Over a Third of People In This Country Hate Travelling

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After years of wanderlust being squashed by travel restrictions, the world is open once again — and millions around the globe have responded with a yawn! It turns out that these homebodies have decided that they never want to bother with packing their bags again. 

While throngs of tourists were gearing up for post-pandemic voyages, many have found the harsh new reality of travel completely unappealing. These jaded masses have decided they never want to set foot on a plane again or even bother browsing hotels. They’ve got no interest in either foreign or domestic travel. 

The new results of Morning Consult’s 2022 State of Travel and Hospitality are shining a spotlight on the lack of interest in the travel sphere. For those of us perpetually planning the next adventure, the results are not at all what you’d expect. 

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A Look at Leisure Travel 

The Morning Consult’s 2022 State of Travel and Hospitality surveyed people from across Europe, South America, North America, Asia, and the Pacific to see how they feel about travel now. 

The global survey asked about “leisure travel” with the intention of covering anything from a staycation in a nearby hotel to an international sojourn. Turns out that, whether it is near or far, a lot of people simply have no interest in seeing it. People were asked in early 2022 and then again later in the year to see if their opinions changed. Those who weren’t interested in travel only became less interested with time. 

Which Countries Hate Travelling?

According to the survey, respondents from Japan were the least interested in travel. A whopping 35 per cent of them said they never plan to travel again unless it is essential. 

Next up on the list is South Korea, where 15 per cent said they never are going on another leisure trip. Finally, China and the United States tied with 14 per cent of responses in either country never wanting to travel again. 

Rounding out the list of the top five countries people never want to leave, 11 per cent of Mexican respondents said they would never travel again. 

Europeans Who Never Want to Travel 

Meanwhile, in Europe, the French were the most opposed to travelling with 10 per cent never wanting to travel anywhere for any reason. Meanwhile, the British and Spanish respondents rounded out Europe’s top three list with eight per cent and six per cent, respectively, of the respondents who never want to go abroad again.

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