Top 3 Travel Trends to Watch in 2023

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The world of travel has completely transformed over the past three years. From the pandemic to the war to the cost of living crisis, it’s been a wild ride that’s left us in serious need of a holiday. More than ever, we are ready to unplug and unwind away from the increasingly packed tourist traps around the globe. So, where will the 2023 travel trends take us? 

Let’s journey through the world’s up-and-coming hotspots and head-turning trends. 

2023 Travel Perspective 

News Top 3 Travel Trends to Watch in 2023
Top 3 Travel Trends to Watch in 2023

Despite the shockingly high number of people saying that they’ll never travel again, travel remains a priority around the world. Across Britain, over 70% of people reported that travel is still important to them, with 50 percent saying that saving for their next holiday is one of the key goals.   

As travel hotspots across Greece, the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Spain see record-breaking numbers of tourists pouring in and airfares are expected to rise up to ten percent in 2023, it’s more important than ever to plan ahead. 

The Explosion in Bleisure Travel 

Love it or hate it, “bleisure” is the word of the year. Business travel has combined with leisure travel to further blur the work-life balance in 2023. 

While the pandemic put business travel into a coma, it’s slowly coming back in the form of bleisure. A world away from the era of the traveling salesman, modern business travelers expect their companies to make it worth their while. Whether it’s bringing along the family or extending travel over the weekend, young business travelers are demanding more.  

And, let’s not forget the so-called “hush holidays” that digital nomads are taking. As more jobs are happy enough to let you log in from wherever remote workers are stretching their paycheques in affordable off-the-beaten-path destinations or just sneaking in extra holiday time after hours. 

Culture Is King 

With millennials taking over the travel market, your nana’s all-inclusive holiday resorts are dead in the water. Modern young travelers are valuing authentic experiences above all else. Whether that means sampling the local cuisine or getting to know the locals, 90 percent of travelers now say that experiencing a place “like a local” is the top priority.  

Eco-Travel Goes Mainstream 

In 2023, eco-travel is anything but niche. As countries like France ban domestic flights and Greta Thunberg crossed the Atlantic by sea, flygskam (flight shame) has taken off as a concept. Since the pandemic, 43 percent have become more interested in sustainable traveling and are looking at options like staycations and train travel. 

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