How Big Are Peach Aviation Seats and Seatbelts: A Quick Guide

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Peach Aviation is a popular low-cost airline known for its affordable fares and efficient service. However, travelers often wonder about the size and comfort of the seats and seatbelts on Peach Aviation flights, especially when planning a trip where comfort is a top priority.

Peach Aviation primarily operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft, which includes the A320, A320neo, and A321LR models.

With different seat types available, passengers can customize their flight experience according to their preferences and needs. It’s essential to understand Peach Aviation’s seating options, specifications, and features, as well as the seat selection and purchasing process, in order to make informed decisions for an enjoyable flight.

Key Takeaways

  • Peach Aviation offers various seat types and selection options for passengers’ comfort
  • Seat size, legroom, and features may vary depending on aircraft and seat type
  • Understanding the airline’s seating policies and procedures can enhance your flight experience.
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Peach Aviation Overview

Peach Aviation is a low-cost airline based in Japan, offering affordable air travel to domestic and regional destinations. With a modern fleet composed primarily of Airbus A320 aircraft, passengers experience comfortable flights at competitive prices.

The airline operates on numerous routes across Japan with an emphasis on their Airbus A320 aircraft. This specific airplane offers a one-class configuration with 180 Economy Class seats, designed for efficient travel.

Each seat type within Peach Aviation offers varying levels of comfort, with some featuring more legroom or additional amenities. Notably, Fast Seats and exit row seats are advertised to have more legroom among different seat types available on Peach aircraft.

Seatbelts on Peach Aviation flights are standard in size and mandatory for passenger safety. However, the exact dimensions may vary slightly between different aircraft models within their fleet, such as the Airbus A320 and potential future additions like Boeing 737 planes.

As a prominent airline in Japan, Peach Aviation consistently expands its route network and fleet to accommodate the growing demand for budget air travel. By focusing on economical and streamlined services, they maintain their position as a reliable choice for passengers seeking efficient transportation within the region.

Understanding Seat Types

Economy Class

Economy class seats on Peach Aviation are designed to provide a comfortable and affordable travel experience. They offer a basic level of legroom, similar to other economy class seats on low-cost carriers.

Fast Seat

Fast Seats are the first row seats on Peach Aviation flights. Passengers occupying these seats have extra legroom and their bags are tagged and handled with high priority for baggage reclaim.

Standard Seat

Standard Seats make up the majority of seating options on Peach Aviation flights. They provide adequate legroom and comfort for passengers, and can be found in various rows throughout the aircraft.

Pleasure Seat

A Pleasure Seat is located in rows 6-11 and the window seats in rows 14-30. These seats offer a comfortable experience for passengers, as they can enjoy the view from the window and a sense of spaciousness.

Smart Seat

Smart Seats can be found in rows 2-5 and the exit row seats. This seat type provides passengers with extra legroom, making it perfect for those seeking additional comfort during their flight.

Seat Specifications and Features

Seat Width

Economy class seats on Peach Airbus A320 have a width of 17.5 inches. This provides passengers with a comfortable space to sit during their flights.

Seat Recline

Peach Aviation seats in Economy class do not recline. However, they are designed to offer a pre-reclined position for added comfort during the flight.


Armrests are provided for each seat on Peach flights, allowing passengers to have a more comfortable and relaxed seating experience. The exact dimensions of the armrests are not specified in the search results.

Leg Room

Peach Aviation offers different seat types with varying amounts of legroom. Fast Seats and exit row seats provide more legroom compared to other seats in the economy cabin.


Window seats are available in rows 6-11 and 14-30 on Peach flights, providing passengers with the opportunity to enjoy the view during their journey. The Pleasure Seat option includes all window seats within these rows.

View of aircraft wing from passenger window

Special Seating Arrangements

Emergency Exit Row Seats

Peach Aviation offers Smart Seat options which include exit row seats providing extra legroom for passengers. It must be noted that to be eligible for an emergency exit row seat, passengers must meet specific requirements, such as being physically capable and willing to assist in emergency situations.

Passengers of Size

For passengers who might need more space, Peach Aviation has Fast Seat options available, which include all seats in row #1, providing extra legroom. Passengers can also consider the Space Seat Option, allowing them to secure a vacant seat next to their designated seat for additional comfort.

Pregnant Passengers

Though Peach Aviation does not offer specific information regarding pregnant passengers, it’s advisable to choose seats offering more space and legroom to ensure comfort during the flight. Options like Fast Seats or Smart Seats can be considered for a more comfortable journey. It’s also recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before flying, especially during the later stages of pregnancy.

Seat Selection and Purchasing Process

Seat Selection

Peach Aviation offers an Advance Seat Selection service for passengers who want to choose their seats. There are four types of seats: Fast Seat, Space Seat, Standard Seat, and Basic Seat.

Seat Configuration

The airline operates the Airbus A320 aircraft, which features a diverse seat configuration. The seat types offer varying degrees of legroom and priority baggage handling, as well as other benefits depending on the type chosen.

Seat Map

You can view the Aircraft & Seat Map on Peach Aviation’s website. It provides a visual representation of seat locations, helping passengers decide which type of seat best matches their preferences.

Purchasing Additional Seats

For extra comfort, passengers can purchase additional seats when booking their flights. The seat selection charges vary according to the chosen seat type and the additional amenities associated with it.

Flight Experience

Main Cabin

Peach Aviation offers a standard Economy Class seating arrangement in their Airbus A320 aircraft. Seats are configured in a 3-3 layout, providing a typical legroom for passengers. Peach also offers “Stretch” seats, which provide extra legroom for a more comfortable experience.

Galley and Lavatory

The aircraft galleys are equipped to provide basic in-flight services to passengers. Lavatories are located at various points throughout the cabin, offering a clean and functional space for travelers’ convenience.

In-Flight Service

As a low-cost carrier, Peach Aviation focuses on delivering essential services at an affordable price. While they do not offer complimentary meals or in-flight entertainment, passengers have the option to purchase snacks and drinks during the flight. The airline’s efficient and courteous staff ensure a pleasant onboard experience while prioritizing safety and cleanliness.

Baggage Policies

Peach Aviation has specific policies for carry-on and checked baggage. It’s crucial to be aware of these policies to avoid any inconvenience at the airport.

Passengers are allowed to carry 2 pieces of carry-on baggage weighing up to 7.0 kg. The bags must not exceed the allowed dimensions of 55 x 40 x 25 cm. Baggage exceeding these requirements will need to be checked in for a fee.

For checked baggage, passengers can check in up to 5 bags per person. Each bag must not weigh more than 20 kg (max 32 kg with an additional charge). The total checked baggage weight allowed per person is up to 100 kg.

The size requirements for checked baggage include a total of 203 cm for the sum of the three dimensions. This measurement includes the length of casters, handles, and pockets.

Safety Measures

FAA and HIC Regulations

Peach Aviation follows FAA and Commission regulations to ensure passenger safety. Seat belts are required to be worn by passengers and must be designed to handle substantial loads during an accident.

Evacuation Procedures

In case of an emergency, passengers are expected to follow the evacuation procedures displayed in the safety cards and illustrated by the flight crew. Timely response to these instructions is critical for a swift evacuation.

Crew’s Instructions

The flight crew is trained to handle emergency situations efficiently. Passengers should follow their lead and pay close attention to any directions given during emergencies to ensure their safety.

Escape Slide

Peach Aviation equips its aircraft with escape slides, allowing passengers to evacuate quickly in case of an emergency landing. These slides are designed for rapid inflation and deployment, facilitating a swift exit from the aircraft.

Peach Aviation strives to ensure the utmost safety and comfort for its passengers throughout their journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of Peach Aviation’s seats?

Peach Aviation offers different seat types, with varying dimensions. The general information about seat dimensions is not explicitly provided for each type.

Are Peach Aviation seats comfortable for plus-sized passengers?

While seat comfort varies by individual preferences, Peach Aviation’s various seat types can accommodate passengers with diverse body sizes. It is essential to ensure your seat choice suits your comfort needs.

What is the seat pitch on Peach Aviation flights?

The seat pitch, or legroom, for Peach Aviation flights is not explicitly mentioned. However, they do offer Smart Seats, which are located at 2nd-5th rows or the exit rows, providing extra legroom.

Is there a weight limit for passengers on Peach Aviation?

Peach Aviation does not explicitly mention a weight limit for passengers. However, it is crucial to select a seat that suits your comfort and body size.

How do Peach Aviation seatbelts compare to other airlines?

Details about Peach Aviation seatbelt sizes in comparison to other airlines are not explicitly provided. In case of concerns regarding seatbelt comfort, it is recommended to contact the airline for special assistance.

Are there any seat options available for passengers needing more space on Peach Aviation?

Peach Aviation offers various seat types, including Fast Seats, Smart Seats, and Pleasure Seats. Smart Seats, located at specific rows, provide extra legroom, making them a suitable choice for passengers needing more space.

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