Best Places To Stay In Corsica (From Luxe Resorts to Hidden Gems)

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Choosing the best places to stay in Corsica can be fun and complicated. While considering your plans, you want to make the most of all the charm the French Island offers.

Stay in the South and enjoy pristine beaches and exotic seaside tourist destinations. Alternatively, head to the North to the flourishing mountain villages, where boat tours thrive, and the fishermen catch your dinner.

Wherever you go, you will have the adventure of a lifetime. Read on to discover the best places to stay in Corsica all year round. 

Why Visit Corsica?

Mediterranean Island destinations, such as Corsica, with its dramatic landscapes and natural beauty, attract visitors from all over.

The steep hanging cliffs, lively beaches, delightful villages, and lush green mountain ranges are just a tiny part of the attraction.

People travel for the culture, a classic mix of French and Italian traditions. Furthermore, the people are friendly and happy to talk about their laid-back lifestyle and share the local delicacies.

Whichever holiday experience you seek, Corsica will not disappoint.

Still, the most challenging part of planning a vacation to Corsica is finding an ideal area to stay.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown depending on your situation and preferred spots.

Can You Go To Corsica With Children?

Going on a trip as a family, especially multi-generational and with children, can be daunting.

Not only does everyone prefer different activities, but finding accommodation that will suit everyone requires thorough planning. 

In Corsica, if you travel with children, stay in Porto Vecchio. You can go hiking, book a guided tour, swim on the beach, and check out the local attractions.

If you take an apartment near the city square, you can spend evenings strolling the attractive stone streets. 

Otherwise, book the various family-friendly hotels and visit the Mediterranean restaurants that cater to different tastes and preferences. The kids will enjoy the diversity of activities to while away their days.

Places To Stay With Kids In Porto Vecchio

If you’re planning a trip to Porto Vecchio with kids, it’s essential to pick a place that caters to the needs of your entire family.

Here are some of the best places to stay in Porto Vecchio with children.

Hotel Mariosa

This is a beachfront hotel with beautiful facilities for the entire family. It also provides exquisite meals, and the staff is cheerful and helpful.

Your kids will love spending time in the pool or on the beach.

Santa Guila Palace

This is the ideal hotel if you are looking for a hotel with apartments suitable for families.

You have three pools to choose from, and it’s only a 5-minute walk to the Plage de Santa Giulia beach.

Make your family dinners indoors or visit the nearby restaurants for a memorable experience.

Budget Friendly Places To Stay In Corsica

Vacationing in Corsica is not limited to those on a budget. Plenty of affordable and low-cost locations are available on this French Island.

For instance, Ajaccio, the capital city of Corsica, accommodates visitors of all means.

You can be backpacking through Europe or looking for a pocket-friendly honeymoon destination.

Whatever your budget, Ajaccio has plenty of hostels, hotels, and guesthouses within walking distance of museums, nightclubs, and seafront restaurants.

Where To Stay For Cheap In Ajaccio

For travelers mindful of their budget, here are some delightful yet affordable accommodation suggestions in Ajaccio.

Hotel Marengo

Hotel Marengo is a short walk from the Maison Bonaparte museum, the beach, and nightlife in the city center.

Most rooms have a balcony, and you can enjoy breakfast from the covered terrace. Pets are also allowed, the best company, no matter the location.

Le Dauphin Hotel

From this hotel, residents easily access city attractions, especially the Musee Fesch Art Museum.

Famous landmarks are within walking distance, including the harbor for the ferry ride. 

Best Areas To Stay In Corsica On The Beach

There are plenty of beachfront locations and properties in Corsica, but the southern end town of Bonifacio stands out.

The marina is lovely and busy, with plenty of private and commercial boat tours to explore the land and Marine Park.

Some famous breathtaking sandy beaches are Rondinara, Piantarella, and Tonnara.

Although these sunny locations are easily accessible, others are remote but worth the visit. The scenery is beautiful and serene, and the sunsets are picture-worthy.

Where To Stay In Bonifacio On The Beach

For those who dream of waking up to the serene sounds of the sea in Bonifacio, here are some delightful accommodation options near the beach.

Hotel U Capu Biancu

This luxury cliff-view hotel is ideal for couples, honeymooners, and your four-legged companion.

You can spend a few hours in the spa or plunge into the in-room pool for exercise. If you prefer the beach, you have three options.

One is exceptionally cozy and secluded, perfect for kayaking.

Residence Les Terrasses de Rondinara

This place overlooks the bay, and the well-equipped private villas are perfect for families.

Hire a car and drive to the nearby towns for dining options and land excursions. 

Where To Stay In Corte For The Adventurous

If a mountain view and hiking opportunity are your ideal holiday sights and activities, visit Corte in Corsica.

It’s a stunning town in the middle of the Island where you can spend your days cycling through the narrow streets.

The riverbed and mountain range trails also appeal to outdoor and nature lovers. In addition, you can tour the local vineyards and sample their wine.

However, unlike the other towns in Corsica, Corte is pretty small, hence limited accommodation options.

Hotel du Nord

While this may be a small establishment, their rooms are spacious for solo travelers.

Their proximity to exciting locations in Corte is also perfect. Enjoy their homemade breakfast and request a booking at one of the nearby restaurants.  

Dominique Colona’s

The fabulous setting along the Restonica River is close to Corte’s landmarks and tourist spots.

While they offer breakfast and lunch, across from the hotel is a rustic French restaurant perfect for dinner. Check the prices of this hotel here.

Is South or North Corsica better?

While the South and North of Corsica are exciting areas to visit, it depends on your preference.

The beautiful beaches and water activities between the coastal stretch of Bonifacio and Porto Vecchio make South Corsica well-liked by tourists. 

On the other hand, North Corsica is wilder, with plenty of nature activities to participate in, especially with children.

Areas such as Calvi, St. Florent, Bastia, and Porto have a mix of idyllic seaside village vibe, beautiful beaches, and remote trails.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Corsica?

The best time to visit Corsica is between May and September.

The Mediterranean weather is lovely, and you will have the best time on the beaches.

Although it is their busiest season, you book your flight, accommodation, and car rental in advance for affordable rates.

Wrapping Up

While the above list of the best places to stay in Corsica is a gem, this exotic Island has plenty more to offer.

Whether you want luxury, have a tight budget, are backpacking solo, or want to relax in secluded serenity, Corsica has a solution.

Check in anywhere, North or South, unpack your bags, and get ready to see all the enchanting sights of beautiful Corsica.

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