Does JetBlue Allow Pillows? A Clear and Confident Guide

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When planning a flight with JetBlue, many passengers may wonder if they can bring their own pillows to ensure a comfortable trip.

While airlines have varying policies on personal items, JetBlue does allow passengers to bring pillows on board, making it easier for travelers to get some rest during their flights.

However, it’s important to know that JetBlue does not provide complimentary pillows or blankets on their flights, so passengers should be prepared to bring their own or purchase items from the airline’s onboard store if needed.

By being aware of JetBlue’s policy on pillows, travelers can ensure a more relaxing and enjoyable flying experience.

Key Takeaways

Does JetBlue Allow Pillows
  • JetBlue permits passengers to bring their own pillows for comfort during flights.
  • The airline does not provide free pillows or blankets, so passengers must bring their own or purchase from the onboard store.
  • Knowing the pillow policy is essential for comfortable travel with JetBlue.

Jetblue’s Policy on Pillows

JetBlue permits passengers to bring a pillow on board their flights. This is allowed as long as they fit within the airline’s carry-on baggage restrictions.

Each customer is allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item. Personal items can include a purse, small backpack, briefcase, laptop, or a travel pillow.

There is a possibility that JetBlue may charge for a pillow on short-haul flights. Some airlines, such as JetBlue, are known to charge passengers $6 for a pillow.

It is important to consider the hygiene aspect when using pillows on an airplane. Bringing your own pillow can be a healthier option than using airline-provided pillows, which may be unhygienic.

Remember to follow JetBlue’s size and weight restrictions for carry-on bags and personal items. This ensures that your travel pillow, along with other carry-on luggage, adheres to the airline’s rules.

Considerations for Travel Pillows

Pillow Size Restrictions

When flying with JetBlue, it’s important to be aware of the pillow size restrictions.

Typically, pillows or throws should not exceed the dimensions of 18″ x 14″ x 8″ for an airplane seat. Travel pillows and neck pillows usually meet these requirements.

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Pillow Placement

Passengers are permitted to bring travel pillows on JetBlue flights.

These can be placed in your carry-on luggage, such as in the overhead compartments or beneath the seat in front of you. This ensures comfort during the flight without compromising safety or personal space.

Additional Pillow Services

For those who forget to bring their own pillow or prefer to use provided amenities, JetBlue offers complimentary pillows and blankets on select flights.

These items are typically available in their Mint cabin, providing additional comfort and convenience for passengers.

Comparison with Other Airlines


Southwest Airlines allows passengers to bring their own pillows on board.

On some routes, they may provide complimentary pillows; however, it’s best to bring your own for guaranteed comfort.


Spirit Airlines also permits passengers to carry their own pillows on flights.

They do not provide pillows as a standard amenity and may charge a fee for using their own available pillows during travel.

US Airways

US Airways, which has merged with American Airlines, allows travelers to bring their own pillows from home. Depending on the class of service, they may also offer complimentary pillows.

In comparison, JetBlue charges $6 for a pillow during the flight.

JetBlue updated their Mint experience in November 2020, introducing a Tuft & Needle-designed travel blanket and memory foam pillow, which are not free, ensuring improved comfort for passengers.

Jetblue’s Economy Fare and Bagging Policies

Personal Item Regulations

Jetblue allows passengers flying in economy fare, including Blue Basic, Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra, and Mint fares, to bring one personal item onboard without any extra charge.

This personal item can be a purse, small backpack, briefcase, laptop, or even a pillow, as long as it fits under the seat in front of you.

Checked Bag Facility

For those who choose economy fare (Blue fare), Jetblue charges $35 for the first checked bag and $45 for the second, applicable to U.S. domestic flights and flights to Latin America or the Caribbean.

The checked bag policy for Blue Basic fares is different; they do not allow a carry-on bag, and any brought to the gate will incur a fee and need to be checked.

The weight and size limits for checked bags should be adhered to.

For instance, the third checked bag on transatlantic routes costs $200/£150/€185 per bag, whereas for all other routes, it costs $125² and the fourth (or more) bag costs an additional fee.

So, passengers on Jetblue’s economy fare can bring a pillow as their personal item, provided it can fit under the seat in front of them.

However, for checked bags, additional fees apply based on the fare selected and the number of bags being checked in.

Security Procedures and Pillows

JetBlue allows passengers to bring their own pillows on board as part of their carry-on luggage. Since JetBlue does not provide pillows or blankets during flights, passengers are encouraged to bring their own or purchase items from the airline’s onboard store.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) also permits pillows in both carry-on and checked bags. It is important, however, to comply with TSA guidelines to ensure a smooth security screening process.

While bringing your own pillow is allowed, make sure it adheres to any size, weight, and safety restrictions. Packed pillows should not obstruct access to emergency exits or cause any inconvenience to other passengers.

Therefore, passengers traveling with JetBlue can confidently pack a pillow for their flight, keeping in mind TSA regulations and JetBlue’s policies for a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

Additional Resources and Information

JetBlue does allow passengers to bring a pillow on their flights.

However, it’s important to note that pillows are not provided for free. In 2020, JetBlue refreshed their Mint experience, which now includes a Tuft & Needle-designed travel blanket and memory foam pillow for purchase.

JetBlue Allow Pillows

For information on how to add additional items such as checked bags or extra fees to your booking, consult JetBlue’s baggage information. To save money, pay for additional checked bags in advance on JetBlue’s website or app.

Apart from pillows, you can bring a variety of items on board without counting toward your carry-on limit. These items include duty-free items, diaper bags, special items (coat, umbrella, infant car seat), and assistive devices.

Please be aware that JetBlue charges a $7 fee for a blanket and pillow on flights longer than two hours. This charge is effective immediately and applies to all passengers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a pillow on a JetBlue flight?

Yes, you can bring a pillow on a JetBlue flight. However, there may be restrictions for carry-on items depending on the economy fare you have purchased.

Are blankets provided on JetBlue flights?

JetBlue has a refreshed Mint experience that includes a Tuft & Needle-designed travel blanket. This service is available on select flights.

Is there a fee for using pillows on JetBlue?

No, pillows are not free on JetBlue flights and may incur additional fees or charges.

Does a pillow count as a carry-on item on JetBlue?

A pillow can be considered a personal item or part of your carry-on luggage, depending on its size and JetBlue’s baggage policy. Please, refer to JetBlue’s website for specific information on baggage allowances.

Are pillows and blankets available on international JetBlue flights?

JetBlue’s Mint experience with blanket and pillows is available on select flights, which may include international routes. To confirm if your flight offers this service, visit JetBlue’s website.

Do other airlines consider a pillow as a personal item?

Each airline has its own baggage policy, and the classification of a pillow as a personal item may vary. It is recommended to check with the specific airline for their stance on the matter.

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