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Santa Monica at night

The best party beaches in the USA are not all in Florida, though it does still have several which make the top 10. In fact, some of the most enjoyable beaches for sun worshipers and those looking to get their groove on are located on the west coast – California to be precise.

Whatever coastal area you’re in, there’s a perfect party beach for you.

If you’re looking for a great weekend getaway, or just want to plan your next vacation or Spring Break in advance, then look no further than this TravelSpock guide to the 10 best party beaches in America.

And, if you’re a sun worshiper like me, it’ll be hard to resist these tropical gems.

What to Expect? This article is for sun worshiper who want to find the best party beaches in the USA. Below, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorite spots, and we’ll be adding more as soon as we visit them!

10. The Blue Lounge at Moonshadows, Malibu, CA

Party animals, are you feeling blue? Do you need a space to let loose and get your groove on?

Specifically we have named a particular beach bar here as it is absolutely awesome and If you’re looking to have a blast with your friends, then the Blue Lounge at Moonshadows is where you need to be.

Malibu beach great for parties

The bar and restaurant are located in Malibu, California. They offer an array of cocktails that will keep everyone entertained for hours on end!

Take the party outside by stepping into The Blue Lounge at Moonshadows.

Located next to the sea, relax on some comfy couches and enjoy the sunset and sweet sea breeze.

But don’t worry if all that socializing has worn you out because you can enjoy the music of world-renowned DJ Mick Cole, the in-house music director as he produces and spins out some seriously good chill out lounge and house music.

It’s worth a visit for this alone.

The Blue Lounge was voted among the top 10 in Travel Channel beach bars of the world and number 11 on CNN’s top bars & lounges in the world.

That’s a pretty competitive list and all the more impressive to make it on to the list.

9. Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is a beautiful city in Florida that offers much more than just the Daytona 500.

There are plenty of things to do while you’re here! One of the most popular activities for spring break party animals is, well, partying on the beach at night of course!!

Daytona beach in Florida
Daytona beach Florida

If you’re looking for a wild time with your friends then this is definitely the destination you need to be at.

Daytona Beach is one of the most popular destinations for thrill seekers. It’s a perfect place to party and have fun in the sun all year round!

The nightlife here is famous as it has been ranked among top 10 beaches in the US by several websites including our own article about the top party beaches in Florida alone..

So if you are looking to get out and enjoy yourself then Daytona Beach should be on your bucket list!

8. Venice Beach, Los Angeles, CA

What’s better than a summer party?

A summer party on the beach. Venice Beach, Los Angeles is where all of the action happens and it has been for decades.

The sun sets at 10pm and there are still tourists and locals partying until sunrise.

Venice party beach Los Angeles
Venice beach Los Angeles

The boardwalk is lined with bars, restaurants, shops, roller-skating rinks as well as plenty of street performers to keep you entertained while you’re waiting in line to buy your $3 taco from one of the many vendors that sell their food on the sidewalk.

Venice Beach is famous for being the ultimate party spot. It’s home to a lot of bars, clubs and restaurants that are known for their amazing parties.

If you’re looking for a great time in LA then you should head over to Venice beach this weekend!

The Venice Beach Boardwalk is also known as the ‘the world’s longest beach.’

The locals are often seen riding bikes and skateboards while the tourists take in all of the sights and sounds.

There’s something for everyone on this boardwalk, so come out and experience it yourself!

7. Seaside Heights, New Jersey – a party spot for bygone days

So Seaside Heights grew in infamy due to its ongoing appearance in MTV’s Jersey Shore TV show.

I can’t say I watched the show, so busy was I partying but hey, lots of you readers may well have enjoyed it as Snooki and Deena had a meatball encounter!

Some of the best places to party in Seaside Heights were in Karma and Bamboo night clubs.

Both were owned by the same family and had similar music playlists.

They were also located next to each other so it was easy for dancers and drinkers to hop from one club to the other!

Unfortunately, The Jersey Shore is no longer a destination for those wanting to party because there are no nightclubs left after the clubs were sold at auction in 2020.

The area thrived from the 1980s through into the 2000’s and it’s shame to see the area take a dive due to lots of legal action between owners and Borough law makers.

Oh well…..on to the next one.

6. Santa Catalina Island, California

Santa Catalina Island is a small island off the coast of California that is known for its gorgeous beaches, beautiful weather and amazing nightlife.

Its one of the most popular party destinations in Southern California.

Santa Catalina Island California beach
Santa Catalina Island California

It’s easy to see why, with all the bars and restaurants lining up on the beach fronts throughout the island.

Party animals beware.

Santa Catalina Island is the perfect place to take your party. With bars and restaurants at every turn, it’s easy to find a good time.

You have to check out the Marlin Club which the most popular dive bar on the island tons of fun with live music and always happy hour here.

5. Isla Blanca Beach, South Padre Island, Texas

Isla Blanca Beach is the ultimate beach party location in America. Located on South Padre Island in Texas, this pristine white sand beach provides a perfect backdrop for all sorts of adventures: swimming, surfing and just plain fun in the sun.

The beach and South Padre area are hugely popular spring break beach destinations, and so, a hotspot for college students during the March to April months.

Isla Blanca Beach is a great place to party.

It has all the amenities you need for an unforgettable weekend getaway with friends and family.

The water is perfect for swimming, there are plenty of food options.

Plus, when you’re done partying at night there are some really fun bars just a short walk from your hotel room that keep the good times going all night long!

Explore the city’s downtown area which welcomes nightlife and bars to help you celebrate long into the night.

4. Ocean Beach, San Diego, California

It’s the week of Spring Break, and you’re in California with a bunch of your friends.

You want to do something fun and exciting before school starts again on Monday.

One idea is to drive down to Ocean Beach for a day of surfing, sand volleyball, partying or all three!

The beach is the perfect place to live life to its fullest, or at least that’s what local OB hippies like to say.

Ocean beach San Diego great for parties
Ocean beach San Diego

This charming beach town is popular with locals, travelers and tourists and it’s not hard to see why. The place just exudes cool and those heb ways we all enjoyed in your twenties.

Ocean Beach is a vibrant, bohemian neighborhood, with a classic SoCal beach vibe. Surfers and sunbathers fill the namesake beach.

It’s really is know for its long-time surfers who come here year round as well as the nightlife that comes alive after dark.

Ocean Beach stretches along for several kilometers of scenic coastline just north west of San Diego.

If you’re looking for some daytime fun then there are plenty of activities such as swimming, sunbathing or playing beach games like volleyball or football.

And don’t forget about the food – Ocean Beach has delicious restaurants where you can grab a bite to eat and plenty of bars that are open every day.

At Night – Ocean Beach comes alive with a vibrant nightclub scene which features the likes from big name DJs such as Diplo or Kaskade who have been known for throwing some wild parties here before they head it off in Vegas (Source).

3. Virginia Key Beach Park, Florida 

While the area is best know for it’s couples/lovers atmosphere, Virginia Key Beach Park has a very lively and decent bar scene, complete with craft beer and good tunes and endless summer days.

Virginia Key beach park for parties
Virginia Key party beach park

You should sample a mojito or two in Cocomo Joe’s, a private beach bar and restaurant.

The vibe (and the people) is quite laid back, so you can kick your feet up on an over-sized chair or hammock with some tasty Cuban fare for dinner while listening to live music from local bands that play every Saturday night starting at around 11 pm.

As you’re in party mode you should check out the Va Beach Beer Trail if you love your craft beers. Va has enough craft breweries and beer variations to please any tastes. It’s a self-guided tour of the area’s breweries and boy are there a lot at this stage.

You should definitely set aside an afternoon (or two) to follow the trails to such fine breweries as:


Virginia Key Beach Park has its share on party happenings – there are plenty places for you go get loud this summer if that’s what floats yer boat.

Let us know where you went to party.

Best Party Beaches In America – Virginia Key Beach Park Florida #VirginkaybeachparkFLoridaUSAbestparty beachesinamericaVirginiaKeyBeach

2. Santa Monica, California

Santa Monica Beach is one of the most iconic stretches in America.

Movies and therefore so many Hollywood greats have filmed or visited the pier and famous ferris wheel you just have to walk (and party) in their footsteps.

Santa Monica California beach for party
Santa Monica California

It offers everything from a long, wide sand beach to an amusement pier with carnival rides and carousels for kids – not that they’re allowed on this stretch as there are many signs prohibiting them (though you might see some youngsters sneaking onto its boardwalk).

Nightlife here in Santa Monica is second to none and a true gem on the west coast.

When it comes to the partying and nightlife in Santa Monica it’s totally LIT!

With in excess of 100 club options to choose from , this is the ultimate destination for a good time.

Santa Monica’s nightlife includes so many rooftop bars and dive bars, upscale lounges and live music venues there is definitely something for everyone who visits.

First timers and repeat visitors.

If It’s Your First Time in Santa Monica – Make sure to hit the pier which has been a landmark since 1909. The best party beaches are found here where you can drink and dance as much (and have some fun) that your little heart desires!

1. South Beach, Miami – THE best party beach in the USA

South Beach is Miami’s iconic party beach.

It remains one of the best places in America for a wild night out and around 12th Street on Ocean Drive, you’ll find all sorts – from DJs spinning records at clubs like LIV (located inside The W Hotel) to outdoor bars where people go dancing or just to watch the sun set over Biscayne Bay.

South beach Florida best for parties
South beach Florida

The beach is so large it is also a popular place for people simply looking for some quiet time, but it’s much too crowded on weekends and during tourist season – from December through April (also known as “high” or spring break).

If you’re not into partying all night long then a visit to St. Pete’s Beach might be more to your liking.


We hope you have found the information in this article helpful and you manage to get all to visit these stunning beaches and experience the fun of partying on a beach in the USA.

Amenities are everywhere, so have fun and enjoy your time on a beach! Remember to pack your sunscreen and don’t forget all of our fun tips on how best enjoy a day at these party beaches! 

Best beaches in the USA for parties
Having fun

Feel free to share this article with your friends and family, or anyone who may be interested in checking out one of the best party beaches in America

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Keep an eye out and as we’ll soon be expanding on this article to the best party beaches in the world.

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