What The Locals Would Do With Two Days Sightseeing In Prague

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In This Guide – We have put together some of the very best sights that Prague has to offer and created an itinerary that would entertain even someone who has lived in the city for their entire life.

A Brief Rundown On Prague

The city sits on the Vltava river – let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a stereotypical European city without a river running through the middle of it and this is a beautiful one at that.

Two days sightseeing in Prague guide
Two days sightseeing in Prague

If you’re planning a summer visit, you can look forward to a fresh, ocean climate but winter can prove to be a lot cooler, so be sure to pack your coat and scarf!

In days gone by, since the founding of the city by the Romans, this diverse city quickly became the capital of Bohemia and has played a notable role in the lives of many Monarchs over the years.

This is reflected in the regal air you will notice when spending time in the city.

If you are looking for a city filled with culture and history, you can’t go far wrong with Prague. It’s rich and varied past is demonstrated in the range of architectural styles – gothic, renaissance, and baroque, most notably, but also in the vast expanse of cultural attractions that the city is famed for.

In terms of population, Prague is a relatively small capital when you compare it to some of the thriving metropolises around the globe.

Prague castle visit
Things to do around Prague

With just shy of 3 million inhabitants, you can feel relatively confident that things aren’t going to get too busy.

But I think that one of the best things about Prague is the excellently low crime rates within the city.

When You Are Traveling – One of the first things that you will likely think about is how safe the area is, and with a very low crime rate according to Numbeo, Prague is, by far, one of the safest bets in Europe.

What To Do With 2 Days In Prague – Day 1

If you’re in Prague for the weekend or perhaps flitting through on a larger European adventure, you’ve certainly got an excellent pick when it comes to things to do.

Whilst you could easily fill a week with everything the city has to offer, I have narrowed it down to some of the best things to do with 2 days in Prague, so let’s not waste any more time.

The Astronomical Clock and The Old Town Square

Anyone who is hitting the streets of Prague will have likely heard of this stunning attraction that draws in thousands of people every day.

On the hour, every hour, you get a fabulous display but even passing by to see the grandeur of the clock itself is enough to take your breath away.

This is a great first stop if you begin your day at the Old Town Square which is home to some very quaint little food carts that allow you to get a real feel for Czech street food.

Astronomical clock Prague attraction
Astronomical clock Prague

Perhaps you could grab a bite to eat before exploring some of the famous monuments in and around the square such as St Nicholas’ church.

One of the best ways to explore the old town is to hop on a carriage ride which is a great way to take in some of the ornate architecture in a shorter amount of time.

It likely won’t be a surprise that the Old Town is a major attraction thanks to its rustic charm and quirky, Gothic buildings so spending your first morning in this area is a must.

Charles Bridge And Prague Castle

Once your morning in the Old Town Square is completed, and yes, I know, it’ll be hard to tear yourself away but you must in order to visit the Charles Bridge.

When you think of Prague, this is probably one of the first images that spring to mind and it’s no wonder since this is one of the most iconic structures in the city.

2 days Prague visit Charles bridge
Charles bridge in Prague

Plus, with its convenient location, directly next to the Old Town Square, it’s an easy one to add to your 2 days in Prague itinerary.

Built in the 14th century and still standing strong, the Charles bridge pays homage to the man who ordered its construction, King Charles IV.

After crossing the bridge, you will be able to access Prague castle which is a 9th-century building that has to be seen to be believed.

Unlike many other castles in Europe that house monarchs and their families, this Czech castle is home to the country’s president and is spread across a vast complex, much of which is open to the public.

Throughout History – Many Kings and sovereigns have called the castle home and it’s best to give yourself a decent amount of time to appreciate the scale of the building since it holds the world record for being the largest castle in the world.

NAPA Bar and Gallery

After an afternoon appreciating the highlights of Prague’s stunning castle, I’ve no doubt that a relaxing drink will be on the cards.

Heading over to the Mala Strana neighborhood will give the opportunity to choose from one of the many bars and restaurants that this area is known for.

Mala Strana Prague walk
Mala Strana area in Prague

Whether you’re looking for something upbeat and vibrant, or something a little more subdued, Mala Strana will have an offering for you.

I’ve picked out what I believe to be one of the best places to try out for an evening if you’ve only got 2 days in Prague – the NAPA bar & gallery, which is exactly what its name suggests, a bar and a gallery.

With a shorter trip, you’ve got to kill two birds with one stone for some of your visits.

Set in a cozy yet cavernous building, you’ll more likely feel as though you’ve popped into your family’s home for a quiet dinner and with all the little nooks and secluded areas, this vibe is further added to.

There is a pool lounge and a reading room, and you’ll really get the chance to immerse yourself in the Czech bar experience in the vast seating area.

Their drinks menu is unrivalled with a huge range of wines, beers, cocktails, and liquors so you know you’ll be spoilt for choice, and the exhibition changes every month so there is always something new to see.

Day 2 in Prague

You’ve filled day 1 with historical monuments and stunning architecture so I believe that day 2 should be aimed at something a little more modern.

And once again, the Czech capital does not leave you short for options.

Bohemian Caves

Now, I’ll make it clear – if you opt to go exploring the caves of the Bohemian region, this is going to take up a decent part of your day, but it will be massively worth it.

Visit Koneprusy caves Prague with guide
Visit Koneprusy caves Prague

There are many day trips departing from Prague which will take you directly to the countryside caves.

One of the most popular options is the Koneprusy caves that boast some impressive stalagmite displays.

If you prefer a little underground water feature, then you’ll be massively impressed with the glorious underground lake located within the Bozkov Dolomite cave system.

Shop On Golden Lane

If you’d prefer to remain in the city for your second day, a great place to start is on Golden lane which is home to some very sweet and colorful buildings – you’ll almost feel as though you have gone back in time.

Golden Lane in Prague visit
Golden Lane in Prague

In its heyday, the lane played host to a variety of goldsmiths and these people spent their lives working and living on the lane.

The cobbled walkway is even more nostalgic of days gone by and in the 21st century, visitors have the opportunity to browse a wonderful selection of unique stores and boutiques selling everything from books to hand-crafted toys.

Visit The Markets

If you’re traveling to Prague over the weekend, it would be criminal not to pay at least a short visit to one of the many markets that line the Vltava river.

Christmas market Prague at night
Christmas market Prague

Here, you will find an array of fresh meats, fish, cheeses, bread, and much more and this will give you a real opportunity to mingle with the locals and get a taste of the Czech lifestyle.

During the festive season, there are some truly extravagant Christmas markets, and whilst Germany may hold the crown – the Czech Republic is not far behind.

Of course, whilst you browse the stalls, you’ve got a prime opportunity to grab a spot of lunch before moving on to your afternoon activities.

The Museum Of Alchemists and Magicians Of Old Prague

Start your afternoon off with something completely unique and unlike anything you will have experienced before.

If you have an interest in the dark arts or at least, the history of it then this is a great museum to explore.

Museum Alchemists old Prague
Museum Alchemists and Magicians old Prague

Whilst this may be a place that teaches you about some of the darker past inhabitants of the city and the things that they got up to, it’s certainly done in a showy way that perfectly reflects the showmanship that would have gone into the displays of the past.

The Idiom Installation

Continuing along the theme of museums and discovery, if you’re a lover of books then this is something that you simply have to see.

Constructed in a fashion similar to the ‘oh so frustrating’ game of Jenga, this tower of books gives the illusion that it is never-ending.

We Recommend – You can find the piece at the Municipal library and whilst you’re there, you’ll get the chance to explore everything else that the library has to offer and get chatting to some of the locals.

Sunset In The Park

After a long day of sightseeing, it’s time to wind down, and what better way to do this than by sitting in one of Prague’s most well-loved green spaces?

The Riegrovy Sady is a beautiful park located on a hill, which, from the top of, you get a stunning view over the city and the perfect spot for watching the light dwindle away.

Prague parks
Find park in the area

This is one of the favorite spots for the locals so gives you another chance to get involved and experience Prague in a way that they would.

You could, theoretically, spend the entire evening here, especially on those balmy summer nights that stay warm well into the late hours.

However, if you’re getting peckish, I’ve got one more treat in store for your 2 days in Prague.

Cafe Sladkovsky

Finish off your Prague visit in style by paying a visit to this lesser-known cafe that is adored by the locals.

If you want to get off the beaten track and discover why so many people are proud to call Prague home, then this is, without a doubt, one of the best places to do that.

Walking Prague at night
Walking city Prague

Set in a painfully beautiful building, the cafe offers a varied menu and an excellent range of beverages.

The warm European welcome you receive will make you feel right at home and with food being served until 9:45 pm, you’ve plenty of time to explore the city before catching a late meal.


There’s little doubt in my mind that for a weekend getaway in Europe, you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere as stunning and varied as Prague.

With castles and ancient architecture alongside outdoor adventures and great food and drink, your 2 days in Prague are sure to be a vacation to remember.

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