Food Restaurants & Other Stores that Accept Apple Pay in the USA – 2022, 2023

More and more we rely on our phones to pay for our goods using Apple Pay and Google Pay. Not surprising then that he USA has seen the largest uptake and usage of Apple Pay worldwide.

That equates to some 40 million users in the USA alone. Not surprising then that Apple Pay have teamed up with lots of Fast Food restaurant chains throughout the US and so making your purchase so much easier when you’re out and about.

So, if you’re out for a run, walk or hike without your wallet this is the guide to the restaurants to use your Apple Pay in the United States.

Which Fast Food Restaurants accept Apple Pay in the USA?

Restaurants Apple Pay in the United States
Apple Pay in the United States

Since the introduction of Apple Pay, Apple have partnered with more and more restaurants across the US and so, with just the tap of your phone, Apple Pay is accepted as a valid payment method.

Firstly, the most popular Fast Food Restaurants which accept Apple Pay in the USA are as follows:

McDonald’s & Apple Pay

No list is complete without McDonald’s and they are top of the list. McDonald’s have made it super easy to buy your favorite BIG MAC using Apple Pay.

McDonald's Apple Pay
McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay

Panera Bread and Apple Pay

Not all are familiar with Panera Bread but there are well over 2000 branches throughout the US. Panera is a chain store of American origin and known for it’s bakery-café fast casual restaurants. So, all day everyday you can do the Apple Tap.

Baskin-Robbins and Apple Pay

The world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops. Not just a US giant of the ice-cream industry but a massive multi-national. Baskin Robbins make kick-ass ice-cream and cakes and you can pay with Apple Pay in all.

KFC and Apple Pay

We needn’t say much about this giant of the fast food industry in America. There just under 4000 KFC restaurants across the USA and they’re all ready and willing to accept Apple Pay via your phone or smart Apple Watch.

Starbucks and Apple Pay

A global monster of the world of coffee and keeping us all awake daily, Starbucks is one of the most recognized restaurant/ cafes to accept the Apple Pay method of payment.

Does Starbucks Take Apple Pay or not
Starbucks accepts Apple Pay 

Dunkin’ & Apple Pay

Dunkin’ or Dunkin’ Donuts is mainly known for its donuts. With over 8000 branches nationwide, Dunkin’ and Apple pay have got your artery cloggin’ sorted.

Taco Bell & Apple Pay

Gotta love a Taco and Taco Bell Fast Food Restaurant that is known for its delicious Mexican-inspired food. Apple Pay is accepted in all it’s stores through the USA.

Chick-fil-A & Apple Pay

Chick-fil-A has over 2600 branches in the USA and you can easily pay with the tap of your phone once you have Apple pay enabled.

Philz Coffee & Apple Pay

A growing brand of coffee restaurants in the US. Yawl need your caffeine fix and Apple Pay has got you covered.

So those are the top US restaurants that DO accept Apple Pay. There are so many more but always be on the look out for the Apple Pay logo at checkout areas or ask before your order.


Burger King Apple Pay don't work
Burger King don’t accept Apple Pay

Does Burger King Accept Apple Pay in the USA?

The fast food burger giant that is Burger Kind, does not accept Apple Pay or any other form of phone wallet. It is really quite surprising. I guess the owners must have shares in Google and Android!

Does Subway Accepts Apple Pay?

Subway is the monster sandwich food chain franchise in the US and globally. Because it is a franchise, each Subway store may have different policy on Apple Pay. As of February 2022, many do accept it but some stores do not accept Apple Pay on your iPhone.

Does Walmart Accepts Apple Pay?

Incredibly no, Fact checked in 2022 but Walmart does not accept Apple Pay throughout any of their stores in the US. However, there is the option of installing the Walmart App ‘Walmart pay’ on your iPhone and sign up for free to complete your purchases at the registers and self-checkout aisles.

Does Buffalo Wild Wings Accept Apple Pay?

Not all Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants accept Apple Pay contactless payment. A lot do but each restaurant may vary. It is best that you check before your order if you don’t have your wallet.

Does Everywhere Accept Apple Pay?

Wherever you notice that contactless payment symbol or the Apple Pay symbol on store fronts or beside the readers at the checkout till, Apple Pay WILL be accepted. Thousands of restaurants and stores support this payment method through the USA and worldwide.


So, that’s a quick wrap up of some of the most popular restaurants that accept Apple Pay. This is an ever changing blog about where you can pay using Apple Pay.

Please leave a comment if you think of any other restaurants where Apple Pay is or isn’t accepted.

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