Best Diaper Bags for Traveling (7 Top Picks & Buying Guide)

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A diaper bag can make your trip fun or a nightmare.

When traveling with a baby, you must be organized and should be able to access all essentials with ease.

With the best diaper bag for traveling, you will get enough space to fit all your little one’s items and to move easily with the kid. 

The Best Travel Diaper Bags To Buy This Year

Best Organization

BabbleRoo Backpack

Best Overall

Ruvalino Multifunctional

Best Budget

Mokaloo Diaper Bag

To help you with decision-making, we shall look at the top travel diaper bags and backpacks. We shall consider the size to fit all newborn stuff like diapers, feeding bottles, wipes, burp clothes etc.

Furthermore, we shall look at durability, style, extra features and overall value for money. In no particular order, we have narrowed down this list.

Pick the best diaper bag for traveling from our recommendations for you and your little one.

1. Ruvalino Multifunctional Waterproof Diaper Bag: Best Overall Travel Diaper Bag

When traveling with a baby, the last thing you want is to spend five minutes rummaging through your bag for feeding bottles or wet wipes.

With the Ruvalino travel diaper bag, you get a large capacity. Apart from enough space, it has all the necessary compartments to keep you organized.

It is designed with many pockets and compartments to serve the needs of parents on the move.

For your convenience, it has a diaper change compartment with a changing mat and wet wipes dispenser so that you do not have to open the entire bag.

Feeding your baby is easy since the compartment for baby bottles is insulated to keep your bottles warm. You can carry it as a backpack, or you can carry it by hand.


  • Made from vegan leather 
  • Doesn’t look like a diaper bag
  • Large capacity for all baby essentials
  • Functional compartments to stay organized
  • Versatile carrying styles or hanging on the stroller
  • Waterproof and resistant to tear


  • Some compartments are not accessible when the bag is attached to a stroller.

2. BabbleRoo Diaper Bag Backpack: Best Organization

If you are looking for a bag that is easy to carry, the BabbleRoo diaper bag is your best choice. It has everything to ease the burden of traveling with a baby.

The bag comes with padded shoulder pads so that weight is evenly distributed and you do not tire when carrying a baby. You can also attach it to the stroller for versatility.

This chic-looking bag also helps you to stay organized. It has a diaper compartment, clothes section and even an insulated baby bottle pocket to store your baby’s food.

You also get a hidden pocket to keep your essentials like money for easy access.


  • Chic bag if you are a mom who loves the looks
  • Strong built with a strong zipper and good stitching
  • Easy and versatile to carry
  • Large space for all essentials
  • Many pockets for easy organization


  • It has the look of a diaper, so you might not use it as a normal bag

3. Dikaslon Diaper Bag: Best Design

The Dikaslon diaper bag serves the mom and dad’s needs. It comes in a neutral color and a backpack style so that everyone can carry it.

One thing that makes this bag stand out is the separate changing pad that looks like a purse when folded.

You also get a separate pacifier case when you keep everything needed to soothe a baby.

With sturdy zippers and padded shoulders, this bag is built for quality. The reinforced stitching and sturdy zippers make the diaper bag even stronger.

It has many compartments for all the baby’s essentials and is big enough to carry everything the parents and baby might need.


  • Gender-neutral bag for both mom and dad
  • Easy to carry with padded shoulders
  • Large and easy to organize
  • Good quality zippers and scratch-resistant fabric


  • The detached pacifier bag and changing mat might get lost.

4. Parker Baby Diaper Bag: Most Versatile Diaper Bag

At first glance, you will notice the modern and minimalist look of the Parker diaper bag. It is made from canvas but has vegan leather accents and straps.

The Parker diaper bag does not look like a diaper bag on the outside so you can use it for other trips.

It is a large bag with 10 pockets to store different types of baby items and to keep you organized. The bag has a large changing mat to change your baby.

It also has insulated compartments to keep your baby bottles warm. You can carry it as a backpack or attach it to a stroller since it has straps.


  • Doesn’t look like a backpack
  • Beautiful minimalistic design
  • 10 pockets for easy organization
  • Comes with a free changing pad
  • Easy to carry with stroller straps


  • Unpadded, so it might hurt the shoulders when heavy

5. Makaloo Diaper Bag: Budget Friendly

The Makaloo diaper bag is more than a diaper bag. It is a travel companion that makes moving with kids easy.

The bag has a charging port so you can stay connected even when you can’t sit down to charge your phone.

It is made from a high-quality waterproof Oxford fabric that makes it look like a high-end bag.

It is a spacious bag with compartments to help you stay organized. When traveling with a stroller, it has straps to attach it.

This is a solid bag with good-quality zippers and straps. Unlike other diaper bags, it looks just like a normal bag, so you can use it for other uses once the baby outgrows it.


  • Does not have the diaper bag look
  • Looks like a high-end bag
  • Spacious with compartments
  • Good quality design and accessories
  • Charging port included


  • Does not have as many storage compartments as other diaper bags

6. Mancro Diaper Bag: Best Lightweight

If you are looking for a diaper bag that gives you functionality and convenience, the Mancro diaper bag is the right choice. It has a lot of zippers and bags to make for easy organization and storage. 

The bag comes in solid colors, and you can find a gender-neutral one. It is also water- and scratch-resistant, so it can withstand tear and wear.

This is a practical bag with diaper pockets, tissue pockets and a main pocket where you can put everything else.

The bag is also easy to carry, with padded straps and straps to attach it to the stroller. This is a good bag to consider if you are on a tight budget.


  • Functional and convenient bag with different pockets
  • Solid colors to choose
  • Water and scratch-resistant
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Lacks accessories like a diaper-changing mat

7. DBTAC Baby Nappy Bag for Men: Best For Dads

If you are looking for a masculine diaper bag, the DBTAC is your best bet. It looks like a combat bag, but at the same time, it has all the features required for a diaper bag.

It has all the features to keep daddy and baby comfortable. It has diaper pockets, a wet wipes compartment and even a place to keep sunglasses for dad.

This is a military-style bag that keeps the needs of travelers in mind.

The bag comes with two milk bottle pockets on the sides. They are insulated to keep the milk warm while on the move.

The bag is easy since it has straps to attach to the stroller. The back and the shoulder straps are properly padded for comfort while carrying the bag long distances.


  • A military-style bag that does not look like a diaper
  • Pockets and compartments to keep everything organized
  • Padding for easy carrying
  • Detachable pockets for easy storage
  • Serves the needs of both dad and baby


  • It might not look appealing to moms

Best Diaper Bag for Traveling: Buying Guide

Planning a trip with a baby requires lots of consideration.

Therefore, ensure you get reliable travel insurance covering your little one. Once that is sorted, a reliable diaper bag is a must-have.

However, before buying a diaper bag, it is advisable to look at the features. You need a big bag to carry all the baby essentials. It should also help you stay organized and should be easy to carry.

Here are some features to remember when buying a traveling diaper bag.

Capacity and Space

choose Diaper Bags for Traveling

Space is one of the most important features when choosing a diaper bag. If you have older babies or twins, you must get a big bag that can fit all the baby essentials.

However, it’s important to be mindful of how much space you are looking for in a travel diaper bag.

You don’t want a bag that is too big because if you pack everything in there, it may backfire on you when checking in luggage.

You want a good enough size that fits under a plane seat or into the overhead bin. Also, babies are heavy and moving around with them can tire you. You do not want a diaper bag to add extra weight because you will hate it.

Pockets and Compartments

A bag with pockets and compartments will help you stay organized. Get a bag that allows you to keep everything in its place.

Should you need to grab something on the go, it will be easy to retrieve it since it is partitioned.

Ease of Carrying

You need to get a bag that is easy to carry. Go for a diaper bag with padding to protect your shoulders when the bag is heavy.

For further ease of carrying, get a bag that can be attached to the stroller so that you can free your hands and back.

Style and Design

Best Travel Diaper Bags To Buy

The first thing to consider is the style and design of the bag you want. On a flight, you need to get a diaper bag as a carry-on bag. 

Backpacks are the most common style for moms and dads, while moms prefer totes.

You need to choose the diaper style that fits your lifestyle and needs. For long-distance traveling, backpacks are ideal since they are comfortable to carry.

When shopping for the right diaper bag for travel, consider what your travel essentials are. For example, if you’d like to pack milk bottles, go for a bag with insulated pockets.

The ideal diaper bag should be easy to access stuff, so one with different compartments that are quick to access is ideal.

Final Thoughts

The best diaper bag for traveling should be spacious and easy to organize. The Ruvalino multipurpose bag is one of the best. It keeps parents organized but also helps you to fit everything.

If you are looking for something unusual, you can go for DBTAC, a military-style bag that is good for the job.

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