Best Beaches in Ischia for Couples and Families

Are you dreaming of a holiday in Ischia? Or are your bags packed and ready to go? Wondering what to expect?

The water is nice and clear, so it’s really perfect for any swimmer or snorkeler!

The best beaches in Ischia also have top-class restaurants (we’re talking high-end fried seafood, calamari, and unforgettable pizza), beach clubs, and bars.

For your comfort, most beaches In Ischia have umbrellas and beach chair rentals. You can also take a beautiful and hospitable boat tour!

Make sure you’ve got your itinerary set with the best beaches for couples and families in Ischia!

About Ischia

The Italian volcanic island of Ischia is a crown jewel of the Phlegraean islands of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Positioned commandingly in the Gulf of Naples, this beautiful island is one of Italy’s hottest tourist destinations, welcoming over 6 million tourists annually to experience its amazing beaches and restorative hot springs.

This trapezoid land mass of just 10 km (6 miles) by 7 km (4 miles) is also home to over 62,000 residents, who are crammed in and around the rugged hills of Mount Epomeo, the island’s highest peak.

Getting onto and off the island is easy. It is only (30 km) 19 miles from Naples, and ferries run between Ischia and Naples or Pozzuoli multiple times per day, with journeys taking up to 90 minutes.

Best beaches in Ischia for families 

Ischia is an exotic destination, but that doesn’t mean that children are sidelined.

The sandy beaches and clear shallow water are perfect for children to enjoy!

Families can have an amazing trip with a well-planned itinerary that targets the best-equipped beaches for families.

Here are some of Ischia’s best beaches for families. 

1. Maronti Beach

Maronti Beach is probably the most well-known of Ischia’s beaches and has all the amenities (think toilets!!!) a young family will need to get through the day.

At 3 km in length, Maronti Beach also provides much-needed space, especially if you choose to travel off-peak. 

Maronti Beach in Ischia for families
Maronti Beach

You can get to Maronti Beach from the town of Barano. The road to the beach is steep and winding, but you can get a taxi or minibus, and ample parking is provided.

Once at the beach, there are free and paid-for areas, and you should be able to hire four beach chairs and umbrellas for the day for around €50. 

If your children are going to tire of lying around on the beach for hours, you can quench the boredom by getting them to walk to the Cavascura Natural Springs.

These unusual caves and grottoes, first developed by the Romans, have hot spring baths and showers that you can try. 

Once everyone is hungry, you don’t have to worry about heading back up into town.

You have a selection of hotels and restaurants right on the beach where you can grab pizza and chicken for the kids and a more sophisticated Frutti di Mare for you!

What Maronti Beach Has to Offer

The most noteworthy thing about this beach, perhaps, is its size. It’s the biggest beach in Ischia, with plenty of freed and paid areas, which were separated.

We made ourselves comfortable with a couple of rented lounge chairs. We didn’t have to worry about securing a spot, despite the beach being a bit on the busier side.

The beach was gorgeous, lively, and all around a really nice spot to chill!

What else about Maraonti Beach I loved:

  • Maronti Beach is one of the best beaches in Ischia, Italy for swimming, even for kids (making it a popular family beach). There are plenty of shallow areas, and the water is warm and clear!
  • The snorkeling at Maronti Beach was amazing, and I ended up spending about an hour underwater. I saw parrot fish, sea urchins, starfish, and many other unique and colorful fish and creatures, and it was very cool!
  • There’s so much beautiful greenery at Maronti Beach that I really do recommend a tour. My husband and I opted out and explored by ourselves, but I admit getting around would probably have been more efficient on a guided tour!
  • Top-notch restaurants are less than half a mile away from Maronti Beach. Ristorante La Cantinais is the highest-rated, and I could see why. We tried the bass, recommended to us online (it was tender, fresh, and rich), as well as the bruschetta, the clam pasta (super-tasty), the wine, and a tasty basil and tomato salad. The other restaurant we gave a try was La Cantina Di Nitrodi. We had exquisite bruschetta (one of my favorite foods) and some really excellent, crispy fried seafood!

2. Spiaggia di San Francesco in Forio

Families that are looking for a relatively quiet beach in Ischia, may enjoy heading over to Spiaggia di San Francesco in Forio.

Spiaggia di San Francesco in Forio for families
Spiaggia di San Francesco in Forio

Because it is situated by the large port town of Forio on the western side of the island:

  • it is highly accessible by car and public transport
  • and you have the accommodation and amenities of a town just moments away. 

San Francesco beach does a great job of welcoming people of all ages.

You’ll find a clean sandy beach with great views, sun loungers, and umbrellas for hire.

You can amuse yourselves on the beach or hire one of the many pedalos or canoes from the locals to explore the immediate coastline.

The nearby rocks and caves are also great for snorkeling.

An important note is that there aren’t any obvious public toilets at this beach, so plan your trip accordingly. 

What San Francesco Beach Has to Offer

San Francesco Beach is also popular for the bars and food that are conveniently nearby.

You can take in the natural beauty while enjoying a gin and tonic and a slice of pizza or some seafood!

What else we discovered:

  • There are several boat excursions offered near San Francesco Beach. We took one, and were lucky enough to enjoy another top-quality lunch (seafood) on the water!
  • Snorkel. Because the water is so warm and sunny, it’s teeming with life. This means lots to look at for a snorkeler like myself. I saw all of the classic sea life – starfish, sea urchins, etc. -, and even some fish I didn’t know the names of!
  • Ristorante La Rondinella da Anna is a top-rated restaurant, merely 413ft from San Francesco Beach. I loved the spaghetti pasta, which was chock-full of seafood, including mussels, prawns, lobsters, etc. This was followed by some regional white wine and some fried seafood! And of course, we had to visit the top-quality pizza restaurant, Di Meglio Pizzeria the next day. It was rated second-only to Ristorante La Rondinella da Anna online, and I quickly saw why. The pizza is downright decadent, with heaps of super-fresh tomato sauce and cheese… There’s something fun about pizza on the beach as well!

3. Spiaggia di San Montano

In true European style, you may have to pre-book, queue, and pay high prices for access to the tightly packed sunbeds on this beach, but when you experience this idyll for yourself, you’ll realize that it is quite possibly Ischia’s best beach.

San Montano beach in Lacco Ameno is a great pick for families.

The high cliffs on either side of this pristine beach provide natural shade throughout the day.

Spiaggia di San Montano for families
Spiaggia di San Montano

The clean clear water is also extremely shallow even far out, and a thermal spring vent that releases hot water into the sea keeps it warm.

If you want to visit San Montano beach, be prepared to get there early as it packs out quickly.

The paid beach is pricey, with a single umbrella and chair costing upwards of $40.

The free beach is just as pleasant, and you can enjoy snorkeling for seashells and dentalium.

There are food vendors at the beach, but in the peak season, they often sell out quickly.

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4. Spiaggia dei Pescatori

This former fisherman’s beach has been taken over by tourists who take advantage of the breakwater that shelters this area of the coastline.

This makes the clear seawater and smooth sandy floor great for families with children.  

The beach has toilets, showers, and other tourist amenities, with plenty of free areas that you can use. Spiaggia dei Pescatori is also very accessible by bus or car from Porto of Ischia.

The beach is beautifully situated and well equipped, only moments from the entrance to the ancient suburb of Ischia Ponte with its colorful houses and the magnificent Castello Aragonese, which is well worth exploring.

Spiaggia dei Pescatori for families
Spiaggia dei Pescatori

From the beach, you’ll also enjoy views of the neighboring islands of Vivara and Procida.

The sights, sounds, and smells of fishing are never far away. Spiaggia dei Pescatori still holds to its fishing traditions and has some fine seafood restaurants overlooking the sea.

5. Mushroom Beach, Lacco Ameno 

Il Fungo Beach has just the right name for a kid-friendly beach!

Mushroom Beach, Lacco Ameno for families
Mushroom Beach, Lacco Ameno

It earns its name from the prominent offshore mushroom-shaped rock formation that is thought to have fallen from Mount Epomeo. The sandy shoreline is easygoing on little feet. 

The beach itself stretches along the main town area. It is divided into several free and paid sections which are each just a step from the town.

For an active family, the facilities are excellent, with toilets, snack bars, and restaurants that you can use just across the main road that runs along the seafront.  

Aside from the giant mushroom, you may be able to spot some of the many superyachts that moor in this area.

The Laco Ameni area also hosts a popular festival, the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest, every summer. 

Best beaches in Ischia for couples 

If you’re not juggling family responsibilities yet, Ischia offers the very best of glamorous southern Italian beaches for an amazing Mediterranean escape.

Ischia has a lot of variety, and despite its popularity, one or two special spots where you can enjoy some much-needed seclusion.

Here are our top picks.

1. Grotta dell’ Amore

The aptly named grotto or beach of love is an exclusive Ischia beach that is near the San Pancrazio seafront.

Grotta dell' Amore beach for couples
Grotta dell’ Amore

This small and serene pebble beach forms a small bay that is only accessible by boat. 

Make your trip extra special by chartering a boat to cruise over to this lover’s spot, perhaps with a hamper and some chilled and sparkling Prosecco to hand.

As long as others don’t have the same idea, you’ll have this beach to yourselves, but the beach is small and narrow, with little room for maneuver when the tide comes in.

2. The Bay of Cartaromana

The Bay of Cartaromana is another idyllic spot that is perfect for a beach day with your love.

It’s easy to access via a bus that runs from San Michele to a stop just above the beach.

The Bay of Cartaromana for couples
The Bay of Cartaromana

Once you arrive, there is a 700-meter-long path that takes you down to the beach via rustic steps made from volcanic stone. 

An alternate method of getting to the Bay of Cartaromana is to hire a water taxi to take you around from Ischia Ponte or Ischia Porto.

Despite being so accessible this small beach is little known, so it’s perfect for the couple that wants to escape the crowds.

From this beach, you can see the Torre di Michelangelo and the Scogli Sant’Anna (Saint Anna’s rocks).

Cartaromana Bay is perfect for swimming and snorkeling, and you should be able to find unusual shells, pottery fragments.

The sunken city of Aenaria is accessible from this location if you can dive, or you can keep it simple on shore by enjoying views of Castello Aragonese.

The abundant thermal springs in this area will keep the sea lovely and warm even in the winter months, and the smooth black stones on the beach are also a thermal therapy when they heat up in the summer months. 

3. The Sorgeto Bay

Brace yourselves for crowds and queues, but a visit to the Sorgeto Hot Springs is well worth the wait!

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that your trip to Ischia will be incomplete without a dip in the waters of Sorgeto Bay.

The Sorgeto Bay for couples
The Sorgeto Bay

This marvelous beach is the epicenter of Ischia’s underground volcanic activity, with numerous vents that heat up the water in various rock pools in the bay.

Head down the rocky steps to this beautiful cove, where you can enjoy hot spring bathing in a range of natural pools – all for free!

Nature’s hot tub at Sorgeto will ease any muscular aches and soak your skin in mineral-rich volcanic water.

Some pools are so hot that people even cook foods like potatoes, eggs, or seafood in them, sous vide style!

These hot springs are a remarkable natural phenomenon that is accessible all year round. Experiencing these thermal pools is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

You can get to Sorgeto via the nearby town of Panza, which is in the Forio municipality. It’s a steep walk down to the beach and back up again via rocky steps. 

4. The Scarrupata

Scarrupata Beach is a more rocky and rugged beach that is ideal for the couple that loves to explore.

This area is the remnants of a volcano that has been eroded by the sea.

Scarrupata Beach stretches between San Pancrazio and Capo Grosso with large pebbles and boulders covering the shoreline. 

The Scarrupata for couples
The Scarrupata

The bay is best accessed by boats, which can safely dock at the provided jetty.

You can also get to the beach on foot, but it may be a bit of a scramble and good footwear is a must.

The rocky nature of this beach also means that swimming is not the best. 

Once you get to the beach, you can visit a restaurant there called La Scarrupata.

There the two of you can dine on super fresh local delicacies like sea urchins or rest on sunbeds beneath a shaded pergola.

5. Sant’Angelo

Sant’Angelo is an unusual corner of Ischia that has a peninsula-like strip of beach that projects into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

This fishing village is little more than a hamlet within the Serrara Fontana area, but the multi-colored houses and boats on the beach enhance the beautiful scenery. 

Sant’Angelo for couples

You’re welcome to relax on the beach or visit local shops and cafes.

The area is completely pedestrianized, with buses and taxis that drop you off at a designated area outside the town.

If you tire of sunbathing, why don’t the pair of you head over to Le Fumarole Beach?

This is another quieter beach that you can reach on foot via a path in the center of Sant’Angelo.

From Le Fumarole Beach you can see the breathtaking Fumaroles of Sant’Angelo.

If you needed a reminder that you’re staying on a giant volcano, seeing massive jets of steam burst through the sand in front of you will make it clear.

In Fact – The sand in this area gets so hot that locals often cook meals in special containers that are buried in the sand. You can also visit other thermal parks and hot spring resorts nearby.

6. Citara Beach

Citara Beach is surrounded by cliffs covered in trees, ferns, and other plants… it’s very verdant and beautiful.

Citara Beach in Ischia
Citara Beach

The sand is also lovely. It is a bit coarse and gets hot quickly, however. You’ll probably want to bring water shoes, like my husband and I did!

What Citara Beach Has to Offer

The first thing I noticed, besides the greenery, was the color of the water (deep blue), and the fact that it was warm and clear! It’s a perfect place to snorkel.

There are also restaurants lining the beach – amongst lots of straw umbrellas – so there’s a lot of food.

You’ll find primarily Italian food and seafood, which I must say are quite delicious together!

What else I enjoyed:

  • There are a few different boat tours available, and my husband and I took one. The water was glistening, the air was fresh, and the sunlight was warm and pleasant. We enjoyed a lovely lunch on the water!
  • If you want to see some parrot fish and coral reefs up close, I highly recommend snorkeling at Citara Beach. You can lose yourself in the wonderful sealife… for me, it’s a great way to relax!
  • There are a few bars right on the beach, for a quick-and-easy drink!
  • If you’re looking to get comfortable or party near the beach, there are some convenient, classy beach clubs right on Citara Beach, with a splendid view of the water. 
  • La Sirena Del Mare is mere feet from Citara Beach and has exceptional Italian seafood. Ristorante Pietratorcia is a close second, also serving top-notch Italian seafood!
  • Umbrellas and sun loungers. The umbrellas at this beach are made of straw, and they’re huge – well worth the price, I think. They provide ample shade, and the loungers are comfortable and truly a great way to kick back.
  • Massages. A lovely Thai lady was offering foot massages on the beach. I didn’t get one, myself, but I can imagine it would be a lovely way to relax on the sand!

7. Cava dell’Isola Beach

There’s a bit of a walk from the Cava dell’Isola Baech parking lot to the beach itself, but it’s not unpleasant and you’ve got a lovely view.

Cava dell’Isola Beach in Ischia
Cava dell’Isola Beach

There’s no chair or umbrella rental, so you’ll probably want to bring your own. It gets a bit hot, and there’s no natural shade, just heaps of sunlight and shining water!

What Cava dell’Isola Beach Has to Offer

Keep in mind you’ll need to bring your own umbrella and chair!

It was a bit crowded, as we went in May (during tourist season). I would say it was one of the busier beaches in Ischia but for a reason. First off, the natural beauty. Second, there were lots of fun activities available.

For instance, at Cava dell’Isola Beach, we discovered:

  • There are a couple of boat excursions on offer at Cava dell’Isola Beach. My husband and I love to take boat trips on vacation, so of course we had to give one a try. The ride was a breeze, there were a handful of stops where we could get out and swim, there was music and dancing, and there was quality Neopolitan food (mixed seafood pasta and bruschetta, paired with white wine). The experience was a winner!
  • Underwater cave snorkel. I passed up the underwater cave snorkel myself (caves make me claustrophobic sometimes), but I still recommend it to those who like caves as well as snorkeling. You get to explore sunken Roman ruins, along with caves, volcanic gases, and natural formations. It honestly looks pretty cool!
  • Some truly exceptional restaurants, including – my favorite – Pizzeria Supremo. These are big, hearty pizzas, made with a homemade crust recipe, stone-fired, and topped with oodles of fresh sauces, cheeses, and meats. It was drool-worthy. This is one of the top 5 highest-rated restaurants in the area… but the highest-rated is La Capanna. This is a seafood restaurant that also specializes in pizza and pasta. We got the bruschetta and split a Margherita pizza, mussels, and pasta with mixed seafood. I will say the wait was a bit longer at La Capanna than at Pizzeria Supremo, but the food made up for it with its incredible quality, and I recommend both wholeheartedly. You won’t lack in top-notch pizza or seafood!
  • Beach clubs/bars. Cava dell’Isola is home to several beach clubs and bars, and these provide not only drinks, but also music, DJs, and other entertainment. From what I saw, it’s quite the hotspot for all ages, but especially for young partying folk!

8. Chiaia Beach

The water at Chiaia Beach differs from the deep-blue water at a lot of Ischia beaches. Instead, it’s a lovely light blue-green color.

Chiaia Beach in Ischia
Chiaia Beach

If you’re thinking of visiting a couple of the best beaches in Ischia – which I highly recommend – then Chiaia’s turquoise waters and soft sandy beach should definitely be included!

What Chiaia Beach Has to Offer

My husband and I saw a lot of families at Chiaia Beach, thanks to the warm, clear, shallow water.

It’s nice and safe for even kids to swim in (with due caution), and I certainly enjoyed being able to see my feet (and any potential sealife) as I waded!

To entertain yourself at Chiaia Beach, you can also find:

  • Snorkeling spots, as Chiaia is home to some of the best snorkeling spots out there. There’s nice, clear water that allows you to see underwater flora and fauna in pristine detail!
  • At Chiaia Beach, there are a few other boat excursions on offer and one yacht trip. Chiaia Beach was actually included in another one of our Ischia Island boat tours, it was one of the best beaches in Ischia we had the pleasure to see – we had to visit. The white sand, turquoise water, and lush, green cliffs to either side are so idyllic… plus we saw restaurants that looked interesting, which we’re always keeping an eye out for! 
  • Top-notch restaurants, like Seasons Bar and Restaurant, which I can’t say enough about. At Seasons Bar and Restaurant, they show you a fresh catch of fish that you can choose from right at your table (including Bream, Lobster, Tuna, you name it). Then, they grill or cook it however you prefer! You can choose to have it with a side of pasta or not, and enjoy wine and watch the sunset over the ocean as you eat a Michilen-star meal! The other restaurant at Chiaia Beach that we had to try was Chalet Nonna Carmela, another incredible spot to get Italian Seafood (I recommend the mojitos, which really pop, and the seabass, which is rich and savory).
  • On the private beaches, you can rent a convenient umbrella or sun lounger. These usually belong to restaurants or bars, although you can bring your own umbrella and sunlounger to a private area – which there are fortunately plenty of. 

There are a few trails to hike through the greenery around Chiaia Beach, if you’re a nature-lover. We had to go up onto the cliffs to take in the view, and we were not disappointed… wave-capped water spreading as far as the eye could see, and happy folk milling about on the sand!

Last minute travel tips for visiting the beaches in Ischia

We’re sure that, whether you’re a couple or a large family, Ischia is the perfect setting for your beach holiday.

Tips for visiting the beaches in Ischia family and couples
Tips for visiting the beaches in Ischia

Here are some quick tips for having an even more amazing time on the geological phenomenon that is Ischia:

  • You’ll need more than a weekend! There is so much to see and experience on this unique island that you should plan for a stay of at least three to five nights. As you depart Ischia’s shores on the ferry you won’t rest until you return.
  • Hit the beach early. With this already cramped island having a population that swells from 60,000 to over 250,000 in the summer months, you will need a military strategy to secure your spot on the beach. Booking a sun lounger on a private beach can help but you may have to queue to get down to the most popular beaches. 
  • Try a water taxi or charter. The most exclusive beach spots are generally only accessible by sea. Enjoy the experience of getting to and from your beach by boat rather than clambering up and down rocky steps.
  • The best months to visit Ischia are April, May, and September. These months are outside of the peak tourist season so you can see and do more without the crowds. 
  • Use public transport. Ischia has excellent public transport that crisscrosses the entire island. You should have no more than a 15-minute wait for buses.

In Conclusion

The volcanic island of Ischia has some of the most amazing beaches in Europe.

There is enough variety for couples and families to enjoy an amazing southern Italian holiday in a relaxed and welcoming place!

If you’re looking to try some truly extraordinary Italian Seafood, snorkel, swim, boat, or just wade or sunbathe on a sandy beach in front of sparkling turquoise water, look no further!

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