What is the Duration of an Indoor Skydiving Competition?

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Indoor skydiving competitions can be quite a spectacle, and they’re quite popular!

If you’re considering watching one of these, you may wonder, what is the duration of an indoor skydiving competition?

The answer is, formations typically take 1-2 minutes each, and there are up to 10 rounds and up to 6 formations per round!

What is the Duration of an Indoor Skydiving Competition?

Preparations for indoor skydiving competition
Final preparations for the indoor skydiving competition

Because the duration of indoor skydiving competitions varies, it’s necessary to know exactly what to expect.

This will help you develop a rough time frame, beyond the general 1-2-minute long formations, etc.

If you can find out how many rounds and formations there are, this will give you a pretty good idea of how long the competition will last.

You also want to learn about indoor skydiving forms and how long they tend to take comparatively, in general:

  • First off, we have formation indoor skydiving. This involves a group of 2-4 skydivers belly-down, holding hands, and doing formations together. As with most sports, the participants are rated by the precision of their movements and their speed!
  • Freestyle indoor skydiving, as its name implies, includes a ‘freestyle’ part in the required routine. There are also compulsory moves, which the competitor must include in order to qualify. After this, the competitor may do the choreography of their choice, however. These rounds tend to take longer, as the choreography can get prolonged and complicated. Fortunately, this part of the routine is often very cool!
  • Dynamic Formations are fairly new and put a great deal of focus on both skill and creativity. There are two rounds in each dynamic formation routine, a speed round, and a free round. In the speed round, the competitors (2-4) try to move as quickly as possible and are timed closely. In the free round, the competitors must get creative, and show off their skills with moves that are complex, unique, and often new. As you can probably imagine, due to the speed round, these competitions tend to go a bit faster!

Preparation Tips

Now that you know the main types of indoor skydiving in competitions, you have a rough idea of which ones are longer or shorter.

This will help you decide whether or not to attend – or if you’re experienced, to compete. You also have to account for the time that will be taken to get into gear!

If you’re new, and thinking of watching a competition for fun, you won’t have to worry about this. The competitors will be geared up and ready to go right off!

If you’re a competitor, you may want to practice gearing up quickly. You’ll have time to prepare, but it’s always good (as a competitor) to be efficient.

So, what gear will you need to put on? Just a few items, which will go a long way to keeping you safe and comfortable as you compete.

If you’re thinking of competing, you’re undoubtedly experienced enough to be familiar with what you wear. Just the usual flight suit, goggles, knee pads, elbow pads, and a helmet will do the trick!

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Final Words

As you can see, the answer to ‘What is the duration of an indoor skydiving competition’ is varied! With each formation taking 1-2 minutes, up to 6 formations in each section, and up to 10 sections…

Along with this knowledge, you can also roughly know which type of indoor skydiving takes longer or shorter. This can help you schedule or plan accordingly. Best of luck!

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