What Does Blockout Dates Mean At Universal Studios?

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Universal Studios is one of the most popular attractions in the world and many people choose to buy an annual pass.

However, you may have noticed that your pass isn’t valid at some points during the year; these are known as blockout dates. But what does this mean?

Blockout dates are periods of times when you cannot use your annual pass. Moreover, any other type of discount or reward is not accepted during this period.

What Does It Mean When There’s A Blockout Date At Universal Studios?

If you’re looking to visit the world famous Universal Studios then you’ll probably be searching for the best deal.

annual pass Universal Studios
Visitors must pay full entry to Universal Studios on blockout date

The good news is that there are plenty of discounts, rewards, and offers you can take advantage of. 

For those that wish to visit the park on a regular basis, an annual pass is a great way to save money. You’ll spend far less than you would paying for single tickets every time you attend. 

However, Universal Studios, much like many other theme parks, has blockout dates. These are sometimes referred to as blackout dates but they’re all one of the same. 

A blockout date is a date, or period of time, that none of the usual discounts, offers, or rewards can be used. During these times, visitors must pay full entry to Universal Studios. 

Why Does Universal Studios Have Blockout Dates?

It can feel a little frustrating when you go to book a visit to Universal Studios with a particular offer in mind only to find that your discount code or pass isn’t welcome.

Universal Studios Have Blockout Dates
Crowd control with blockout dates

Many thrill seekers and fun lovers find it highly unfair that they’re not able to use a pass they’ve already paid for on certain dates so why is this imposed?

The main reason that Universal Studios has blockout dates is for crowd control. You’ll notice that these dates typically occur during peak seasons when lots of people are expected to attend. 

If it weren’t for blockout dates, then the park would quickly reach capacity and your day out would likely be spent in a line waiting to use the attractions.

By not allowing discounted entry and other offers, Universal Studios can better control the number of visitors so it’s less chaotic. 

What Are The Blockout Dates At Universal Studios?

The blockout dates may vary by year but generally speaking they take place during the holidays.

If you hold an annual pass then the blockout dates may differ from those that have a seasonal pass.

Normally, the more expensive your pass, the less restrictions it will have.

While dates differ slightly each year, here’s a rough idea of what to expect:

  • January 1st to 3rd
  • March 27th to April 10th
  • December 18th to 31st
  • A period of time over Easter (this varies each year)
  • July 1st to 31st (only seasonal pass holders affected)

What Are The Limits Of Each Type Of Pass?

If you’re looking to buy a pass for Universal Studios then I’d advise you to think carefully about what you wish to gain from this.

Limits Of Each Type Of Pass
Universal Studios Pass Types

If you’re only planning on visiting a few times and want something cheap and cheerful then you might go for the seasonal pass.

On the other hand, regular visitors who want the greatest access to everything would be better off choosing the Premium Annual Pass. 

Pass TypeRestrictions
Seasonal passAll blackout dates will apply but access to events such as Halloween Horror Nights are included
Power Annual PassAll blackout dates apply but various discounts can be gained over the year
Preferred Annual PassWhile you will face some blackout dates, they’re not as regular as the previous passes
Premium Annual PassNo blackout dates apply at any time

Does My Pass Cover Concerts At Universal Studios?

If you have an annual or seasonal pass then this allows you entry to the park outside of the blockout dates.

However, this doesn’t mean that you have automatic entry to all events that may take place at Universal Studios. 

For example, there are often concerts and music events taking place at Universal Studios but these are not included with your pass. If you’d like to attend then you must buy a separate ticket.

It’s also worth mentioning that, depending on the type of annual pass you hold, this may not permit you entry to certain parks or attractions.

World famous Universal Studios Blockout Date
World-famous Universal Studios

For example, The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter may require a separate ticket. 

It’s therefore important to check what’s included with your pass before you buy it.

All the information you need to know will be included but some of it may be in fine print. 

Final Thoughts

If you love visiting Universal Studios then you may have purchased an annual pass or gotten your hands on a discount code for a day ticket.

However, you must be mindful that these passes and discounts aren’t available during peak season. There are some dates that everyone is required to pay full price and these are known as blockout dates. 

The only exception to this is if you hold a Premium Annual Pass which is the only pass that has no limits or restrictions in terms of when it can be used.

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