Can You Take A PS4 On A Plane? (Exploring the Rules & Risks)

Can You Take A PS4 On A Plane?

Games consoles are one of the most popular hobby items in the world.

According to statistics, there are as many as 112 million monthly PlayStation users and these gamers will probably want to take their console when they travel.

But can you take a PS4 on a plane? Or any other games console for that matter? Let’s find out.

Do You Have To Put A PS4 In Your Checked Luggage?

No. You don’t have to put your PS4 in your checked baggage although some people prefer to do this.


However, a lot of people see their games console as a valuable item and want to keep it with them during the flight to ensure it doesn’t go missing or become damaged. 

Another thing to consider is whether the airline you are traveling with allows electrical items in checked luggage.

There are some that don’t, and many people pack their games console without thinking and then end up having to pay a fee. 

Before you travel, speak to your airline to find out whether there are any restrictions on putting your PS4 into your checked luggage. 

Finally, I’d keep in mind that the baggage handlers at airports are not always very gentle with your bags.

They have a lot of luggage to move every day and it’s not uncommon to see them being slung around. If you’ve got something expensive and breakable inside, there is a risk of it being damaged. 

Can You Take A PS4 In Your Carry On?

You are allowed to take electronic devices in your carry-on luggage. For example, you’ll often see people taking their laptops into the cabin.

PS4 In Carry-On Luggage tips
PS4 In Carry-On Luggage

However, you have to keep in mind that, if you do take your PS4 as carry on, it will need to be separately scanned so will need to be taken out of the bag when you pass through the security checkpoints. 

TSA Pre Checks

One of the issues that a lot of people have when going through airport security is how much messing about there is.

If you’ve got an electrical item, such as a PS4, in your backpack then you’ll need to remove it and place it in a separate bin to be scanned.

What’s more, in most cases, you’ll be asked to separate the wires which is even more of a hassle. 

airport baggage checks

If you’re a frequent flyer then it might be worth considering signing up for TSA Pre-Checks.

This is a government run program that allows passengers to skip the long queues and messing about at security and go through a much quicker and simpler process. 

Of course, nothing comes for free so there is an annual fee of $78 but if you’re traveling regularly then this might be worth investing in. 

Flying Internationally

It’s important to keep in mind that there may be some restrictions when visiting certain countries.

While the general consensus is that you are allowed to take a PS4 or any other games console in your carry-on, there could be some countries that don’t allow this.

What’s more, there are some nations that don’t allow you to bring any sort of electrical device so this information is not limited to your games console.

China does not allow certain games into the country so this is something worth thinking about.

While the Chinese airport officials will have no issue with your taking your console on board in your carry on, they may ask to see what games you have brought with you.

If they are banned in that country then you won’t be able to take them regardless of whether you put them in your carry-on or checked luggage. For this reason, I’d recommend checking restrictions before you fly. 

Advice When Taking A PS4 In Carry-On Luggage

PS4 packing tips for the flight
PS4 packing tips

Most people decide that taking their PS4 as a carry-on item is the safest and easiest way of transporting it.

However, even once you’ve made this decision, there are still a couple other things that I’d urge you to think about. 

  • Make sure to pack your PS4 securely. Choose a bag that’ll keep it still while in transit by preventing the console from moving around. However, I wouldn’t choose a bag that’s too tight otherwise you’ll find yourself having issues getting it out at security. 
  • It’s worth choosing a bag that allows you to separate all the bits and pieces easily. This will make it less of a challenge when going through security if you are asked to separate the wires, controllers, etc from the console. 
  • It is possible to buy a PS4 carrying bag which a lot of people use when traveling. However, if you do this, it’s like a walking advertisement, letting people know you’ve got an expensive bit of kit on your person. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure that you keep your bag with you at all times. Although, this is common sense at an airport anyway. 
  • When adding a PS4 of any other games console to your checked luggage, you must make sure that it doesn’t cause your bag to exceed the weight or size limits imposed by the airline. These limits may differ between airlines so it’s vital that you check this information before you travel. 

Final Thoughts

Traveling is always fun but it can be even more exciting if you’re able to take part in your hobbies while you’re away. For many people, this includes using their games console but there are things to consider. 

You are permitted, in most cases, to take a PS4 or other console on board a flight in both the checked or carry-on luggage.

However, there may be restrictions and limitations depending on where you are traveling and the airline so it’s worth checking before you leave.

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