Do Turkish Airlines Have WiFi? A Comprehensive Guide for Travelers

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Travelers often wonder whether Turkish Airlines, the flag carrier and largest mainline airline of Turkey, provides wifi on their flights.

As a modern airline with a hub at Istanbul Airport, Turkish Airlines aims to offer its passengers a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience.

Turkish Airlines Airlines provides Wi-Fi services on many of its aircraft, allowing you to stay connected throughout your journey.

The availability of wifi varies depending on the type of aircraft you’re flying on, but Turkish Airlines is committed to offering the service on a wide range of flights.

The process of connecting to the in-flight wifi is simple and hassle-free, ensuring that you can access the internet shortly after boarding. Different pricing packages are available to cater to passengers’ varying needs, with some complimentary services offered to certain airline classes and Miles&Smiles members.

Turkish Airlines not only provides passengers with reliable wifi services but also supports customers in addressing any issues they might face while using the service.

Additionally, the airline continuously aims to improve and enhance its offering, demonstrating its commitment to keeping passengers connected while en route to their destinations.

Key Takeaways

  • Turkish Airlines offers wifi services on many of its flights, making it easy for passengers to stay connected.
  • The airline provides different pricing packages for wifi services and offers complimentary benefits to certain airline classes and Miles&Smiles members.
  • Customer support is available to address any wifi issues passengers might experience, reflecting Turkish Airlines’ commitment to an enjoyable in-flight experience.
Turkish Airlines Aircraft In flight

Types of Aircraft and Wifi Availability

Turkish Airlines Aircraft and Their Wifi Features

Turkish Airlines offers inflight wifi services on various aircraft such as the A330, A350, A321 NEO, B787, B777, and B737 MAX. You can experience high-speed connectivity while using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet on these flights.

On the B777-300ER and A330-300 aircraft, power supplies and USB ports are available for all passengers, while in the B787, B737 MAX, B737-900ER, A350, and A321 NEO aircraft, they are only available in Business Class. Wifi services are provided by Türk Telekom infrastructure.

Comparison with Other Airlines

Emirates wifi and Japan Airlines wifi have become popular among international travelers, offering similar inflight connectivity services to those provided by Turkish Airlines.

British Airways wifi, Qatar Airways wifi, Air France wifi, and TAP Portugal wifi also offer inflight internet connectivity across their fleets, making long-haul flights more enjoyable.

Royal Air Maroc wifi and Norwegian wifi provide high-speed connectivity on selected Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft, respectively. When comparing inflight wifi services, it’s essential to consider the availability, connectivity speed, and pricing offered by each airline to make the most informed choice for your travel needs.

The Wifi Connection Process

How to Connect

To connect to the Turkish Airlines Wi-Fi, first, ensure that your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other mobile devices are switched to airplane mode. Then, turn on the Wi-Fi feature on your device and search for available networks. Choose the Turkish Airlines Wi-Fi network and proceed to open any browser on your device. You will be directed to the website, where you can purchase a Wi-Fi package or enter the necessary details to access the complimentary Wi-Fi for premium passengers.

Turkish Airlines’ Wi-Fi provider is Türk Telekom. The airline offers high-speed wireless internet connection on an increasing number of international flights, making it possible for passengers to stay connected and work efficiently during their journey.

Help Video

For a visual step-by-step guide to help you connect to Turkish Airlines’ Wi-Fi service, consider watching a help video. Search for a tutorial on connecting to Turkish Airlines Wi-Fi on platforms such as YouTube. These videos can assist in demonstrating the process of accessing the Wi-Fi network, opening a browser, and selecting the appropriate Wi-Fi package or complimentary service on your specific device.

Wifi Services and Features

What to Expect

On Turkish Airlines, you can expect high-quality inflight wifi on select aircraft models, including A330, A350, A321 NEO, B787, B777, and B737 MAX. This service allows you to stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues through social media platforms like Twitter while enjoying a wide array of in-flight entertainment options.

The airline’s inflight entertainment offers an extensive selection of movies, TV shows, and live TV channels for passengers to choose from. Furthermore, the wifi onboard can handle high-bandwidth apps, which means that you can even access popular streaming services like Netflix during your flight.

Paid and Free Offerings

Turkish Airlines offers complimentary wifi for business class passengers and Miles & Smiles Elite or Elite Plus cardholders. These passengers receive free access up to 1 GB and 400 MB, respectively. However, if you are traveling in economy class, you must purchase internet packages to make use of the wifi services.

In addition to wifi, the airline provides USB ports and power supplies for device charging during your journey. This ensures that your preferred gadgets stay charged throughout the flight and ready for use upon arrival at your destination.

Overall, with Turkish Airlines’ wifi services and features, you can experience a convenient and enjoyable flight, staying connected and entertained throughout the journey.

Turkish Airlines Aircraft waiting to push back

Pricing and Packages

Wifi Costs

Turkish airlines offer various wifi packages to their passengers. The prices vary depending on the package you choose. For example, you can purchase 20 MB for $2.99, 50 MB for $4.99, and 100 MB for $7.99. Additionally, there are options to buy 250 MB for $14.99 and 500 MB for $24.99 to cater to your connectivity needs.

Free Wifi and Complimentary Quota

Complimentary wifi services are available for business class passengers and Miles & Smiles Elite members on Turkish Airlines source. If you belong to these categories, you can enjoy free wifi during your flight. For those in economy class or who have used up their complimentary quota, the paid wifi packages mentioned above will be available to continue your connectivity onboard.

Airline Classes and Wifi Availability

Economy Class

In Economy Class, Turkish Airlines provides wifi service on multiple aircraft, such as the Boeing 777-300, Boeing 787-9, and Airbus A350-900. On B777-300ER and A330-300 aircraft, power supplies and USB ports are available for all passengers, whereas on B787, B737 MAX, B737-900ER, A350, and A321 NEO aircraft, USB outlets are provided only in Business Class.

Business Class

Business Class passengers on Turkish Airlines enjoy complimentary wifi service source. In addition to being available on Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft, wifi service can be found on some Airbus A330-300, Airbus A321, and Boeing 737 planes source.

Elite and Elite Plus Cardholders

Miles & Smiles Elite and Elite Plus cardholders have the privilege of complimentary wifi, just like regular Business Class passengers source. Please note that this benefit does not extend to Miles & Smiles Classic or Classic Plus cardholders.

Remember, when using Turkish Airlines’ wifi service, you can stay connected and entertained throughout your flight, whether you’re traveling in Economy or Business Class.

Benefits for Miles&Smiles Members

Miles&Smiles Classic

As a Miles&Smiles Classic member, you’ll be introduced to the world of privileges offered by the Miles&Smiles program. You’ll start earning miles for award tickets, in-flight services, and other exclusive benefits.

Miles&Smiles Classic Plus

When you advance to the Miles&Smiles Classic Plus tier, you’ll enjoy additional benefits compared to Classic members. These may include a higher mile earning rate, access to airport lounges, and priority services during your travel with Turkish Airlines.

Miles&Smiles Elite

Reaching the Miles&Smiles Elite status not only rewards you with greater privileges, it also showcases your dedication to the program. Some of the exclusive Elite benefits include free internet access on board, extra baggage allowance, and cabin upgrades. Make your journey with Turkish Airlines even smoother and more enjoyable by striving for the Elite level in the Miles&Smiles program.

Airline Support and Wifi Issues

Turkish Airlines (THY) Support Center

If you experience any issues with the Wi-Fi connectivity on a Turkish Airlines flight, you can seek assistance from the THY Support Center. They provide information on various services, including baggage allowance, online services, and frequently asked questions.

Wifi Refund

In the event that you encounter problems with the Wi-Fi service and are unable to use it during your flight, you may be eligible for a refund. To request a Wi-Fi refund, contact the Turkish Airlines Support Center, and provide the details of your flight and Wi-Fi purchase.

Turkish Airlines collaborates with Türk Telekom, a leading telecommunications provider, to offer Wi-Fi services on their flights. With this partnership, Turkish Airlines aims to deliver a reliable and enjoyable Wi-Fi experience on board.

However, it’s essential to remember that the quality of the internet connection can vary, and some flights may have limited Wi-Fi coverage. In cases where the Wi-Fi service falls short of your expectations, consider reaching out to the support center for assistance or information on possible refunds.

Turkish Airlines Aircraft on the runway

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wi-Fi available on all Turkish Airlines flights?

Wi-Fi is available on an increasing number of international flights operated by Turkish Airlines, with more than 220 aircraft gradually offering the service.

How can I access Wi-Fi on Turkish Airlines?

To access Wi-Fi on Turkish Airlines, turn on your device’s Wi-Fi and connect to the airline’s wireless network. You will find the instructions and the available Wi-Fi packages on the flight.

What is the cost of Wi-Fi on Turkish Airlines?

The cost of Wi-Fi on Turkish Airlines varies depending on the package you choose. Premium passengers enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi service during their flights.

How fast is the Wi-Fi on Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines offers high-speed wireless internet, allowing you to work and stay connected while on board.

Are there Wi-Fi packages available for Turkish Airlines passengers?

Yes, Turkish Airlines offers various Wi-Fi packages for passengers. You will find the available packages and their prices on the flight.

Can I use unlimited messaging on Turkish Airlines?

Unlimited messaging availability on Turkish Airlines is not specified. However, their Wi-Fi packages may allow you to use messaging apps during your flight. Just check the available packages when accessing the Wi-Fi service.

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