Does Thai Airways Have Wifi? An Insightful Look at Connectivity on Board

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When planning your next trip with Thai Airways, you might be wondering if they offer Wi-Fi onboard their flights. The good news is that Thai Airways does indeed provide in-flight Wi-Fi services to keep you connected while traveling.

Thai Airways does offer a’ Wi-Fi service, called Thai Sky Connect, is available on select aircraft, including Airbus A380-800, A350-900, and certain A330-300 models, as well as Boeing 787 planes.

With a range of Wi-Fi packages and prices to choose from, passengers can enjoy high-speed internet access to stay informed, productive, or entertained during their flight.

Key Takeaways

  • Thai Airways offers in-flight Wi-Fi through their Thai Sky Connect service
  • Wi-Fi is available on select Airbus and Boeing aircraft
  • Passengers can choose from various Wi-Fi packages and pricing options
FRANKFURT, GERMANY - JULY 11: A Thai Airways Airbus A380 take off on July 11, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany. Thai Airways has six Airbus A380's, the last due for delivery by summer 2013

Does Thai Airways Have Wifi?

As discussed, Thai Airways offers wifi services to keep you connected while in the air. Their THAI Sky Connect service ensures you can continue with your business or social activities seamlessly.

You can access Thai Airways wifi on various aircraft, including A350-900, B787-8, B787-9, and selected B777-300ER planes. However, not all their aircraft are equipped with wifi systems.

The THAI Sky Connect comes with different packages for your preference. You can purchase the packages to match your requirements, making your travel experience more convenient.

To connect to Thai Airways wifi, simply follow the step-by-step guide provided during the flight. Enjoy staying connected to the world while flying with Thai Airways.

Thai Airways’ Aircrafts Equipped with Wifi


Thai Airways offers THAI Sky Connect Wi-Fi service on their A350-900 aircraft. You can stay connected with business or social media on your mobile device.


Wi-Fi connectivity is also available on Airbus A380-800 planes. Keep up with your emails or surf the web while in the air.

Selected 330-300

Thai Airways provides in-flight Wi-Fi on selected 330-300 aircraft. Stay connected while you travel.


Boeing 787-8 aircraft are also equipped with Thai Airways’ Wi-Fi service. Enjoy high-speed internet while you fly.


Similarly, the 787-9 aircraft allows passengers to access THAI Sky Connect. Experience seamless connectivity onboard.

Boeing 787

For passengers flying on any Boeing 787 aircraft, Wi-Fi connectivity is available. Stay productive and entertained during your journey.


On specific 777-300ER aircraft with call signs HS-TTA, HS-TTB, and HS-TTC, you can access in-flight Wi-Fi. Choose from available packages to suit your needs.

Airbus 380-800

THAI Sky Connect is available on Airbus 380-800 aircraft as well. Keep in touch with the world while you fly with Thai Airways.

Inflight Wifi Service Providers


Sitaonair is one of the providers for Thai Airways’ inflight Wi-Fi service. They supply Wi-Fi systems for Airbus 380-800 and selected 330-330 aircraft.

Panasonic Avionics

Another key provider for Thai Airways is Panasonic Avionics. They offer Wi-Fi services on Airbus 380-800, 350-900, and selected 330-300 aircraft, which includes Boeing 787.


Onair is not currently a wifi service provider for Thai Airways. However, it’s worth noting that some airlines utilize their technology for onboard communication.


While Gogo is a popular and widespread Wi-Fi provider in the aviation industry, they do not provide inflight Wi-Fi services for Thai Airways.

Thai Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner HS-TQA passenger plane arrival and landing at Vienna International Airport

Wifi Packages and Prices

Daily Subscription

Thai Airways offers a daily subscription for their inflight Wi-Fi service. The prices for this subscription can be found on their website and varies depending on the aircraft type.

Thai Sky Connect

Thai Sky Connect is available on select Thai Airways aircraft, including A350-900, B787-8, B787-9, and some B777-300ER planes. This service allows passengers to stay connected online while onboard. Prices for the Thai Sky Connect Wi-Fi packages are as follows:

  • Airbus A350-900 and Boeing 787 (Panasonic System):

    • 30 MB: USD 9.99
    • 100 MB: USD 19.99
    • 500 MB: USD 34.99
    • Unlimited Data: USD 59.99
  • Other aircraft (SITAONAIR System):

    • Unlimited Chatting: Text via LINE, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and more
    • Unlimited Surfing: Connect to social networks, surf the web, and send emails

Please note that Wi-Fi service availability may be limited on some flights and is prohibited when flying over certain countries, such as India. It’s crucial to check your aircraft’s Wi-Fi availability and the specific data plan options before boarding.

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Thai Airways Wifi Experience

Email Usage

During your flight with Thai Airways, you can stay connected and check your emails using the in-flight Wi-Fi service. The THAI Sky Connect offers different packages for your convenience.

With this feature, you’ll never miss an important email or update while flying. Feel confident knowing that you can remain productive and take care of business during your travel.

Social Media Access

Thai Airways understands the importance of social media in today’s world. Their Wi-Fi onboard grants access to your favorite platforms.

Snap and upload those stunning in-flight photos, share your personal Thai experience on Instagram, or simply stay connected with friends and family. Enjoy the ability to seamlessly share your journey with others.

How to Connect to Wifi

Credit Card Payment

To connect to Thai Airways’ wifi, first turn on your device’s Wi-Fi and select “On Air” or “Thai_Sky Connect” from the available networks. Open a web browser on your device, and you should be automatically directed to the Wi-Fi portal. From there, choose a wifi package and proceed to the payment section. Enter your credit card details to complete the transaction and enjoy your in-flight internet access.

Debit Card Payment

Connecting to Thai Airways’ wifi using a debit card follows the same process. After joining the “On Air” or “Thai_Sky Connect” network, open your web browser. If not redirected automatically, navigate to the Inflight portal to select a Wi-Fi plan. Once you’ve made a choice, input your debit card information in the payment section. Upon successful payment, you’ll have access to the in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Wifi Available Routes


On your journey to Vietnam with Thai Airways, you can stay connected using their inflight Wi-Fi service. This service is available on flights operated by Airbus 380-800, 350-900, selected 330-300, and Boeing 787 aircraft.


Please note, when flying over India with Thai Airways, inflight Wi-Fi services are prohibited. You should plan accordingly and enjoy your in-flight entertainment options during these segments of your journey.


Traveling to Europe with Thai Airways gives you the opportunity to stay connected while in the air. In-flight Wi-Fi is available on their Airbus 380-800, 350-900, selected 330-300, and Boeing 787 aircraft. Choose from a selection of Wi-Fi packages to best suit your needs while traversing to the destination.

Comparisons with Other Airlines’ Wifi Service


ANA, also known as All Nippon Airways, offers inflight wifi on most of its international flights. You can choose from different plans depending on your usage needs.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia provides inflight wifi on select aircraft, allowing passengers to stay connected during their flights.

Japan Airlines

On Japan Airlines, wifi is available on various international routes with different package options to suit your connectivity requirements.

US Airways

US Airways, now merged with American Airlines, offered Gogo inflight wifi on most of their domestic flights. You can now access American Airlines’ wifi service on both domestic and international routes.

Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines provides inflight wifi on their Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 aircraft. This service offers various price packages for your connectivity needs.

Virgin America

Virgin America, now part of Alaska Airlines, offered inflight wifi on all of their aircraft. Today, you can enjoy wifi access on Alaska Airlines flights, with multiple plans to accommodate your internet usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Thai Airways’ inflight Wi-Fi fast?

Yes, Thai Airways offers high-speed Wi-Fi on their flights. This allows you to stay connected and enjoy a seamless internet experience throughout the journey.

What is THAI Sky Connect?

THAI Sky Connect is Thai Airways’ inflight Wi-Fi service. It offers a selection of packages to cater to different preferences and is available on selected aircraft.

How is Thai Airways’ Business Class Wi-Fi?

Thai Airways’ Business Class Wi-Fi aims to provide a reliable and efficient internet service for its premium passengers. You can expect a comfortable experience while staying connected to the world.

Do all Thai Airways flights offer Wi-Fi?

Not all Thai Airways flights have Wi-Fi service. It is currently available on Airbus 380-800, 350-900, selected 330-300, and Boeing 787 aircraft.

Can you use your phone on Thai Airways flights?

Yes, you can use your phone on Thai Airways flights, mainly for internet browsing and chatting purposes. Keep in mind that you should always follow the airline’s guidelines regarding the use of electronic devices onboard.

Is Thai Airways’ inflight entertainment connected to Wi-Fi?

Thai Airways’ inflight entertainment system does not require Wi-Fi for you to enjoy their vast selection of movies, TV shows, and games. However, if you want to access the internet, you can use their THAI Sky Connect service to get connected.

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