6 Best Places to Visit In France for Young Couples

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My husband and I recently made a trip to France and being romantics at heart, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to stop by some of the best places to visit in France for young couples. What better place than France for romance, after all?

It’s home to world-renowned vineyards, museums, castles, medieval villages, scenic canals, and beaches…

Here are some of our favorite romantic places to visit in France, below!

1. Annecy

Visit Lake Annecy
Lake Annecy

Annecy is best known for the canal going through its center, which earned it the name ‘Venice de Alps.’

It has utterly charming medieval architecture.

What to Find in Annecy

Annecy is especially known for its natural scenery. Not only that, but its cuisine is to die for!

  • Lake Annecy is just south of Annecy and is fed by mountain springs. It’s renowned throughout France for its ultra-clean, crystal-clear water. There are boat rides available so you can get a close-up look!
  • A bridge overlooking lake Annecy. You may wish to stop by Pont des Amours if you enjoy idyllic scenery. It overlooks the sapphire-hued lake Annecy, providing an extraordinary view!
  • Fantastic restaurants. Toss a stone in Annecy, and you will surely hit an excellent restaurant. You won’t lack in top-notch food!

2. Colmar

Colmar perfect location for young couples

Colmar, France, is nothing short of a fairytale. It can be accessed simply, by train or plane (there is a small Colmar airport).

Romantic Experiences to Have in Colmar

So, why did we choose to visit Colmar?

Because – especially for such a little place – Colmar has several super-romantic experiences to offer!

  • Enjoy the variety of architecture. In fact, the beautiful architecture in the movie “Howl’s Moving Castle” is based on Colmar! There is some German influence on the architecture in Colmar, resulting in styles like Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, Classic, etc.!
  • Stop by an art museum. Musée d’Unterlinden, Colmar, boasts countless pieces of fascinating artwork, from prehistoric to contemporary. The stained glass is my personal favorite, while my husband favored the woodcuts (as he is a woodworker himself). It was a treat to see all of the storied artwork!
  • Visit a 14th-century church. Eglise St-Martin has gorgeous Gothic architecture and artwork (complete with gargoyles, to my delight).
  • Go to a medieval village. Alsace, Colmar, is home to medieval villages that will take you to another time altogether!
  • Take a canal ride in Little Venice. A trip to Colmar wouldn’t be complete without a canal ride in Little Venice. This will give you a good look at the loveliest and most colorful houses – always fun to see together!

3. St Tropez

St Tropez perfect location for young couples
St Tropez

St Tropez is located in Southern France and is renowned as one of the most romantic places in all of France. Why?

What Young Couples Can Do In St Tropez

First off, the hotels in St Tropez are some of the best; chic, top-quality, and most definitely romantic.

What’s more, in St Tropez, you can enjoy:

  • Rooftop bars. There are many bars in St Tropez, offering a variety of spirits and vintages. The best of these are the rooftop bars, which give a stunning view of the city and the sky.
  • Beaches. The beaches in St Tropez are iconic, featuring sandy shores and clear, sapphire-blue water!
  • Seafood. If you’re a fan of seafood (I’m not, but my husband is), then you won’t be disappointed in St Tropez. They even have octopus, fresh from the seaside, which my husband says is some of the best he’s had!

4. Loire Valley

Loire Valley view
Loire Valley

Loire Valley boasts a lush landscape, home to beautiful mountains, meadows, and forests. It’s the perfect place for a couple to sightsee together!

Romantic Places in Loire Valley

Here are some of the most romantic spots in Colmar valley.

From natural beauty to great food!

  • Gorgeous public gardens that you can visit in Loire Valley to enjoy more greenery. One such garden is located at the Chateau de Villandry, with Rennaisance-themed architecture and landscaping that are truly lovely to behold!
  • At least 16 restaurants with at least one Michelin star. There’s so much food to choose from, and most of it is very good!
  • Lodges like Les Sources de Cheverny, located in the forest. Ideal for a fellow nature lover!

5. Eze

Eze perfect location for young couples

Eze is a little slice of heaven, speaking from experience.

If you’re less about busy cities and more about peace and quiet, Eze is the ideal location for you and your beau. It’s a medieval village with oodles of charm.

My husband and I arrived from Nice to Eze in just 25 minutes – a pleasant ride with the perfect destination.

You’ve also got easy access to the rest of the French Riviera, which shouldn’t be skipped over.

What Eze Has to Offer

My husband and I arrived from Nice to Eze in just 25 minutes – a short, pleasant ride with the perfect destination.

You’ve also got easy access to the rest of the French Riviera, which shouldn’t be skipped over.

In Eze, you can find:

  • A gorgeous mountain range. As you approach Nice via bus, the first thing you’ll notice is the mountains. They are lush and visually stunning, and many passengers ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ in wonder!
  • A dreamy ocean view. From Eze, you have a sweeping view of the Mediterranean sea. This is truly breathtaking in any weather!
  • Quaint, low-key shops and restaurants. They’re much quieter than the hubbub you’d find in the city. Eze is a breath of fresh air!

6. Bordeaux


I would be remiss if I left world-famous Bordeaux, France, off of this list.

First and foremost, it’s the wine capital of the country, but wine is far from all Bordeaux has to offer!

Why Visit Bordeaux

Along with wine, Bordeaux is home to various architecture and food!

  • The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. A building with stunning architecture, where operas, dances, and other high-class entertainment are available.
  • Fresh food at the Quay Market. A fresh market that occurs on Sundays, Quay Market has crepes, cheeses, oysters, wine, and other delicacies, that you can eat on the spot.
  • Of course, there are also countless bistros, restaurants, vineyards, and other wine hotspots in Bordeaux!

Last Words

Do any of these places catch your eye? They’re without a double some of the best places to visit in France for young couples (and older couples alike).

What appeals to you most? Gorgeous architecture? Fine wine? Beachfronts? Idyllic gardens? High-class food? France offers it all!

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