Do Etihad Provide Headphones? Exploring In-Flight Amenities

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When planning a trip with Etihad Airways, many travelers are curious about the in-flight amenities offered, particularly when it comes to headphones and onboard entertainment. As a leading airline, Etihad strives to provide a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience for their passengers, and understanding their headphone policy can help passengers better prepare for their journey.

Etihad Airways provides headphones for passengers to use during their flight. These headphones can vary in quality depending on the travel class, with noise-canceling over-ear headphones in business class and standard foam-padded or earbud-style headphones in economy class. With an extensive range of in-flight entertainment options, it is important for passengers to be aware of the headphone types and compatibility for a seamless experience during their journey.

Key Takeaways

  • Etihad Airways provides headphones for passengers to enjoy their in-flight entertainment
  • The quality of headphones may vary by travel class, with business class generally offering noise-canceling over-ear headphones
  • For a comfortable journey, passengers should be aware of headphone compatibility and the in-flight entertainment options available on their flight.
Etihad aircraft on runway

Etihad Headphones Overview

Etihad Airways provides headphones for their passengers on flights. The standard headphones offered may be of non-branded quality.

The airline’s in-flight entertainment system, known as E-BOX, offers over a thousand hours of on-demand entertainment. This includes movies, music, sports, and more, available on a personal seatback screen.

If you want to use your own headphones, you might need a two-pin adapter. These adapters ensure compatibility with the airline’s socket, although some single-pin headphones may also work.

Etihad’s first-class cabins boast an even more luxurious experience. Passengers can enjoy a higher-quality audio experience while watching the E-BOX content during their flight.

Remember that headphones are an essential part of any in-flight entertainment experience. Etihad Airways recognizes this and makes sure to provide passengers with the necessary equipment to enjoy their journey to the fullest.

Inflight Entertainment


Etihad Airways offers an inflight entertainment system called E-Box. This system provides passengers with a variety of options, including movies, TV shows, music, and games.

Movies and TV shows are updated frequently, ensuring a fresh selection for passengers. In addition, live TV channels are available on longer flights, allowing access to news and sports updates.

On-Demand Entertainment

The on-demand entertainment option allows passengers to enjoy their favorite content at their own pace. High-quality audio and video ensure a pleasant viewing and listening experience.

In addition to the E-Box system, passengers should bring their own headphones for the flight. Charging ports are available in the seat area for convenience, so don’t forget your charging cable.

Headphone Types and Compatibility

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Etihad Airways offers in-flight entertainment options for its passengers. When considering investing in noise-canceling headphones, some travelers may be concerned about compatibility with Etihad’s systems. It is possible to use noise-canceling headphones on Etihad flights, but an adapter may be required for certain models due to the 3-pin connection.

Over-Ear and Earbud-Style

Passengers have the option to use various headphone styles on Etihad flights, including over-ear and earbud-style headphones. It’s important to choose a comfortable design, especially for long-haul flights. Etihad recommends that passengers bring their own headphones for enhanced personal enjoyment of their in-flight entertainment systems.

Single and Double-Pin Receivers

Etihad’s headphone jacks accommodate both single and double-pin receivers. Adapters can be purchased inexpensively to ensure compatibility with most airline in-flight entertainment systems, including Etihad’s E-BOX Stream. These adapters enable passengers to use their preferred headphones, whether they have stereo or mono single-pin connectors or double-pin connectors.

Airline passenger wearing headphones

Inflight Experience

Economy Cabin

Etihad Economy offers passengers a more thoughtful experience, with increased style and sustainability. The seats are designed for space, comfort, and feature an adjustable headrest for added support.

Fleece blankets and amenity kits are available for added convenience during the flight. Charging ports are also situated near your seat, so remember to bring your charging cable.

Business Class

Travelers flying Business Class with Etihad can enjoy noise-canceling, over-ear headphones providing an immersive entertainment experience. The inflight entertainment system offers a variety of movies, music, and sports content on seatback TVs.

Business Class seats provide ample legroom, allowing passengers to stretch out and enjoy their flight in comfort.

Meals and Drinks

Etihad Airways takes pride in its food offerings, with a menu featuring diverse international cuisine. Both Economy and Business Class passengers are treated to a variety of meals and drinks during their flight.

For families traveling with children, Etihad provides children’s meals to ensure even the youngest passengers are well-fed and content.

Remember to note any dietary restrictions or special meal requests while booking your flight, so Etihad can accommodate your needs accordingly.

Screen and Headphone Connectivity

Screen Size and Quality

Etihad Airways offers passengers an exceptional inflight entertainment experience with its advanced seatback TV options called the E-Box. This includes AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) allowing passengers to start, pause, or stop films at their convenience.

Headphone Jacks and Adapters

For Etihad’s inflight entertainment audio, passengers may use their own headphones or receive supplied ones by the airline. The in-seat headphone sockets typically have a two-pin connection, delivering left and right audio channels. Some headsets might require an adapter to match the two-pin connection, though a single pin often works as well. Bose, for example, offers a two-pin adapter for their headphones to work with such sockets.

Aircraft Models and Headphones

Airbus A350

Etihad’s Airbus A350 is lighter, greener, and designed for maximum comfort. Most of their Airbus aircraft, including the A320, are equipped with Panasonic eX2 inflight entertainment systems.

Boeing 777-300ER

The Boeing 777-300ER is another airplane model in the Etihad fleet. The Thales TopSeries i5000 inflight entertainment system comes onboard with this aircraft type.


Etihad provides headphones for inflight entertainment on their flights. It’s recommended to bring your own headphones for a better experience, especially when using the E-BOX Stream feature on A320 or A321 aircraft models.

Comparisons with Other Airlines

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways provides standard headphones on their flights, similar to Etihad. SeatGuru showcases seat maps for Qatar Airways, helping passengers choose the best seats.


Qantas also supplies in-flight headphones for passengers. Their extra baggage allowance policies can be easily found on their website. SeatGuru can also help with seat selection on Qantas flights.

Thai Airways

Thai Airways provides headphones for in-flight entertainment as well. You can find their baggage allowance policy online. SeatGuru has seat maps available for Thai Airways flights for passengers to review before booking.

Etihad Baggage Allowance and Packing Suggestions

Luggage Allowance

Etihad Airways offers a straightforward baggage policy in terms of included allowance. For example, economy passengers can carry one bag up to 15 pounds (7 kg) for free. For specific routes like Abu Dhabi to San Francisco (SFO), hand baggage only fares allow one cabin bag weighing up to 7kg, measuring 56cm wide, 36cm high, and 23cm deep.

Packing Tips

When preparing for your Etihad flight, consider these packing suggestions:

  • Consolidate smaller items in MyTrip labeled bags for easy organization.
  • For a MUC transit or layover, bring essential travel items in your carry-on, such as medications and an extra change of clothes.
  • Passengers on Unit Flight 29 should check the baggage allowance specific to their fare class before departure.
  • If you’re flying from SFO to SIN (Singapore), pack a compact travel adapter and any required visas in your carry-on.

Remember that some sports equipment, like golf clubs and skis, can be included in your checked baggage allowance, though restrictions apply. Additionally, always check the list of prohibited items to ensure you’re not carrying anything that poses a risk to you, other passengers, or the aircraft.

Flying with Musical Instruments

Etihad Airways allows passengers to bring small musical instruments onboard as part of their cabin baggage allowance, provided they fit within the standard cabin baggage dimensions. If you are planning on flying with your electric guitar, be aware of these size restrictions.

Passengers are permitted to carry one cabin bag weighing up to 7kg with a maximum width of 56cm, height of 36cm, and depth of 23cm1. Your electric guitar may exceed these dimensions, so it is important to check your instrument’s size before flying.

Larger instruments, such as an electric guitar, might not fit the cabin baggage allowance. If that’s the case, you will need to purchase an extra seat or check it as checked baggage. Make sure to pack your electric guitar securely to protect it during the flight.

Remember that Etihad provides passengers with in-flight entertainment, which does include headphones. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight while your electric guitar is safely stowed away.

User Reviews and Reputation

Etihad Airways is known for its quality service and providing passengers with amenities such as headphones. One review praises Etihad for having the best earphones during a flight from Doha to Male.

Based on user reviews, Etihad does provide headphones for passengers during flights. A TripAdvisor discussion confirms that both Etihad and Qatar airlines offer complimentary headphones to their passengers.

In terms of product quality, some users mention that the provided headphones are not of the highest quality. They describe them as being standard, cheap, and non-branded. However, the quality is higher for business-class passengers who receive noise-canceling, over-ear headphones.

Etihad Airways is a reputable airline known for its overall service quality. Although the headphones provided in economy class may not be of premium quality, they still contribute to the airline’s reputation for providing necessary amenities, such as in-flight entertainment.

Trust in Etihad’s service is evident among users and adds to the reputation of the airline. Reflecting this, Etihad’s reputation can be seen in their customer reviews on Skytrax, which include positive remarks about the helpful and friendly staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Etihad flights provide headphones?

Yes, Etihad flights provide headphones for passengers to use during their flight. They are typically offered as part of the in-flight entertainment system.

Are headphones included in Etihad’s in-flight entertainment system?

Headphones are indeed included in Etihad’s in-flight entertainment system. Passengers can use these headphones to enjoy a wide selection of movies, music, and other media.

What type of headphones does Etihad offer?

Etihad offers standard headphones for use during the flight. These headphones may vary in style, depending on the aircraft and cabin class.

Can I use my own headphones on Etihad flights?

Yes, passengers are allowed to use their own headphones on Etihad flights. However, please note that some aircraft may have a unique headphone jack, requiring an adapter for personal headphones.

Is there a cost for headphones on Etihad Airways?

Headphones are typically provided free of charge on Etihad Airways flights as part of the in-flight entertainment system.

Are noise-canceling headphones available on Etihad flights?

Etihad does not specifically offer noise-canceling headphones. However, some passengers have mentioned using their own noise-canceling headphones with an adapter to enjoy a more serene and immersive in-flight entertainment experience.

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