The Surprising Reason Dasani Water Leaves You More Thirsty

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Have you noticed this too? I really noticed this on my latest trip to Walt Disney World in August 2022!

Constantly buying 4 bottles of water in a vain attempt to stay hydrated we all noticed the more Dasani we consumed the thirstier we seemed to get!

The next day we took 4 bottles of water we purchased from Walmart (not Dasani) that had chilled nicely in the fridge overnight and did not experience the same desire to quench our thirst after drinking this!

Later on, throughout our vacation, we noticed Walt Disney World only sells Dasani water. Again due to the severe heat we would occasionally buy Dasani Water, and each time we noticed the same thing! We felt even thirstier!

So why is this? Is this a deliberate Disney ploy to sell more water and make more money? Have the clever people at Disney actually chosen Dasani as it makes you more thirsty?

In this article, we’ll deep dive into this water (pardon the pun!) and see what’s actually going on!

So, why does Dasani water make you thirsty?

Dasani water can make you thirstier because of its additives like magnesium sulfate, salt, and potassium chloride. Although the Food and Safety Administration (FDA) has approved it, the brand follows reverse osmosis, which can affect pH levels. 

If you are planning for a Disney Vacation (especially in August) read on to find out how to stay hydrated at a fraction of the cost!

My Dasani Water At Walt Disney World

Why Does Dasani Water Make Me Thirsty

Dasani has had a history of contamination issues that affected its shelf period. Nevertheless, the brand has also followed unique ways to sell more drinking water bottles. 

So, is Dasani pure? Why does it make you thirsty after drinking it?

Here are the top reasons:

1. Dasani water contains magnesium sulfate. 

It’s uncommon to spot drinking water bottles containing magnesium sulfate, which is ideally a common ingredient in various bath salts. The problem with this ingredient is that it can quickly dehydrate your tongue, irrespective of its quantity. 

Perhaps, Dasani highlights that it adds magnesium sulfate minerals mainly for taste reasons. Even a small quantity is sufficient to cause dehydration and other physiological changes. 

If you’ve drunk several bottles of Dasani water already, you might have experienced bitterness. Well, magnesium sulfate attributes to this bitterness. 

2. Dasani water can oxidate your body. 

It’s essential to drink water that’s rich in antioxidants. Contrarily, Dasani has significant oxidation content that can result in sickness and inflammation. 

Here’s a YouTube video that explains this property with an ORP meter. 

3. Dasani water includes potassium chloride. 

Similar to magnesium sulfate, Dasani claims to add potassium chloride for taste reasons. In general, potassium chloride is used as a fertilizer or as a component to abort fetuses. 

When we drink several bottles of Dasani water in a hurry, we’re more likely to experience abdominal pain. That’s due to potassium chloride. This ingredient also creates a slimy taste after you drink it. 

Above all, Dasani water has high acidity levels that can damage your stomach. It’s recommended to drink alkaline water instead of acidic water. 

When you drink several bottles of Dasani to quench your thirst, it can alter your body’s electrolyte level.

Does Disney Sell Dasani Water Because It Makes You Feel Even More Thirsty?

Disney presently sells water bottles only from the Dasani brand. The idea is to double its profits thanks to Disney’s agreement with Coca-Cola. While it’s not a purposeful attempt to make you thirsty, there’re business compliances forcing Disney to sell Dasani water. 

Several visitors to Walt Disney have expressed their dissatisfaction with consuming Dasani water. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that Dasani is Coca-Cola’s product. 

Why Is Bottled Water So Expensive At Walt Disney World?

Bottled water (Dasani) at Walt Disney World costs about $3.50 + taxes. The high pricing is due to several factors – convenience charge, nature of the audience, and to cope with ongoing expenses. 

There’s an option for visitors to bring their own bottles and refill them with water available inside.

However, the taste and quality aren’t great.

As a result, people are obliged to pay luxurious rates to purchase the only bottled water brand (Dasani). 

You can also pick up a free cup of water at most Disney restaurants, the only issue is if you are not familiar with “tap water” this isn’t a pleasant taste and I know personally that it can give you an upset stomach!

Imagine the scenes waiting for Fantasmic to start when your stomach rolls over and you are wearing shorts. I’ve never moved so fast!

Why Does Dasani Have Salt In It?

Dasani includes several minerals, including salts, during the reverse osmosis process, and the purpose is to retain freshness and enhance the taste of water. 

While adding salt to the purified water, it gives a different taste that lets visitors feel new and better.

Dasani makes it mandatory to eliminate impurities through a reverse osmosis process. There are three salts added to every bottle – magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, and potassium chloride. 

FDA highlights that the salt level in a bottle of water is safe. However, this can also add to the acidity level of water in the long run. 

Does Dasani Dehydrate You?

No, Dasani does not dehydrate you. Dasani is water that is purified and contains added minerals, such as magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride, which are commonly found in natural water sources. These minerals are not known to have dehydrating effects on the body however they may make you feel more dehydrated even though you are not.

In fact, drinking water, including Dasani, can help prevent dehydration by replenishing fluids lost through sweating, urination, and other bodily functions. It is important to note that individual factors, such as activity level, climate, and health status, can affect hydration levels, and it is recommended to drink water regularly throughout the day to maintain proper hydration 

Why Does Dasani Have Magnesium Sulphate In It?

Magnesium sulfate is a common ingredient in Epsom and bath salts, but Dasani water bottles contain it due to taste reasons. 

Dasani states that the reverse osmosis process removes taste from water, and the brand wants to achieve a better user experience which is the reason for the addition of magnesium sulfate. 

While this reason sounds convincing, magnesium sulfate (in any quantity) can upset the stomach. As you drink several bottles of Dasani water inside Walt Disney Worls, it can affect your overall experience due to bloats. 

If you’re someone who repeatedly visits different parks, it’s better to carry your own bottle of water instead of relying on various brands. 

Best Bottled Water From Walmart That Doesn’t Make You Thirsty

Great Value Purified Drinking Water is a great choice for bottled water that doesn’t make you thirsty or damage your stomach. There are also other reliable brands like Sam’s Choice, Aquafina, and Crystal Geyser Alpine Natural Spring Water Bottles. 

Walmart sells in packs of 30-40 bottles, so you can carry them while traveling to these places. Perhaps, buying them in bulk can also save you a lot of money. 

Not planning to purchase a pack outside? You can get a water ionizer and install it at home. This has an excellent filtration system that maintains an ideal pH level and contains several nutrients. 

Take those bottles or cans you have at home and fill them with water from the ionizer. Your worries about healthier and quality drinking water are solved! 


Why Does Dasani Make You Thirsty

Dasani’s purified water contains added minerals, which is why some people believe it can make you thirsty.

Why Does Dasani Have Salt

Dasani includes salt in its bottled water to enhance the taste and provide a balanced mineral composition.

Final Thoughts

Dasani is a reputed brand that sells water bottles at various places attracting visitors. Despite its high sales rate, you need to look at the health aspect while consuming water. 

Dasani is prone to several controversies due to the additives in it that can leave you thirsty even after gulping multiple bottles of water.

This isn’t healthy, and you should look for alternatives – Walmart or bring water from home.

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