Game Of Thrones UK Locations – How To Get There!

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The fascination with the Game of Thrones show is timeless.

It begins with the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and locations in the UK where filming happens. 

Let’s embark on an adventure to the seven kingdoms of Westeros in modern-day Northern Ireland.

A walk down the Dark Hedges

We know it as King’s Road, first seen in Episode 1 of Season 2 when Arya Stark flees King’s Landing disguised as a boy.

Her wagon and companions intend to travel north to the Night’s Watch, where Jon Snow is. The long beech-lined road leads from Castle Black to the capital and is an iconic part of the show.

Walk Down Dark Hedges
Walk Down Dark Hedges

The Dark Hedges is in Stranocum, County Antrim. The Stuart family planted the trees along Bregagh Road in the 18th century.

It is a grand entrance to their home, Gracehill House, one of the most visited and photographed sites. 

Our journey to the North Ireland location was a day trip from Belfast. You can self-drive, join a guided tour group or use public transport from Belfast or Dublin.

We chose to drive as we didn’t want to rush our experience, and the scenic Causeway coastal route was worth the decision:

  • Driving from Belfast will take 1 hour to get to Dark Hedges and 3 hours if coming from Dublin.
  • We got to The Hedges Hotel’s free parking area, a 2-minute walk on the north side of the Dark Hedges off the busy Ballinlea Road.

A marked path from the parking spot leads visitors to the trees.

Although Bregagh Road is now pedestrian-only, a few years back, it was possible to park along the entrance and drive through.

However, the risk of tree damage led to its closure for all vehicles except emergency services and the owners.

The designated parking area and visiting the Dark Hedges is free, meaning there are lots of visitors, especially during summer.

We were lucky to go off-season as the place was quieter, immersing us further into the enchantment of the show.

My friend complains that I take bad pictures of her. I was, therefore, keen to capture her beauty and the iconic trees, and for the first time, she was speechless.

We strolled up to the Gracehill House to see one of the intricately carved GOT doors and take lunch.

The mansion now houses a bar and restaurant, and their food is reasonably priced and delicious.

I ordered a filling portion of juicy barbeque ribs we got to share with my companion’s equally delicious wings.

We toasted to a beautiful start of our walk down GOT memory lane with a pint of excellent beer and coffee.

Escape The Chilly Gardens At Castle Ward

Winterfell, the imposing hill home of House Stark from Season 1, is the capital of the North Kingdom. Located in County Down, Castle Ward is a National Trust Property near the village of Strangford. 

You can join one of the guided Winterfell tours that include costumes and get-ups to get there.

The guided tour also comprises a fun £99 archery session in the same set-up where the Stark siblings practice in Season 1, Episode 1.

Alternatively, take a self-guided tour as we did for a more relaxed experience. 

We still had the car we had hired from Belfast for our Northern Ireland GOT locations tour. I saw my spouse’s disappointed reaction to the building when we arrived.

It may initially feel underwhelming, mainly as the show uses a massive computer-generated image. However, it remains among the highly stunning Game of Thrones locations on tour.

The trust recently restored the Victorian garden that offers a feel of the chilly winds common to the region.

However, a cozy on-site tea room is available to escape the cold and reminisce over your favorite brew.

The historic feel of the Castle is in the Stable yard Tea Room with plain stone walls, old-looking furniture, and high beams. 

I had a latte while she took a cup of tea with fresh scones. The price of the snacks was slightly higher than expected, but they were pretty tasty. If we ever return, we will try their delicious fresh sandwiches and lunch menu.

Enchanting discovery of Tollymore Forest

Off Winterfell are the beautiful trails in the Tollymore Forest.

The forest features several Game of Thrones scenes, including Season 1, where the Night’s Watch team found mutilated bodies.

It also appears as the haunted forest North of the Wall, where they had to bring lots of snow for filming.

Visit Tollymore Forest Game Of Thrones location
Tollymore Forest

Located in County Down, discovering the exact spots of most scenes requires a guide, and you can dress up.

To get there from Belfast:

  • you can drive
  • use a motorcycle
  • or take a coach tour bus

There is paid parking at the park entrance, ranging from £2.50 to £35, depending on vehicle size.

We drove along Bryansford Road to the park, paid to park the car, and hired a guide.

The prices are displayed at the park entrance and accept all major credit/debit cards.

The tour takes approximately one and a half hours with 2 miles to walk. If you have mobility issues, then it may be an overwhelming experience.

Although my travel companion is healthy, the brisk walk winded her, so we had to make brief stops.

The tour’s highlight was that we got to wear a Stark wool cloak for warmth.

Experience the Ballintoy Harbor

Dress up as Yara during a guided tour and return to where Theon Greyjoy returns to the Iron Islands and first meets her.

It was also the same place where the Drowned Priest baptized him in Season 2. 

Located in County Antrim, Ballintoy Harbor offers a panoramic view of the sea and the natural beauty of the surroundings.

Visit Ballintoy Harbor
Ballintoy Harbor

We drove along the winding and picturesque B15 road to the village of Ballintoy.

We found free parking next to the harbor’s cafe and picnic site and decided to do a walking tour first.

We walked along the beach and noted where key scenes took place. My companion couldn’t hide her laughter when I stood up stiff and admired my imaginary ship, unlike Theon’s real one.

After having enough of the sea breeze, we briefly walked along the tiny harbor village. 

The 1-kilometer street stretch has a few small shops, churches, restaurants, and accommodations for tourists.

It is the perfect setting to experience the Irish rural fishing community.

The scenic views at Downhill Strand

In Season 2, Downhill Strand is the fort Stannis Baratheon guards for his brother Robert. Later, in Season 7, it marks the first meeting place for Jon Snow and Daenerys. 

Visit Downhill Strand
Downhill Strand

This Northern Ireland Game of Thrones UK location is near a railway station in County Londonderry.

Although the Mussenden temple is not part of the show, it is a gorgeous building to visit as it holds numerous music concerts all year round.

We visited the pristine 11-mile beach stretch with fantastic water views and activities, perfect for tourists.

You can drive to the beach and park there, as they allow vehicles throughout the year.

My accomplice and I settled on a beach walk as surfing felt like a high-energy activity we weren’t keen on doing that day.


It was like walking through a magical land as the setting of this favorite epic story came to life during our visit.

My travel companion was especially thrilled. She says it felt like a triumph after the numerous attempts to draw me into her GOT fan club for years. 

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