7 Best Destinations For Photography And Videography Enthusiasts

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If you are a passionate photographer or videographer looking for some unique shots, you have landed on the right article.

Whether you are a beginner photographer or a skilled one, you will find the perfect shots in these countries.

Earth is beautiful, but if I had to choose the best destinations for photography and videography enthusiasts, it would be these seven.

1. Norway

  • Architectural Photography: Oslo
  • Landscape Photography: Fjords
  • Animal Photojournalism: North Cape

Norway is quickly becoming a dream destination for photographers and videographers.

With its stunning scenery, vibrant culture, and incredible wildlife, Norway provides some of the most breathtaking photography and videography opportunities in the world.

The capital city of Oslo offers a great starting point for any photographer or videographer eager to explore Norway’s offerings.

Here you can capture the beauty of The Royal Palace, Vigeland Sculpture Park, and the many other attractions that make Oslo such an interesting place to visit.

Additionally, much of Oslo’s surrounding countryside is ideal for capturing landscapes as it boasts vast forests with majestic waterfalls and imposing mountain ranges.

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Fjords are one of Norway’s most popular attractions and are renowned for their stunning beauty. One of the most popular spots for photography is Geiranger Fjord, located in southwestern Norway.

Its breathtaking landscape offers an array of opportunities to take both still images and videos of its majestic mountains and crystal-clear waters.

When it comes to wildlife, there’s no better place than the North Cape, a cape located at the northernmost point of mainland Norway.

Here you can observe herds of reindeer grazing on the tundra as well as take pictures or record videos of them with arctic foxes and birds such as puffins, eagles, and snow buntings.

2. Morocco

  • Architectural Photography: Chefchaouen
  • Landscape Photography: Marrakesh
  • Animal Photojournalism: Merzouga

Morocco is a paradise for photography and videography enthusiasts.

From its captivating Kasbahs to its crisp beaches, the country offers an abundance of opportunities for creative expression through photographs and videos.

The blue-washed town called Chefchaouen nestled in the Rif Mountains will take your breath away with its stunning landscape and vibrant culture.

With twisting alleyways and terraced hilltops, Chefchaouen is a photographer’s dream come true—especially during sunset when the whole city lights up with beautiful colors.

Marrakesh is a bustling desert city overflowing with life and energy, making it a great spot for videographers looking for dynamic scenes to capture.

Souks, snake charmers, and traditional hammams line the streets of Marrakesh—all perfect subjects for interesting photography or video projects.

With its whitewashed buildings and sandy beaches, Essaouira offers a unique combination of natural beauty and vibrant culture that can’t be found anywhere else in Morocco.

From its stunning sunsets to its buzzing markets, this coastal town provides plenty of opportunities for photographers to shoot breathtaking pictures or captivating videos.

Situated near the edge of the Sahara Desert, Merzouga is a richly colored oasis that stands out in stark contrast to its arid surroundings.

From the massive sand dunes to the desert’s unique wildlife, this destination offers photographers and videographers plenty of beautiful landscapes and captivating subject matter.

3. Japan

visiting Japan in Fall clothes
Japan in Fall
  • Architectural Photography: Tokyo
  • Landscape Photography: Fuji Five Lakes
  • Animal Photojournalism: Okinawa

Japan is a fantastic destination for photographers and videographers of all kinds. From towering skyscrapers to picturesque landscapes, Japan is a great place for photographers and videographers.

For architectural photography enthusiasts, Tokyo’s Ginza district offers some of the best opportunities.

This bustling area features modern architecture mixed with historical buildings from the Edo period.

There are also plenty of street scenes that can be captured through tight compositions or wide-angle shots.

For a more traditional experience, nearby Asakusa Temple offers an opportunity to capture beautiful Buddhist structures in a peaceful ambiance.

The Japanese countryside provides many great options for landscape photographers due to its rolling hills, sprawling rice fields, and majestic mountains.

One particularly popular spot is Fuji Five Lakes near Mount Fuji, which offers breathtaking views of the iconic volcano and emerald lakes.

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The nearby town of Hakone is filled with hot springs, onsens, and traditional Japanese inns that are perfect for capturing the essence of rural Japan.

Animal photojournalism enthusiasts should make their way to Okinawa for a plethora of underwater photography opportunities.

With its crystal clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life, Okinawa provides the perfect environment for documenting sea creatures in action.

For those looking to capture land animals in their natural habitat, Yakushima Island is home to many endemic species like macaques and sika deer that can be photographed in the lush forests and meadows around the island.

4. Iceland

Iceland beautiful
Iceland view
  • Architectural Photography: Reykjavik
  • Landscape Photography: Jokulsarlon
  • Animal Photojournalism: Westfjords

Iceland is one of the most picturesque countries on earth, making it a photographer and videographer’s paradise.

For architectural photography enthusiasts, Reykjavik is an obvious choice. The capital city has plenty of historic and modern buildings to capture, as well as colorful street art that can provide great background shots.

Skogafoss waterfall is also another popular destination – the powerful cascade provides stunning visuals when paired with long exposure techniques.

For landscape photographers, there are many options scattered around Iceland’s rugged terrain.

One of the most popular is Jokulsarlon – a glacial lagoon known for its bright blue ice formations and striking views. Other notable spots include Snaefellsjökull, Vatnajökull, and Landmannalaugar.

Animal photojournalism enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Westfjords is home to some fascinating wildlife.

Thanks to its abundance of underground caves, visitors can easily spot Icelandic seal colonies or stunning arctic foxes in their natural habitats.

Of course, the nearby puffins are also always worth photographing!

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5. Switzerland

Switzerland vs Norway travel guide
Travel destinations Switzerland
  • Architectural Photography: Zurich and Geneva
  • Landscape Photography: Jungfrau-Aletsch
  • Animal Photojournalism: Switzerland’s Alps

Switzerland is a photographer’s dream destination. Being packed with stunning mountain landscapes and old cities with character, this country offers truly incredible opportunities for photographers and videographers.

For architectural photography, there are few better places than the cities of Zurich and Geneva.

Both have fantastic historical buildings that offer photographers the chance to capture the city’s unique character.

The cobbled streets of Zurich’s old town provide wonderful backdrops for capturing dramatic shots, while the lakefront promenade in Geneva provides sweeping views of both the lake and cityscape.

For landscape photography, Switzerland has several spectacular locations.

The glacial peaks of Jungfrau-Aletsch offer breathtaking vistas, while Lake Lucerne provides some of the most beautiful reflections in the world.

For a real challenge, head to the Matterhorn – its icy peaks are sure to provide an unforgettable photo opportunity!

For animal photojournalism, many photographers flock to Switzerland’s Alpine meadows and forests.

Here you can capture unique shots of chamois and ibex, as well as capture some of Europe’s finest birds of prey.

If you’re lucky enough, you might even get a glimpse at one of Switzerland’s alpine lynxes!

6. India

  • Architectural Photography: Jaipur
  • Landscape Photography: Tawang
  • Animal Photojournalism: Kaziranga National Park

India is a paradise for photography and videography enthusiasts.

With an abundance of diverse landscapes, stunning architecture, and unique wildlife, it offers some of the most spectacular scenes imaginable to capture on film.

From majestic Himalayan peaks to lush jungles populated with rare animals, there are unforgettable experiences to be had in every corner of India.

For architectural photography, Jaipur is the right place. Known as the “Pink City” due to its rose-colored walls and buildings, Jaipur is one of India’s most eye-catching cities.

Home to several grand palaces such as the City Palace and Hawa Mahal, Jaipur provides plenty of opportunities to capture stunning images of ancient architecture.

Landscape photographers and videographers should head over to Tawang.

Perched in the Himalayan mountains, this tranquil town is an absolute must-visit for nature lovers looking to take spectacular shots of snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and cascading waterfalls.

The nearby lakes are also great spots for reflecting shots.

Photographers and videographers interested in capturing wildlife should head over to Kaziranga National Park.

Located in Assam, this park is home to several endangered species including tigers, elephants, and one-horned rhinoceroses.

Capture some amazing wildlife photos while exploring the grasslands on an elephant safari, or take a jeep ride through the lush jungle trails.

7. Cuba

  • Architectural Photography: Havana
  • Landscape Photography: Viñales Valley
  • Animal Photojournalism: Zapata swamp

Cuba is a unique destination for photographers and videographers, offering a range of opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

There are just some of the amazing opportunities available for photographers and videographers looking to explore Cuba.

If you’re looking for an unforgettable spot to take architectural photographs, then look no further than Old Havana.

The Cuban capital is overflowing with photogenic colonial buildings, cobblestone streets full of vintage cars, and picturesque plazas lined with iconic palm trees.

You can easily lose yourself here while capturing some truly unique shots.

For landscape photography enthusiasts, Viñales Valley should definitely be on your list when visiting Cuba.

This breathtaking valley is located in the western part of the country and is full of stunning vistas of tobacco fields, rolling hills, and karst mountains.

When it comes to animal photography and photojournalism, Cuba also has plenty to offer.

The Zapata swamp – or Ciénaga de Zapata in Spanish – is one of the best places for wildlife photographers, as it’s home to a large variety of birds, amphibians, reptiles, and even some unique species that aren’t found anywhere else in the world.

This region is also popular for its pink flamingos!

Final Words

Each location has its own unique beauty, and it is your task to capture it and share it with the world.

From the mesmerizing fjords in Norway to the traditional baroque buildings in Cuba, get ready for an adventure like never before.

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