A Review Of Wiseguys Restaurant And Takeaway Bridlington

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Wiseguys restaurant and takeaway is an American-styled restaurant on the main high street in Bridlington.

The below review is about our unique eat-in experience.

We recommend you visit Wiseguys whenever you are in Bridlington for a hearty and mouth-watering meal.

About Wiseguys Bridlington

Wiseguys Restaurant and Takeaway is one of the famous eateries in the seaside town of Bridlington.

Their cuisine is primarily Italian and American, with a sumptuous pizza menu. 

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Located along 20 promenade street, they also have a bar and grill, and their ice cream and dessert menus have plenty of options.

Opening hours

Wiseguys restaurant is open for eat-in and takeaway services every day of the week from 12 pm until 8 pm.


You can eat at the restaurant or order takeaway if you are in a rush.

The restaurant’s furnishing is tasteful and comfortable, with sufficient table seating space for large families.

We wanted to experience the restaurant’s ambiance, so we chose to eat in.

Dine in

Our eat-in experience was enjoyable. The service was fantastic, friendly, and fast.

Dining in Wiseguys Bridlington
Dine in Wiseguys Bridlington

Take away

Their delicious food and pizza menu are also available on order during operating hours.

In Addition – They do a lot of takeaways, where the restaurant makes the food and delivers it to homes and offices. Call them to place your order.

Party offers

Occasionally special offers are available if you have a Christmas party for your colleagues, friends, or family.

Contact the restaurant for more information.

Food menu and prices

Their food menu is vast. We placed our order and only had to wait about 7 minutes for them to prepare and serve the starter.

For starters, we had garlic bread.

Our main meal was also ready in 15 minutes. I ordered a 12″ pizza. My 15-year-old son had a large 16″ as well, and he only managed to eat a few slices and had to take away the rest.

My wife had a burger and fries, which they serve in large portions.

The food was excellent, and so was our total bill.

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For garlic bread starter, 12″ meat feast pizza, 16″ margarita, 4oz burger and fries, one beer, two large lemonade, and two bottles of water, we paid £47.20.

We, however, rounded the bill to £50 to include a tip.

Drinks menu 

The drinks menu had a good selection and was reasonably priced. Their milkshakes, especially, looked quite delicious.

Dessert menu

Their dessert menu is good and looks like it is of incredible quality. We were too full to try out the desserts.

However, if we are ever in the area another time, we will go to the restaurant and try their desserts. 

Overall review

Their food is fantastic. The portions are also large and filling for both adults and kids.

Above all, their food quality is excellent as they cook fresh meals in the open kitchen that you can see from the tables.

Their customer service is also commendable. The serving staff is friendly, and the food does not take long once you place your order.

Dessert menu was also enticing, although we had to skip it as we were full from our main meal and the starter.

Their chilli smelt nice when the table next to us ordered some. We plan on giving it a try when we next visit.


Eating at Wiseguys Restaurant at Bridlington is worth the time and money if you are ever in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Give it a try!

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