Counting Down the Best Beaches in Ensenada

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Less than 70 miles south of the border, you’ll find the much-loved wine mecca and cruise port of Ensenada.

This little corner of Baja California is home to some of the most stunning shorelines in all of Mexico. With 12 miles of sandy coastline, how do you decide on the best beaches in Ensenada?

Let’s dive in! 

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa
Playa Hermosa

While not everyone who comes to Ensenada is fresh off the cruise ship, there is always a good chance that they are.

So, in honor of our sea-faring friends, let’s start with the closest beach to the Ensenada cruise port.

Less than ten minutes in a taxi will have you from the cruise port to Playa Hermosa. Next to the pier and the action of Ensenada, this is a local and international favorite.

While it’s not always the best beach for swimming and soaking in the sun, it’s a lovely spot for a stroll.

Playa San Miguel 

Playa San Miguel is famous for its world-class surfing. If you are looking for a challenging beach where you can catch a consistent wave, this is the spot for you. That said, it’s not a place for beginners. 

Beyond surfing, it’s a popular spot for all kinds of water sports lovers.

For an active day out:

  • bring good shoes to walk the rocky shore
  • then dive in for an afternoon of swimming or snorkeling

Just beside the beach, you’ll find stores and restaurants lining the street so it’s an easy hassle-free spot where you can find everything that you need.

And, while it tends to get busy during the warm summer weekends, it is a big enough beach that it never feels too crowded.   

Playa Estero Playa Estero Playa Estero

Home to the popular Estero Beach Hotel & Resort, this is a tranquil beach that looks like it’s straight from a postcard.

Far from the intense waves of Playa San Miguel, this is an idyllic spot to just come unwind.

At Playa Estero, you’ll find people:

  • swimming
  • hiking
  • horseback riding
  • snorkeling
  • diving
  • or just relaxing with a book

It’s an active spot with all the amenities where you can name your adventure. 

El Faro Beach

Near the downtown area of Ensenada, you’ll find El Faro Beach.

This is occasionally a good surfing spot but the waves are nowhere near as consistent as they are in Playa San Miguel.

El Faro Beach
El Faro Beach

Fortunately, that means that El Faro isn’t as crowded as San Miguel and sometimes it’s a good spot for swimming. 

Though it’s a nice place to relax, the real draw of El Faro is the views. From here, you’ll get unforgettable views of Islas de Todos Santos and Punta Banda. 

Playa Baja 

Playa Baja Ensenada
Playa Baja 

The family-friendly Baja Beach is tucked away between the luxe resorts of the area.

With all of the essential amenities and gorgeous views of the Islas de Todos Santos, this is easily one of the best beaches in Ensenada. 

On another popular water sports beach, you’ll find plenty of rental shops offering all of the equipment that you need for:

  • diving
  • snorkeling
  • kayaking
  • and waterskiing

Playa En Rosarito

Playa En Rosarito Ensenada
Playa En Rosarito

In the nearby town of Rosarito, you’ll find the hopping Playa En Rosarito.

This popular sport is famous for its nightlife. It’s a prime pick if you want to sip margaritas and then go bar hopping. 

Fun Fact – Thanks to its proximity to California and the impressive lineup of nearby swanky hotels, Playa En Rosarito used to be reserved exclusively as a film set! 

Once you’ve got your fill of sunshine, the buzzing town of Rosarito offers endless eateries, unique galleries, and shopping along with adventurous picks like ziplining and horseback riding.

Punta Banda

Another bayside beach with a breathtaking view, Punta Banda juts out quite a distance into the Pacific Ocean and offers a panoramic view. 

Though it’s well worth the trip, Punta Banda is about a 45-minute drive from Ensenada so make sure you plan on plenty of time and pack your camera.  

Things to Do in Ensenada

While the very Best Beaches in Ensenada are a destination in and of themselves, that isn’t what brings more people to Ensenada.

Things to do Ensenada listed
Things to do in Ensenada

So, what does?

The world-famous local wine, of course! Even if you’re not a serious wine lover, you’ll want to try at least a glass or two of the much-loved local varieties of wine. 

Tours like the Basic Wine Route: Guadalupe Valley, Baja California were made for people who aren’t experts to learn more about wine.

You’ll explore the Guadalupe Valley and learn about the incredible importance of winemaking in the local culture and see what goes on behind the scene.

Are you a serious wine lover?

Then the Guadalupe Valley: Complete Wine Route tour is a true bucket list experience. 

For cheese lovers, the Ojos Negros Valley Cheese & Wine Tasting Tour or Wine & Cheese Tour (or why not both!) are amazing experiences. 

Where to Stay in Ensenada

Next up, it’s time to book a hotel on one of the best beaches in Ensenada.

Playa Hermosa Bed & Breakfast

The Playa Hermosa Bed & Breakfast has a dream view of Playa Hermosa and is a great base for exploring Ensenada.

For a seaside splurge with five-star customer service, check out the Trojan House for your own private beach house on 


Whether you are sipping one of the famous wines of Ensenada and lounging seaside or taking on the greatest waves in Baja California, this is one place that will steal your heart at first sight. 

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