The 7 Best Food Festivals Held In Houston 

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Houstonians love to share their good eats with the rest of the world.

That’s why they host some of the top cuisine festivals in the country. 

And with so many festivals, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for you.

Moreover, what’s better than eating delicious food while supporting local businesses?

The Best Food Festivals Held In Houston 

Houston holds different food events, from traditional Texas BBQ to crawfish to Tex-Mex.

There will undoubtedly be a cuisine festival that will tantalize your taste buds.

1. Houston Food Truck Festival

Food truck festivals are popping up all over the country, and Houston is no exception.

The Houston Food Truck Festival celebrates everything food trucks.

The festival is held in November at Gulf Freeway in Houston, TX.

Attendees can indulge in delicious food from over 20 Food Trucks from all over the Houston area, serving various cuisines.

Visit Food truck festival in Houston
Food truck festival in Houston

You can expect to find everything from traditional American food to international cuisines.

There are also food trucks specializing in:

  • Mexican food
  • Italian food
  • Indian food
  • Dessert options

Aside from delicious food, you can also enjoy live music, movies, family-friendly activities, and much more!

There’s something for everyone at this fun-filled event.

2. Houston BBQ Festival

In Texas, BBQ is more than just a method of cooking meat – it’s a way of life.

And in Houston, the annual BBQ festival held at Humble, TX, is the event of the year.

BBQ festival street
BBQ festival in Houston

The festival’s objective is to commemorate and acknowledge Houston BBQ and the chefs who make it.

In April – The whole city is filled with the smell of smoked meat. Pitmasters from all over the state (and beyond) give BBQ enthusiasts a chance to enjoy the finest of what they can offer. All in one place and for one price. You can’t beat that!

The transformed barbecue lover’s paradise features over 20 of the city’s best Joints serving their signature dishes.

Others dare to deviate from the norm with unique cultural dishes that pack a punch in flavor.

Attendees can stuff their faces with brisket, turkey, and other types of meat, all slow-smoked to fall-off-the-bone perfection.

There is also live music from local bands and other entertainment, a kids’ zone, and other activities.

Also, a special Barbecue University tent, where attendees can learn about the history and techniques of Texas barbecue.

3. Taste of Houston

If you love food, you’ll want to check out the Taste of Houston food festival!

This annual event is a celebration of the city’s diverse food culture. And features a variety of different cuisines from around the world.

For two days in October, Town Green Park in the Woodlands is filled with over 200 booths ready to serve you.

Taste of Houston food festival visiting
Taste of Houston food festival

With 60 of the city’s best restaurants, food trucks, and caterers, there is plenty of alternatives for you to select from.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also sample some of the more unique dishes on offer, like:

  • Barbecue 
  • Southern comfort food 
  • Cajun and Creole dishes
  • Houston-style chili
  • Seafood dishes 
  • Sweet treats 

In addition, there are also boutiques, cooking demonstrations from some of Houston’s top chefs, and talks from food experts.

There are performances from over 20 of the best musicians and performers.

4. Tamale Festival Houston

The Tamale Festival Houston is a highly-anticipated annual event celebrating the delectable Tamale.

This is a traditional Mexican dish of masa or corn dough filled with various types of meat, cheeses, fruits, or vegetables. 

It is held in early December for two days at Guadalupe Plaza Park and features tamales from over 50 vendors.

Visit Tamale festival Houston
Tamale festival in Houston

Visitors can enjoy tamales, including chicken, beef, and pork. 

There are also vegetarian tamales for those who do not eat meat.

As well as those with more creative fillings, such as chocolate, fruit, and even ice cream.

Traditional Mexican foods are also available at the festival. These include tacos, enchiladas, and burritos.

There is usually a mariachi band playing throughout the day.

Visitors can engage in Tamale-making demonstrations, award-winning tamale-eating contests, folkloric dancing, and other family-friendly activities. Making it a fun and festive event for the whole family.

5. Houston Hot Sauce Festival

The Houston Hot Sauce Festival is a celebration of all things hot and spicy!

This annual event features fantastic hot sauces in the country and plenty of delicious food to help cool things down.

The festival is held in September at SpindleTap Brewery at 10622 Hirsch Road in Houston.

Houston hot sauce festival visit
Hot sauce festival in Houston

It is one of the largest hot sauce festivals in the world. And features over 200 hot sauces sampled from all over the world.

It’s sure to be the hottest event you’ll ever attend.

There are also many food trucks on hand serving up their best spicy Texas-inspired dishes. 

Some foods you can expect:

  • Hot sauces
  • BBQ sauces
  • Salsas
  • Jellies
  • Seasonings
  • Popcorn

Patrons can also sip fresh craft beer from local breweries.

Enjoy live music by local country artists and watch a hot pepper-eating contest.

The person who can handle the heat gets a trophy and a $200 cash prize. 

6. Houston Margarita Festival

Houston’s love affair with the margarita dates back to the early 1970s when the first margarita bar opened in Houston.

The city has dedicated this annual event to celebrate their love of this classic cocktail.

The festival offers unlimited margaritas from over 30 different bars and restaurants, live music, and plenty of fun for all.

Visit Margarita festival in Houston
Margarita festival in Houston

The margarita tastings are the highlight of the festival and feature margaritas from some of the best margarita bars in Houston.

The festival also features a Margarita Mix-Off, where bartenders compete to create the best margarita.

With so many margaritas to taste, it might be tough to determine which ones to try and where to begin.

Fortunately – Plenty of bartenders from some of the city’s best bars are on hand to ensure you find the perfect margarita for your taste.

The festival also offers a Margarita Trail map so that visitors can easily locate all the participating restaurants and bars.

7. Houston Crawfish, Crab & Grill Festival

Houston is known for its delicious seafood, and the Houston Crawfish, Crab & Grill Festival is a seafood lover’s dream.

This annual family event is held at the Humble Civic Center and Arena in April and May.

Houston crawfish festival
Houston crawfish, crab and grill festival

Attendees celebrate the taste and culture of southern cooking with crab, crawfish, and grilled foods from local caterers and restaurants.

What to Expect? The festival is an excellent opportunity to try different types of seafood from various restaurants. Crawfish is the show’s star at the carnival, with over 20,000 pounds of fresh mudbugs being cooked up each day. 

There are crab boil stations, grilled seafood, and Cajun-style dishes like jambalaya and gumbo.

Seafood options include crab cakes, grilled shrimp, and oysters.

If you’re not a seafood fan, don’t worry – there are a variety of other food vendors and a beer garden.

The festival also brings two stages with different bands playing each day.

The lineup includes some of the best regional and local acts, so you’ll find something you’ll enjoy.

A kids’ zone with rides and games and a marketplace with arts and crafts are also on site. And, of course, there’s a lot of cold beer to wash it all down.

Final Thoughts

Houston has a food festival for you, no matter your favorite food.

From BBQ to crawfish to ethnic cuisine, there’s a festival celebrating it.

Houston is also home to some of the most incredible food trucks in the country, so it’s no surprise that several festivals are also devoted to them. 

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