How Big are ANA All Nippon Airways Seats and Seatbelts: A Quick Overview

When planning a trip with ANA All Nippon Airways, it’s essential to consider the seat size and seatbelt dimensions to ensure a comfortable journey. As one of Japan’s flagship carriers, ANA offers a diverse fleet of airplanes with varying seat sizes and arrangements depending on the aircraft and travel class.

To help passengers make informed decisions, ANA provides detailed seat maps and recommendations for different flight classes.

These resources offer insights into seat dimensions, spacing, and layout, allowing travelers to choose the most suitable seating option for their preferences and needs.

Key Takeaways

  • ANA offers various seat sizes and arrangements across its diverse fleet of aircraft.
  • Seat dimensions and layouts vary according to flight class and aircraft type.
  • Utilizing ANA’s seat maps and recommendations can help travelers choose the most comfortable seating option.
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General Overview of ANA’s Fleet

All Nippon Airways (ANA) operates a diverse fleet of aircraft from various manufacturers. The airline has a significant number of Boeing models, such as the 787 Dreamliner series, 767, and 777.

The ANA Dreamliner fleet includes 36 Boeing 787-8s, 36 Boeing 787-9s, and two 787-10s. These aircraft are known for their fuel efficiency and passenger comfort. The Boeing 767 models operated by ANA are primarily the 767-300 and 767-300ER variants.

In addition to the Boeing models, ANA also has three Airbus A380s. They are painted with unique “Flying Honu” liveries, each representing a different aspect of Hawaii’s ecology. Furthermore, the airline operates the Boeing 737-800 and has placed an order for Airbus A320neo aircraft.

ANA’s main hub is Tokyo’s Narita International Airport. From there, the airline serves domestic and international destinations, providing passengers with comfortable and spacious seating options throughout their fleet.

Seat Types Across Different Flight Classes

First Class Seats

ANA’s First Class seating experience offers passengers spacious and private seats. They are equipped with ample legroom and personal storage space for added convenience.

Business Class Seats

Business Class on ANA flights provides comfortable seats, which can recline into fully flat beds for a pleasant sleep. A variety of seat configurations are available, offering passengers more control over their preferred way to relax.

Premium Economy Seats

Premium Economy features seats wider than those in Economy Class, along with extra legroom. These enhancements contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable flight experience for passengers.

Economy Class Seats

Economy Class on ANA offers passengers standard seating with basic amenities. While the seats may not have the same luxuries as other cabin classes, they still provide a satisfactory in-flight experience.

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ANA Seat Maps and Seat Recommendations

ANA offers a variety of aircraft for their international and domestic routes, such as the Boeing 777-300ER and the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. To select a good seat, it’s essential to be aware of the specific seat map and layout for each aircraft.

Good seat choices can vary depending on your personal preferences. Window seats may offer better viewing, while aisle seats provide more ease of movement. Emergency exit row seats offer extra legroom, but regulations apply for passengers occupying those seats.

Standard seats are commonly used across the Economy and Premium Economy classes. They generally offer adequate comfort for most passengers. However, recliner seats provide an upgraded experience and additional comfort on flights.

Recliner seats are typically found in ANA’s Business Class, and in some cases within the Premium Economy Class. They offer enhanced comfort with more legroom and a seat that can recline into a flat position for a more restful flight experience.

For passengers seeking the best combination of comfort, convenience, and accessibility, it’s important to consult ANA’s seat maps before booking your flight. This way, you can make an informed decision and have an enjoyable in-flight experience.

In-Depth Look a​t Seat Spaces and Dimensions

ANA All Nippon Airways primarily uses aircraft like the Boeing 787-9 and Boeing 787-8 for its international routes. Each aircraft has distinct seating specifications that cater to passengers’ comfort.

Boeing 787-9:
The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner features a total of 215 seats. In Economy class, seats have a pitch of 34 inches, offering ample legroom. The seat width in this class is approximately 17.3 inches.

Boeing 787-8:
On the other hand, the Boeing 787-8 aircraft has 240 seats, with a pitch of 31 inches for Economy class passengers. This configuration still provides an acceptable level of legroom for travelers. The width of these seats measures at around 17.3 inches.

Other Aircrafts:
ANA also operates aircraft like the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A321neo for different route types. These aircraft likewise have varying seat dimensions, ensuring a comfortable flying experience for their passengers.

In general, seatbelts on all ANA flights are adjustable to accommodate passengers of different sizes. Keep in mind that the dimensions mentioned above apply to standard seats, and extra legroom options may vary.

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Aircrafts’ Layouts and Capacities

ANA All Nippon Airways operates a diverse fleet of aircraft. Boeing 787-10 (781) has a seat capacity of 294, including Business, Premium Economy, and Economy class seats.

The Boeing 787-9 (789) comes in two layouts with seat capacities of 246 and 215. It offers Business, Premium Economy, and Economy seats as well.

Another model, Boeing 787-8 (788), has three layouts with seat capacities of 240, 184, and 169. It also provides a combination of Business, Premium Economy, and Economy class seats.

ANA’s Boeing 777-300ER (77W) has 212 seats comprising Business, Premium Economy, and Economy classes.

The Boeing 767-300ER (763) model has two layouts, with 35 Business and 167 Economy seats in Layout 1 and 35 Business and 179 Economy seats in Layout 2.

Lastly, the Boeing 777-200 (772) Domestic model features a capacity of 381 Economy and 21 Premium Economy seats.

In-flight Services and Facilities

ANA All Nippon Airways offers a variety of in-flight service information to ensure passenger comfort while aboard. Their seating options include First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class.

The seats on ANA aircraft, such as the Boeing 777-300ER, come in different sizes depending on the class. For instance, First Class passengers can enjoy spacious seats with ample legroom, while Economy Class seats are designed to be slim and lightweight with personal monitors for entertainment.

ANA provides top-notch lavatory facilities for passengers, ensuring cleanliness and convenience during flights. Additionally, the aircraft are equipped with well-stocked galleys to cater to passengers’ culinary needs.

For international routes, ANA’s commitment to excellence extends to its extensive network, connecting Japan to various destinations worldwide. The airline is particularly popular for its high-quality service on long-haul international flights.

Passengers can easily search timetable information on ANA’s official website, ensuring punctuality and smooth travel experiences. The airline’s dedication to providing efficient, comfortable flights has earned it a prestigious Skytrax five-star rating.

ANA’s Routes and Destinations

All Nippon Airways (ANA) operates an extensive network, covering both domestic and international destinations. In addition to its mainline operations, ANA has several subsidiary carriers, such as ANA Wings, Air Nippon, and Air Do.

Domestic Routes: ANA flies to numerous cities across Japan, with over 130 routes offered. Some popular destinations include Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Hokkaido (Sapporo).

International Routes: The airline provides service to multiple continents, such as Europe, North America, and Asia. Key European cities include London, Frankfurt, and Paris, while popular Asian routes are to cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

Tokyo and Narita Hubs: ANA’s primary hub is in Tokyo, with major operations at both Haneda and Narita airports. This enables convenient connections to both domestic and international flights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the seat width in ANA Economy class?

The seat width in ANA Economy class varies depending on the aircraft but is typically around 17 to 19 inches. For specific aircraft seat maps, refer to their Seat Map page.

How much legroom do ANA Premium Economy seats offer?

ANA Premium Economy seats provide increased legroom compared to Economy class, offering passengers greater comfort during their flight. The exact legroom may vary depending on the aircraft type.

What is the seat pitch in ANA Airlines Economy class?

The seat pitch in ANA Airlines Economy class varies between aircraft models, but it’s generally around 31 to 34 inches, providing reasonable comfort during your journey.

How do ANA Economy and Premium Economy compare?

ANA Premium Economy offers more spacious seating, increased legroom, and additional amenities compared to Economy class. Passengers can enjoy a more comfortable and relaxing experience in Premium Economy, but ticket prices are generally higher than Economy class.

Do seats in ANA Economy class recline?

Yes, seats in ANA Economy class do recline for added comfort during the flight. The recline angle and mechanism may differ between aircraft models.

What is ANA’s carry-on luggage weight limit?

For ANA flights, the carry-on luggage weight limit is 22 pounds (10 kg), and the maximum linear dimensions should not exceed 22 x 16 x 10 inches (55 x 40 x 25 cm) as mentioned on this ANA Review.

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