The Sledmere House Halloween Firework Spectacular

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This year, I went to Sledmere fireworks with family and friends, and I’m glad to say it did not disappoint.

Read on for my review of the Sledmere House Halloween Firework Spectacular.

I’ll share what was great and what could be better as well as useful tips for visiting events at Sledmere. 

What to Expect?

Sledmere house Halloween my experience
Sledmere house Halloween expectations

Sledmere House is East Yorkshire’s finest country house, and its 200 acres of parkland is an unrivaled setting for fireworks and other great entertainment.

For the past five years, Sledmere has been putting on one of Yorkshire’s best firework displays, the Fireworks Spectacular, all set to great live music!

The Sledmere House Fireworks Spectacular

Sledmere house East Yorkshire visit
Sledmere house East Yorkshire entrance

These themed fireworks make an amazing evening out, with lots to see and do for all the family. 

This year’s theme was Halloween, and the event was aptly named “A Frightful Firework Bonanza!” Sledmere pulled out the stops to create a suitably spooky event with costumes, fun fairs, and a live music stage. 

If you’re used to the more refined aspects of this Georgian country estate, you may find yourself clutching your pearls.

The Sykes Family – Owners of Sledmere for over 300 years, know how to please a crowd too!

These fireworks pulled in a 10,000-strong crowd who were looking for live music, great food, and decent beer.

Sledmere catered well to all ages by putting on a funfair with traditional stalls where you could win prizes. 

A value-for-money fireworks event

Our family tickets for Sledmere House’s fireworks were decent value for money.

An adult ticket was £11 and a child ticket was 6.50.

You could also save by buying a family ticket for £34. Prices were reduced for Sledmere Friends Members.

An East Yorkshire evening out for all the family 

Sledmere House has become renowned for its seasonal events and the fireworks display certainly holds its own against competitors like Thornton Hall Country Park or Cannon Park Farm.

It really is the perfect setting for an open-air event as its beautifully maintained grounds have the space to accommodate crowds without feeling cramped.

Sledmere House bonfire
Starting bonfire

Yes, it was a Halloween event, but it was definitely family-focused, with nothing included that would disturb little ones. 

The Fireworks Spectacular started at 4 pm and things were still quiet when our family arrived at 4:30.

Getting in early was helpful for getting drinks, grub, and a good view of the display.

This family event in Yorkshire ended at a respectable 9 pm, which mattered if you had school the next day. 

Sledmere House also ran a children’s “Spooky Barn Halloween Adventure” with arts and crafts, go-karting, and even a creepy crawly Reptile Roadshow for children during the half-term week.

Bonfire experience Sledmere Yorkshire
Bonfire experience Sledmere

I am certain that many of the families who went to the barn event simply stayed on for the food fireworks.

This year’s events was pre-booked with tickets going on sale in September, so remember to get your tickets early if you’re thinking of going next year.

Getting to Sledmere House

The Sledmere estate is an easy drive without the frustrating congestion you get with an inner city fireworks display.

Sedmere house map
How to find Sedmere house

If you’re traveling from York, Beverley or Scarborough take in our beautiful Yorkshire countryside on your journey.

Type YO25 3XG into your Sat Nav and let it do all the hard work for you.

Take a Look – You’ll find Sledmere 6 miles northwest of Driffield and the event is signposted with attendants to direct you to park. 

Great value bonfire night food and drink at Sledmere

Delicious hot food takes the chill out of a late October evening and I was looking forward to some classic fare alongside the bonfire and fireworks.

I’m glad our family got our food and drinks in early because by 7 pm there were massive queues.

With only one beer tent, you may want to bring your own next time. 

Great value bonfire night food and drink at Sledmere
Bonfire Sledmere house

Sledmere’s Coach House Café provided catering along with a selection of mobile caterers.

Thankfully, food and beer did not break the bank with prices like £2 for a cup of tea, £3 for chips, and £4.50 for burgers or noodles and topping.

For me, the treat of the night was the mouthwatering hog roast with nachos that cost £7 per portion. 

Spectacular fireworks and great entertainment

Heading to an outdoor event on a cold and breezy Yorkshire evening is not everyone’s idea of a great night out but Sledmere House provided more than enough excitement to keep everyone warm. 

Things only began to really kick off at 6 pm when the bonfire was lit.

Fireworks family enjoy
The Sledmere House Fireworks

A new local band called This House We Built provided live music from a dedicated stage, along with music from a local radio station.

Combining the fireworks with live music was a great idea as it really held the attention of the younger members of our group. 

There were also fun fair rides, carnival-style stalls and toddler rides people could enjoy throughout the evening.

Everyone had time to go on a ride without missing out on the big display. 

Sledmere House fireworks

The fireworks were due to start at 8 pm, but a technical delay meant that the display didn’t start until 8:30.

The dazzling display set to music lasted just under half an hour.

For Me – It was an amazing display of music and lights, totally worth the wait!

Getting home from Sledmere fireworks 

Understandably when the fireworks ended at 8:45 pm, there was a mad rush to leave.

With 10K visitors heading for the exit at once, it was easier to wait until after 9 pm to leave when things were less congested.

The car park was well organized, and the staff was great. It only took us 10 minutes to get out and no issues heading home on local roads. 

My Final Tips

We had a great time at Sledmere House’s Halloween Fireworks event.

Sledmere fireworks 
Final tips Sledmere fireworks 

It was great value for money and I would visit again.

Here are some tips for enjoying fireworks at Sledmere next year:

  • Arrive early and buy your food before the queues build up.
  • Take a folding chair and blanket and a thermos of tea or coffee. I would even take my beer next time.
  • Watch out for the Portaloos – they were fine for men but the women hated them and they were pitch black inside so you couldn’t see a thing.
  • Leave Sledmere when the crowds have departed. 

Closing thoughts

My family thoroughly recommends this event and is already looking forward to next year.

Check out the Sledmere House events calendar for other events you can enjoy. 

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