Direct Dial: How To Call The Front Desk From Your Hotel Room

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If you are staying in a hotel, there are various reasons you may need to call the front desk, including room service, general information, or to check out. So, how do you make a call from your hotel room? 

To call the front desk from your hotel room, locate the telephone in your room. The phone should have a button that connects you straight to the front desk. If there is no specific button, look for instructions around the phone for the front desk number. Dial ‘0’ or ‘9’ if all other methods fail. 

Calling the front desk from your hotel room is a straightforward process that will save you the walk downstairs. This guide will give you all the information you need to call the front desk easily. Keep reading to learn more. 

How To Call Front Desk From Hotel Room

The first thing to do is locate the telephone in your hotel room. This will be on the nightstand, desk, or bedside table in most hotel rooms. You may find that the hotel has left an instructional guide with a directory next to your phone to help you place a call. 

Some hotel room phones will have a specific button that you can press to call the front desk. Most hotel room phones will have a speed dial option to reach the front desk, laundry service, and voicemail. 

If there are no instructions for calling the front desk, you can try dialing ‘0’ or ‘9’ from your hotel room phone. This is the most common method for reaching a hotel front desk. 

How Do You Make a Call From a Hotel Room 

To make a call from a hotel room, pick up the room telephone and wait for a dial tone or operator. Then, dial the number for the front desk, ask the operator to connect you, or dial ‘0’ or ‘9’. Finally, wait for the front desk to answer. 

You can also communicate with the front desk via the TV in your room or through a text message service. Some hotels offer these services as reliable alternatives if you cannot connect to the front desk via telephone. You can use these options to call an Uber, order food, or request additional services to your room.

You can reach other guests in the hotel by entering the extension number or asking the receptionist to connect you. Avoid making outgoing calls to anyone other than the front desk if you don’t want additional charges added to your bill.

Note: Hotels do not charge you to contact the front desk, but there may be room-to-room charges if you call other guests or order food to your hotel room.

How To Call Housekeeping From Hotel Room 

You may need to contact housekeeping during your stay for extra towels or to schedule cleaning while you are out. Your hotel telephone should have a button that displays a maid icon or something similar. 

However, if you can’t find a speed dial button for housekeeping, you can ask the front desk to connect you. It’s also good practice to leave a few dollars in tip money for the housekeeping staff during your stay. 

Can You Call the Front Desk to Check Out?

You can call the front desk to check out if you have the correct information. You may need to register your details with the hotel before you choose this option to check out. A hotel staff member will review your bill and send you a digital copy if you need one. 

You should call the front desk if you need to request a late check-out and make sure you are speaking to the right person with the relevant authority to grant it. Using the hotel facilities is another option if you can’t get a late check-out. 

Read my other article to learn more about checking late out of a hotel. 

Note: Never give out any personal information over the phone. Confirm that you are speaking with a hotel staff member by completing a security check before discussing your reservation. Hotel front desk scammers can ask you for your credit card details and other personal information. Walk to the front desk if you are unsure who you are speaking with. 

Also, most hotels offer an express check-out option that allows you to drop your keys in a box as you leave (no calling or standing in a queue required.) 

What Do You Call the Person at the Front of a Hotel?

The person at the front of a hotel is called the receptionist or front desk clerk. These hotel staff members check guests in and out, make reservations, and answer customer queries. In some hotels, receptionists answer phones while a front desk clerk deals with the guests. 

The hotel receptionist will speak to you when you call the front desk from your hotel room. They can answer your questions, call you an Uber, and help you with any additional needs. The receptionist can also provide information on hotel rates and services, such as telephone charges and how to use the facilities.

The hotel front desk clerk and receptionist handle all customer payment methods and verification information. However, make sure you speak to them before giving financial details. They should verify your booking reference number and other personal information to reassure you that they are part of the hotel staff.

Also, the hotel manager or concierge can help you with late check-out requests. If this is not possible, ask if you can pay for an additional night at the hotel or hang out at the bar until you leave.


What is the Hotel Reception Number?

The phone number for a hotel reception can differ depending on the hotel. Usually, the phone number can be found on the hotel’s website or in the confirmation email received after booking a reservation.

Another option is to search for the hotel’s phone number on a travel booking website or search engine. Generally, the reception phone number can be obtained by calling the hotel’s main line and requesting to be connected to reception 


Calling the front desk from your hotel room is a quick and convenient way to contact hotel staff. Many hotels will make this easy by providing detailed instructions in your hotel room by the phone. If there are no instructions, dial ‘0’ or ‘9’, as most hotels use these numbers to contact reception. 

Remember the following information before calling the front desk from your room:

  • Read the hotel room instructions before placing a call.
  • Never give out personal information over the phone.
  • Check to see if phone calls are free to the front desk.

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