  • The Chocolatier
  • The Mill in Hershey
  • Trailblazer Grill by Berks
  • Subway
  • Starbucks
  • Kettle Corn
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • Chick-fil-A

Also, the park is generous enough to offer guests free cups of ice water to ensure that everyone stays hydrated.

You can get a cup at any of the food locations.

Where Is Hershey Park?

Hershey Park is a family theme park located in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

It is situated 15 miles east of Harrisburg and 95 miles west of Philadelphia.

Hershey park maps
Hershey park map

Made up of three parks, Hershey Park is the biggest and most visited park in all of Pennsylvania.

The three parks within a park are:

  1. The Boardwalk at Hershey park
  2. ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park
  3. Hershey park amusement park

Hershey Park is called The Sweetest Place on Earth for a reason.

For Starters – It is the only park in the region to have made it to the list of the top 10 reader’s favorite theme parks in the country.

It is especially popular for roller-coasters and chocolate, two things that many people enjoy.

What Can You Bring to Hershey Park?

Every institution has rules and policies, and Hershey Park is no different.

Guidelines have been implemented to ensure that everyone, including the guests and staff members, is safe.

Since food and drinks from outside are not allowed in the park, it follows that you would want to know what the park allows.

Normally, you would need a backpack or just a small bag to carry your essentials such as keys, wallet, or phone.

Try Hershey park roller-coasters
Hershey park roller-coasters

While bags are allowed in the park, you will not be allowed entry if your bag is bigger than 5” by 8” by 1”.

The only exception to this rule is a parenting needs-bag or a medical equipment bag, both of which should not exceed 14” by 14” by 6” by size.

All guests and their bags are subject to inspection before entering the park.

Evolv security system at the entrance uses magnetometers and metal screening technologies to ensure that guests don’t bring weapons and other prohibited items into the park.

It is best if you leave items that are allowed in the park, such as suitcases, in your vehicle.

Also, if you are attending an event in the park, it is advisable to get there at least 45 minutes before the event because inspection time may be lengthy.

Additionally – You are not allowed to bring loose items like cell phones or bags on rides. If you have loose items with you, leave them with a non-rider, and only carry items that can fit in a jacket pocket or a waist bag.

Alternatively, you can keep the items on a bag drop shelf near the rides, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Keep in mind that Hershey Park and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items, so you will need to be cautious.

Is Alcohol Allowed in Hershey Park?

As with foods and beverages from outside, you can’t bring alcoholic drinks into Hershey Park.

However, alcohol is available in the park’s Entertainment venues. You are not allowed to take alcohol out of the venues that sell them.

Hershey Staff members are mandated to check the IDs of everyone buying alcohol to ensure they are of legal age.

Is Alcohol Allowed in Hershey Park
Hershey park

Therefore, you must produce a form of identification to prove that you have attained the age required for alcohol consumption.

These documents could be:

  • a valid driver’s license
  • a valid photo passport
  • a valid military card
  • or a non-driver’s state-issued photo ID card

Staff members can refuse to sell alcohol to people below legal age or people without proper identification.

When you buy alcohol at the park, you will get a wristband at first purchase, which will be valid for the entire day.

Final Thoughts

Hershey Park is the most popular park in Pennsylvania.

The park does not allow food and drinks from outside unless it’s a well-sealed bottle of fresh water.

So, if you bring packed lunches or beverages, you can have them at the picnic areas just outside the park or in your car.

Inside the park, there are more than 60 diners and vendors where you can eat from.

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