The 5 Best Beaches In Rincon That Stole Our Hearts

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Speaking on behalf of my husband and I, the beaches in Rincon, Puerto Rico are a dream for both surfers and nature lovers.

Not only are there big, frequent waves at most of the beaches but there’s also greenery everywhere.

The water is warm, the sand is soft (except where it is rocky), and there’s lots of ethnic food (like empanadas) to try.

There are often shacks, restaurants, and other shops right near the beaches, and this includes some really nice drinks and great food!

1. Pool’s Beach

Pool’s Beach is located on the western side of Puntas Beach, and the first thing I noticed about this sandy, rocky beach was the greenery.

Pool's Beach Rincon
Pool’s Beach Rincon

There were big, umbrella-like palm trees and ferns everywhere. It looked like a prehistoric wonderland!

Not only that, but the beach is not particularly crowded (I heard Sandy Beach is much busier), and people are very chill and clearly there to relax!

What Pool’s Beach Has to Offer

Pool’s Beach is probably best known for the surfing there, which my husband can attest is excellent.

I occupied myself wading and looking for cool rocks or seashells while my husband hit the waves. He said that they were very fast and frequent – definitely ideal for a surfer.

 A cabana is a cabin or shelter that’s often made of wood, with leaves on the roof. I highly recommend the cabanas at Pool’s Beach. My husband liked the peaceful spot so much, we wanted to spend a couple of days there.

A few notes, there was a really cool outdoor shower, the place was private and quiet, and the hosts were very hospitable. That’s not to mention the closeness to the water and the fresh ocean air!

So, there are several great restaurants near Pool’s Beach, including:

  • Jake’s Java
  • Pools Bar and Grill
  • and Rincon Taco

But I have to say that my favorite is the sushi bar. The sushi is delicious and seriously crave-worthy. It’s popular among locals and tourists alike, and as a bonus, it has rum for just $4!

If you like the idea of getting into surfing, you can always take reasonably priced surf lessons at Pool’s Beach. My husband and I didn’t take these – he’s pretty experienced – but they sound like fun (not to mention helpful).

There’s a hiking path that leads to Domes if you feel like getting up close and personal with the flora and fauna.

Although my husband and I didn’t take this ourselves, we did wander around and explore a bit, and the lush vegetation makes for a truly beautiful walk!

2. Maria’s Beach

Maria’s beach is just south of El Faro Park. The most noteworthy thing about this beach, I think, is all of the activities offered.

Pool Maria's Beach in Rincon
Pool Maria’s Beach

Surfing is super popular (my husband loved it), as well as snorkeling. There are also tours you can take, so you can see everything up close for yourself!

What Maria’s Beach Has to Offer

By all accounts – my husband can attest – the surfing at Maria’s Beach is truly exceptional.

The waves are big, and there are lots of them. My husband said the waves had the perfect curl. I enjoyed the magnificent sunset views, and had a good wade and walk!

Here is what we loved the most:

  • Maria’s Beach has refreshments nearby, which my husband and I definitely appreciated. There’s something about fresh air – especially sea air – that works up an appetite. And of course, it also made us thirsty. There’s a bar on a hill, Calypso, where you can watch the surfers and ocean views while enjoying a quality drink. I recommend the Medalla, a tasty Puerto Rican beer!
  • There are a few lovely tours offered that include Maria’s Beach, thanks to its natural beauty. You can take boat tours, snorkeling tours, or walking tours – whatever you prefer.
  • As touched on earlier, surfing is really big at Maria’s Beach. Just be careful – the waves are huge, and you have to paddle out pretty far to reach “the good stuff” (as my husband says).
  • There are big coral reefs at Maria’s Beach. In fact, I strongly suggest that you wear water shoes – along with the coral, it’s also a bit rocky. For snorkeling, however, the coral reef is perfect. If you’re looking for beautiful coral formations and sea life, you won’t be disappointed!

3. Sandy Beach 

Sandy Beach is super-popular, which means it’s a bit busier than some. It’s an excellent party beach, however!

Rincon Sandy Beach Rincon, Puerto Rico
Rincon Sandy Beach

Earlier in the morning, the surf is gentler, it’s not as hot, and it’s not as crowded. Once my husband and I heard this, we made a point to visit then rather than later!

What Sandy Beach Has to Offer

So, what’s Sandy Beach like? True to its name, it’s nice and sandy.

It’s made of soft sand that’s very pleasant to walk on and dig your toes into, with sea glass everywhere.

There are also lots of seashells to find, and finally, a stunning coral reef!

Trust me, Sandy Beach is worth it:

  • All around Sandy Beach are vacation rentals. While my husband and I were not fortunate enough to stay in one of these ourselves, they are by all accounts very clean, up-to-date, and luxurious. We only stayed at Sandy Beach for a day, however!
  • I was most delighted by the sea glass at this beach, and most definitely added some to my collection. It came in a variety of hues, from clear, to blue and green – the most common – to red sea glass, which is rarer! 
  • Rent chairs, umbrellas, and surfboards at a kiosk and trailer. There is a kiosk where you can rent chairs, umbrellas, surfboards, and more. This is ultra-convenient… We rented an umbrella and two chairs (my husband already had a surfboard, but the selection looked reasonable).
  • Sandy Beach is suitable for a beginner surfer. I even gave it a try. This is one beach that I felt safe trying to surf (with a little guidance from my husband). It was pleasant, and the water was very warm – I looked it up, and it’s roughly 80 F!

4. Domes Beach

My husband and I had a picnic at Domes Beach. We chose the spot for the ample sunlight and sea breezes and had ourselves some classic PB and Js, and of course, for the waves.

Domes beach Rincon, Puerto Rico
Domes beach

According to my husband, they host surfing competitions at Domes Beach because the waves are so ideal. In fact, surfing is what Domes Beach is best known for!

What Domes Beach Has to Offer

Do you like to surf? If so, you’ll really want to give Domes Beach a visit.

The waves were big and slow, perfect for catching the current and gliding along. It was a treat to watch my husband enjoy himself.

The beach is also just gorgeous, with tan-gold sand and indigo-sapphire-colored water!

If you decide visit this beach, get ready for this:

  • Domes Beach is a surfing hotspot. Keep in mind, the waves are rough and the current is fast. This is not a place for swimming, or anyone inexperienced. There are lessons available if you’re a beginner!
  • Domes Beach has some stunning reefs, and after glimpsing them, I really wanted to take a close-up look. There are snorkeling classes that are very informative and fun, I enjoyed them, myself!
  • There are snack shacks along the beach, so you can get a quick, tasty empanada (a pastry with savory ingredients and protein, such as chicken or beef) and drink!
  • Many folks at Domes Beach speak English, making communication easier for English-speaking tourists. They’re also good-natured in general, and happy to help with directions or point out the best local food!

5. Corcega Beach

Corcega Beach isn’t overly crowded, and I’d say it was fairly peaceful. It’s made up of tan sand and sapphire-colored water, with lots of beautiful greenery.

Corcega Beach Rincon, Puerto Rico
Corcega Beach

I can’t get enough of the palm trees in Rincon – they are magnificent. The water is nice and calm, and shallow for quite a ways, so you can go out pretty far!

What Corcega Beach Has to Offer

Corcega Beach differs from the other beaches in Rincon, as the waves are a bit calmer. This makes it ideal for swimmers, even kiddos (with due care).

There are still some good waves for surfing farther out, though.

This makes it yet another spot that’s ideal for a surfer, but that’s not all:

  • I’ve mentioned surfing for almost every beach on this list. Truly, Rincon seems to be perfect for surfers, with beaches available for beginners and experts alike. My husband was in heaven with the big, frequent waves at each beach, and the variety each beach had to offer!
  • Many consider this to be the best swimming beach in Rincon. The waves around the shore are small and the water is calm, making it extraordinarily tranquil.
  • Kayaking is a popular activity at Corcega Beach, as the perfect kayaking conditions are provided by the slow-moving, clear water.
  • Corcega Beach is close to supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations… all of the conveniences. It was lovely being able to just pop into town for a bite, then back to the beach without breaking a sweat. Beach clubs also abound!

Final Words

As you can see, you can surf at any of Rincon’s best beaches. The waves are perfect. This is truly a surfing haven. Of course, it’s not only for surfers…

I really enjoyed just wading and collecting seashells and sea glass, and some spectacular sunsets. I also loved the chance to snorkel!

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