How Big are Allegiant Air Seats and Seatbelts? A Comprehensive Guide

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Allegiant Air is a popular choice among budget-conscious travelers seeking comfort without breaking the bank. As a low-cost airline, Allegiant focuses on being efficient and providing essential services.

Allegiant Air seats have a width of 17.8 inches, which may result in denied boarding for passengers with larger sizes. Additionally, Allegiant Air seatbelts have a length of 33 – 40 inches, which is one of the shortest in the industry.

When it comes to the size of their seats and seatbelts, passengers on Allegiant flights will find a fairly standard experience comparable to other airlines.

The aircraft operated by Allegiant Air primarily consist of narrow-body planes designed to maximize space and efficiently accommodate passengers.

With a seating configuration featuring economy class and enhanced Legroom+ options, both types of seats boast assigned leather seats to ensure a comfortable journey. Seatbelt sizes on Allegiant flights are designed with the safety and comfort of all passengers in mind.

Key Takeaways

  • Allegiant Air offers budget-friendly flights with standard seat sizes and seatbelt lengths
  • The aircraft used by Allegiant serve economy and Legroom+ seating options
  • Assigned leather seats enhance the comfort of the travel experience on Allegiant flights
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Types of Seats

Economy Seat

Allegiant Air typically offers a one-class configuration with standard Economy seats. These seats provide a basic level of comfort and do not recline. The seat pitch (space between rows) is around 30 inches, while the seat width is 17 inches.

Premium Seat

Some Allegiant Air seats are classified as “Legroom +” seats, which provide 4 extra inches of legroom compared to standard Economy seats. These seats come with an additional cost, ranging from $6 to $32 more, depending on factors such as flight duration and demand.

Crew Seat

Crew seats on Allegiant Air are designated for airline staff and on-duty flight attendants. These seats are not available for reservation by passengers.

Seat Measurement

Seat Width

Allegiant Air offers a seat width of around 17 inches on their planes, including the Airbus A319 and MD-80. This width measurement is common among many airlines. Seats are designed to accommodate a range of passenger sizes.

Seat Pitch

The seat pitch, or the distance between the back of one seat and the back of the seat in front of it, is an essential factor for legroom. On Allegiant Air’s Airbus A319, the seat pitch is approximately 30 inches. This measurement provides passengers with a comfortable amount of space for short to medium-length flights.

Seat Belt Specification

Seat Belt Length

Allegiant Air’s economy class seats have seat belts measuring 40 inches long. These belts are designed to provide a comfortable and safe fit for most passengers.

Seat Belt Extender

For passengers who might require additional length, Allegiant Air offers seat belt extenders. However, the exact sizing information for these extenders is not available. Please note, seat belt extenders cannot be used in exit row seats due to the potential hazard of entanglement.

View of aircraft wing from passenger window

Boarding Process

Standard Boarding

Allegiant Air has a structured boarding process that starts with 4 named zones. Following those, the airline moves on with 6 numbered zones for general boarding. Passengers are grouped into zones depending on their carry-on bags and row seating.

Tips for Smooth Boarding

  • Be prepared: Have your boarding pass and ID ready at the airport to avoid delays.
  • Check-in: Complete the online check-in before arriving at the airport to save time and ensure a smooth boarding process.
  • Arrive early: Aim to arrive at least 90 minutes before flight departure to navigate airport security and find your boarding gate.
  • Be aware: Allegiant Air closes their check-in 45 minutes before the flight, so arriving on time is crucial.

Remember, being well-prepared and punctual makes for a stress-free boarding experience with Allegiant Air.

Passenger of Size Policies

Allegiant Air offers seats that are approximately 17.8 inches wide in the economy section. This measurement is taken from armrest to armrest.

The airline’s seatbelts measure 33 to 40 inches long. These belt lengths are relatively shorter compared to other airlines.

Passengers of size are those who may not comfortably fit within the dimensions of a single seat. They may require additional space or adjustments to ensure a comfortable journey.

Allegiant Air may require passengers of size to purchase a second seat if they cannot fit into one seat without a seatbelt extender.

When necessary, Allegiant Air provides pre-assigned seats, at no additional charge, to ensure passengers of size have two side-by-side seats. This policy aims to offer a more comfortable travel experience for customers needing extra space.

For those who require a seatbelt extender, Allegiant Air has them available on board. It is essential to inform the flight crew members to obtain one when needed.

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Aircraft Overview

Airbus A320

Allegiant Air operates the Airbus A320 in a one-class configuration. This aircraft has 177 standard Economy seats.

Plane Features

  • Cabin: The cabin is designed to accommodate passengers comfortably. None of the seats on the Airbus A320 recline.
  • Seatmap: To choose the best seat, refer to the seatmap provided by SeatGuru.
  • Galley: The aircraft is equipped with a galley for food and beverage preparation.
  • Lavatory: For convenience, lavatories are available on the plane.
  • Closet: A closet may be present on the aircraft for storage purposes.
  • Bassinet: There is no mention of bassinet availability on Allegiant’s Airbus A320.

To enhance passenger comfort, Allegiant offers “Legroom +” seats, featuring 4 extra inches of legroom for an additional cost, typically ranging from $6 to $32. Note, these amenities may vary and are subject to change.

Travel Experience

In-Flight Snacks

Allegiant Air offers a variety of snacks and beverages for purchase during the flight. Passengers can choose from a selection of sweet and savory options.

Legroom and Comfort

Allegiant Air seats have a width of approximately 17 inches and offer 31 inches of legroom (seat pitch). However, if you opt for a Legroom+ seat, the legroom is increased to 34 inches. These seats are located towards the front of the aircraft, providing extra comfort.

Seat Assignment

It is essential to keep in mind that exit row seats may have additional legroom but might come with restrictions such as non-reclining seats or blocked armrests.

Flight Details

Flight Locations

Allegiant Air offers flights to various destinations including Orlando and Sanford, FL. The airline operates different versions of aircraft in its fleet.

Denial of Boarding Instances

Instances of denied boarding may occur due to various reasons. One reason is if travelers do not fit within Allegiant’s standard seat dimensions.

To avoid denied boarding, it’s important for passengers to be aware of the aircraft’s seating specifications.

Travelers may find information on seat assignments and other restrictions by browsing various traveler photos and reviewing specific aircraft details. Knowing these restrictions can help prevent any surprise denials and make the travel experience smoother for all parties involved.

Boeing Aircraft in flight

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the width of Allegiant Air’s seats?

Allegiant Air offers comfortable, assigned leather seats on their flights. However, the exact width is not provided in the search results.

What is the passenger weight limit on Allegiant Air?

The search results do not provide a specific weight limit for passengers on Allegiant Air. However, any passenger who cannot safely fit in a single seat or poses a safety risk may be denied boarding or required to purchase an additional seat.

Do Allegiant Air seats accommodate plus-sized passengers?

Although specific dimensions are not provided, Allegiant Air’s seat assignment page states that they offer comfortable, assigned leather seats. Each passenger’s comfort may vary depending on individual size and circumstances.

How long are the seatbelts on Allegiant Air?

The search results do not provide the exact length of seatbelts on Allegiant Air. It is recommended to contact the airline directly to inquire about seatbelt lengths.

Are seatbelt extenders available on Allegiant Air?

Although not mentioned specifically for Allegiant Air, some of the North American airlines do provide seatbelt extenders upon request. It is advisable to contact Allegiant Air for specific information on seatbelt extenders.

How do Allegiant Air’s seat dimensions compare to other airlines?

Without specific seat dimension information for Allegiant Air, it is difficult to make a direct comparison. However, all Allegiant flights feature assigned leather seats, providing a comfortable travel experience.

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