How Do Hotels Keep Glass Shower Doors Clean?

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Glass shower doors add a touch of elegance and modernity to any bathroom. But they can quickly become covered in soap scum, water spots, and other grime.

Have you ever wondered how hotels keep their glass shower doors sparkling clean?

With hundreds of doors to clean each day. What do they use to clean them and is it something you can use at home?

There are a few ways to keep glass surfaces clean that might save you some time at home or in your own hotel.

Maybe even speed the process up for your employees and save some time and wages.

But First, What Makes Glass Shower Doors Dirty?

clean glass shower doors in the bathroom
Clean glass shower doors

A clean glass shower door looks elegant and pleasant. But since the shower is constantly in use, glass doors can get pretty dirty.

So what are the most common culprits for dirty glass shower doors?

Here are a few causes: 

  • Soap scum: We all use soap while washing our bodies. When we clean our bodies, the soap scum combines with dirt from our bodies and dries on bathroom glass doors. This leaves streaks of dirt and marks.
  • Hard water spots: When you use hard water to clean glass surfaces, it leaves streaks and spots on the glass shower doors. If a hotel is in an area with hard water, you will likely see marks on your shower doors.
  • Mold: Mold is a common fungus that usually appears in moist areas. While it’s generally harmless, it looks unpleasant on the glass door. 

There are different ways hotels keep glass shower doors clean.

Let’s dive into the methods and secrets hotels use to keep glass shower doors pristine to ensure their guests are happy.

Having a Daily Cleaning Routine

Cleaning is the most crucial step to maintaining clean glass shower doors.

A daily wash removes any soap scum or water spots before they build up and become more difficult to remove. 

Easy cleaning glass shower doors
Tips for cleaning glass shower doors

The housekeeping staff cleans each bathroom thoroughly, wiping down all surfaces, including the shower door.

Staff also use a squeegee to remove excess water from the door after each use, preventing water spots from forming.

Applying a Protective Coating

Using a protective coating is another clever trick hotels use.

This coating provides a barrier that prevents dirt and grime from clinging to the glass.

The protective coat also reduces water stains and soap scum build-up, making it easier to clean the doors. A professional applies the coating, which can last for several months.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning shower glass door
Steam cleaning shower door

Steam cleaning is a popular method hotels have used to clean glass shower doors for years.

The high steam temperature helps break down dirt and grime for easy removal.

Steam cleaning also removes bacteria and germs effectively, making it an excellent choice for hotels that value cleanliness and hygiene.

Switching Soap

Since scum comes from the talc or paraffin wax in bar soap, hotels also switch to body wash or liquid soap to prevent scum build-up.

They also prefer bar soaps that do not contain talc. Besides avoiding scum, such soaps also have a fresh fragrance.

Cleaning with Magic Erasers

Another cleaning trick hotels use to keep their glass shower doors clean is Magic Erasers.

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

These cleaning pads are usually made of a micro-abrasive material designed to remove tough stains and build-up without scratching the glass. 

During cleaning, housekeeping wets the Magic Eraser with water, then gently rubs it over the surface of the glass shower door.

Finally, they rinse the door thoroughly with warm water and then dry it with a clean cloth. 

Employing Professional Cleaning Services

It’s common practice for hotels to hire professional cleaning services to keep their glass shower doors clean.

These service providers use specialized equipment and cleaning solutions to remove tough stains and dirt build-up from glass surfaces. 

Employing professional cleaning services glass shower door
Employing professional cleaning services

While regular cleaning with this option is more expensive than the other methods, it’s a worthwhile investment for hotels that want to provide guests with the ultimate luxury experience.

Using Preventative Measures

Preventative measures keep shower doors clean and reduce cleaning efforts.

For instance, using a shower mat or rug prevents water from splashing onto the doors.

This reduces the build-up of water stains and soap scum, thus, making it easier to keep the doors clean. 

Some hotels also provide guests with a squeegee to wipe the doors after each shower, which removes any excess water from the doors before it dries and leaves dirty spots.

Performing Regular Maintenance

Besides regular cleaning, regular maintenance is crucial to keeping shower doors clean.

maintenance shower doors
Regular maintenance of shower doors

Maintenance staff regularly inspects the glass shower doors to ensure they are in perfect condition. 

They usually check for cracks or chips in the glass and replace the doors if necessary.

Regular maintenance keeps glass doors pristine and prevents them from deteriorating, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Installing Water Softeners on Showerheads and Plumbing

Hard water contains minerals like magnesium and calcium, which form scum when it mixes with water.

While drinking is safe, it leaves spots and streaks on glass shower doors after cleaning. 

Hotels often use a shower filter to remove these minerals from the water to avoid such problems. But that’s not the only trick. 

Hoteliers also install water softeners in pipes and shower heads to remove water hardness. This tactic helps to reduce cleaning times by half.

Using Natural Cleaning Solutions

Many hotels now use more natural cleaning solutions instead of harsh chemical cleaners. These solutions are environmentally friendly and safer for guests and staff.

Natural cleaning solutions for clean glass shower doors
Natural cleaning solutions

A popular natural cleaning solution is a mixture of vinegar and water.

This solution is sprayed onto the glass shower doors and wiped clean with a microfiber cloth.

Using Lemon Juice Solution

Lemon juice leaves more fragrance than vinegar; it is a better alternative for many hoteliers.

Since hotels have commercial juicers, they can squeeze juice naturally. The lemon juice works perfectly by combining with distilled water.

Housekeeping sprays this mixture on the glass door and lets it sit for 5 minutes before wiping it with a clean microfiber cloth. The result is a sparkling clean surface. 

Another way to clean using lemon juice is to dip the cut lemon in baking soda and then rub it on the glass.

A final rinse reveals a clean surface. Hotels coat the glass door with a layer of lemon oil to reduce soapy build-up.

Cleaning with a Vinegar and Water Solution

Hotels also use vinegar and water solution to clean their glass shower doors. The liquid solution should be equal parts white vinegar and water.

During cleaning, housekeeping sprays the mix onto the glass shower door and lets it sit for a few minutes. 

This method removes soap scum and grime build-up without leaving spots or damaging the glass.

Clean shower doors
Clean shower

Then, using a soft-bristled brush or sponge, they scrub the door gently, rinse it off with warm water, and then dry it with a clean cloth.

Cleaning with Baking soda

Just like vinegar,baking soda mixed with water chemically reacts to remove any dirt and grime on glass shower doors.

Scoop a handful of baking soda, then wipe the damp glass door using a dry or moist cloth.

Finally, rinse it with warm water to reveal a sparkly clean glass door.

Alternatively, equal parts baking soda and vinegar paste are also highly effective.

Gently spread it across the glass shower door and let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing it with warm water.

Using Essential Oils or Baby Oil

Baby oil prevents the accumulation of soap scum while decreasing the time between cleanings.

Essential oils also leave the bathroom smelling naturally fresh, a trick hoteliers have used for generations. 

During cleaning, dampen a clean cloth with essential oils such as lavender, lemon, peppermint, or tea tree, and wipe the shower doors gently. 

Using Commercial Glass Cleaners

Commercial glass cleaners also do an excellent job keeping glass shower doors clean.

These cleaners have a formula that removes water spots, soap scum, and grime build-up from glass surfaces.

They are also streak-free. And guests can enjoy a clear view of the bathroom after each cleaning. 

Housekeeping staff sprays the cleaner onto the shower door, then wipes it off with a clean cloth to reveal a sparkling clean glass door. 

Cleaning Glass Surfaces with Ammonia

Hotels also use a mixture of ammonia and water to clean glass bathroom doors. For safety, the cleaning happens with open windows and bathroom doors. 

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Glass Cleaner with Ammonia

The cleaner wears rubber gloves to protect their hands, then mixes three parts of water with one part of ammonia to clean heavy scum.

They spray the glass surface using a spray bottle and scrub it with a soft brush. Finally, they rinse the surface thoroughly, then wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth.

Using Borax Paste

Borax is a colorless crystalline solid; it makes a basic solution when mixed with water. Like baking soda, a water-borax paste is ideal for cleaning glass surfaces.

To clean the glass shower door, rub the borax paste onto the surface using a damp sponge and rinse it with distilled water. 

Finally, dry the surface with a microfiber cloth. Borax is available in the laundry aisle of most stores.

Final Words

Hotels use techniques like specialized cleaning products, hiring professional cleaning services, and wiping down the doors after each use to keep their glass shower doors clean. 

Some also invest in new technologies like hydrophobic coatings for easier cleaning and more efficiency, ensuring a pleasant experience for their guests.

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