Best Places To Indoor Skydive In New Jersey

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Do you dream of soaring in the air like a bird of prey but are afraid of skydiving outdoors? Then indoor skydiving is the answer.

You will have a unique and exciting moment of flying fearlessly with the wind in your face and the ground within view.

Read on to discover the best place to indoor skydive in New Jersey.

Where To Indoor Skydive In New Jersey

Indoor skydiving happens in vertical wind tunnels where strong winds recirculate the chamber to produce smooth airflow for flight.

If you are in New Jersey, the best place to indoor skydive is at iFLY Paramus. 

iFLY Paramus

At iFLY Paramus, you will experience the thrill of flying without jumping off airplanes strapped to a parachute.

It is the safest way to enjoy a free fall, even for anyone with a disability. The liberating feeling it produces as you float in the air makes it a worthwhile opportunity.

What to Expect at iFLY Paramus

Indoor skydiving has become a popular recreational and sporting activity. As a result, most facilities get many bookings, especially during holidays and on weekends.

Therefore, the facility recommends interested flyers make an online booking or call their reservations desk to ensure a slot.

On the day of your visit, show up at least 30 minutes before your session, as the check-in process may take an average of 20 minutes.

The staff will ask everyone over 18 to fill out a mandatory waiver and sign on behalf of all the minors in the group.

You will then wear protective gear, part of your flight package, and get a brief training on what to do in the wind tunnel.

Once the training from certified flight instructors is over, you can enter the chamber one at a time.

The instructor will guide your movements inside to ensure you enjoy your flying experience.

When your time is up, they will help you exit safely, and you can pay for an extra flight if slots are available.

Before you leave, you will receive a personalized certificate, and you can purchase a video of your session from the staff.

Alternatively, request your companions to take photographs and videos from the observation area outside the flight chamber. 

How Much Does It Cost To Indoor Skydive?

For visitors to indoor skydiving at iFLY Paramus, it costs a minimum of $84.99 for a 2-Flight experience.

But the price may increase depending on several factors.

These include:

  • Time spent flying
  • The number of visitors
  • The time and day of the week
  • The type of experience you want.

Rules at iFLY Paramus

iFLY Paramus is the only location with a height limit. For participants to fly, they all must be over 40 inches tall.

In addition, flyers must be over three years old, with a maximum weight limit of 260 lbs.

For personal safety, first-time flyers are not allowed to do flips and tricks during their first session.

Only experienced indoor skydivers can attempt such maneuvers. Talk to the flight instructors to plan for subsequent visits if you want to advance your skills.

Although skydiving is open to everyone, pregnant women, people with a shoulder dislocation history and intoxicated persons will not fly.

Furthermore, consult your doctor if you have spine, neck, back, or heart conditions before booking.

Lastly, the facility recommends visitors wear comfortable, collarless shirts and long pants, running shoes, or lace-up sneakers.

Avoid loose items that will flap around, including jewelry, watches, hair accessories, and things in pockets. You can leave these at home or remove them before your session.

Are you intrigued by indoor skydiving? Look no further than our beginner’s guide, which offers comprehensive information to ensure you’re well-prepared for the experience.

Working Hours

  • Monday: 10:30 am – 7 pm
  • Tuesday: 11 am -7 pm
  • Wednesday and Thursday: 11:30 am – 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 10 am – 7 pm
  • Saturday: 9 am – 9:30 pm
  • Sunday: 9 am -10 pm


To restore your spirits by trying something new, consider indoor skydiving in New Jersey. The memorable experience is not only value for money, but you will also leave the place happy.

The adrenaline rush from the flight dies down to a relaxing and content feeling, which brings you back for more.

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