Ryanair ID Requirements: Can You Fly on a Ryanair With A Driving License?

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Some budget airlines like Ryanair might allow you to travel only with a driving license, or some other type of document that proves your identity, especially if you are traveling domestically.

For instance, many British people have the option to travel with some sort of ID that is not a passport as long as they stay within the borders of the British Isles.

Can You Fly on a Ryanair With A Driving License

So, does Ryanair allow you to travel with a driving license, or do they ask for other specific ID documents for domestic flights?

If you are a passenger on a Ryanair flight, you will not be allowed to fly by using a driving license for identification. People traveling domestically are not required to show passports by law, however, this is the policy of this budget airline.

Even though in the past this option was available for domestic flights, this is no longer the case with RyanAir.

When traveling domestically by plane, you are not usually required to take a passport with you, however, some airlines might still ask you to do it.

If you intend to travel within the borders of the British Isles with Ryanair, here is all the information you need regarding travel documents and IDs.

In this article, you will also read about the options you have if you do not own a passport at the moment. 

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Can You Fly On Budget Airline Ryanair With A Driver’s License?

When traveling on domestic flights, by law, you are not required to show a passport since you are not crossing the borders.

Therefore, many airlines would not ask for one if you are traveling domestically. In these cases, you may use an ID or a driving license according to the requirements of the airline that you are using for your flight. 

People who are traveling with Ryanair used to have the option to fly with only a driving license.

In other words, if you traveled within the borders of the British Isles, you would not have been asked to show a passport, but a driver’s license, and you would be all set for the flight.

Therefore, people in the past have traveled with only this type of identification around England, Scotland, Ireland, and the rest of the isles. 

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Do Ryanair Accept Driving Licence?

However, in 2009, Ryanair changed its policy, meaning that passengers that intend to use their driving license for their domestic flight will not be admitted on board.

In order to avoid any confusion for domestic passengers, the airline ryanair now accepts only passports, as well as, National Identity Cards as a required document for the flight. This has happened due to the fact that a lot of passengers before have used invalid forms of ID, which created issues for the airline Ryanair. 

Ryanair ID Requirements

Although the law does not require travelers to use passports within the country’s borders, if they want to get onboard Ryanair, they might need to use one.

Therefore, if you used to travel with a driving license, you should forget that option since it is no longer possible, at least with this airline company. There might be some companies that may allow this, however, it is no longer such a common regulation. 

According to Ryanair’s policy, there are no exceptions for this requirement, meaning that no passenger, and under no circumstances, will be allowed to get on a flight with a driving license.

Therefore, if you intend to fly with this Ryanair company, you will have to obtain the proper travel documents. 

Options For Passengers Without Passports 

If you are a British citizen, and you want to travel within the borders of the British Isles, but you do not possess a valid passport at that moment, you might have some other options.

For instance, there might be some airline companies that will allow you to get on a flight with a driving license, or you could choose another way of transport for your trip.

On the trips with ferry boats you are usually not required to show your passports, so that could be one more option for you. 

Travel Within The Borders Of The British Isles By Plane

Since Ryanair is not an option, you might want to try a different airline company.

The airline Aer Lingus claims that Irish citizens can travel to Britain using some sort of official photo identification, such as a driving license, Government-issued ID card, student card, health insurance, and so on.

Irish citizens that are under the age of 16 might not need a passport or a photo ID when traveling to Britain if they are accompanied by a parent or a guardian. This rule only applies to Irish and British citizens.

That means that if you do not possess British or Irish citizenship, you will be required to show a passport to get on the flight. Some people who live in these countries but do not have an official form of stay cannot use this regulation from the airline.

However, rules and regulations can alternate for different flights, so it would be wise to check with the airline especially Ryanair before you set off on your way to the airport.

You would like to avoid unpleasant events, so make sure that you ask about this issue prior to your flight. 

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Travel Within The Borders Of The British Isles By A Ferry Boat 

Usually, you are not required to show a passport on ferry boats, even though, legally you should possess one when you are on board.

However, if you do not have any other option, especially if you need to travel at that moment, you might try the ferry option.

Nonetheless, be prepared to not be admitted on the boat, if they have a strict rule about showing passports.

If you have heard that you might be able to travel with Ryanair with only a driving license, you should eliminate that option since it is no longer available.

Ryanair has changed its policy, so if you intend to get on a flight with this company, you will need to have your passport at your disposal. 

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