New High-Speed Trains will Aid Easy Travels Across Spain

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Currently in Europe, most especially in Spain, travel trains have been gaining more popularity. Travel trains are popular in Spain because there are modern and convenient train connections that keep expanding in the country. Travelers can now travel, and explore the various cities within the country at a reduced price. 

News New High-Speed Trains will Aid Easy Travels Across Spain
New High-Speed Trains will Aid Easy Travels Across Spain

Most of the cities in Europe have high-speed rail connections, and various companies keep developing and expanding this service. These high-speed rails are considered to not only be greener but also considered to be faster than planes. Travelers visiting Spain can now make use of more route alternatives for their travels. 

More Routes leads to Cheaper Tickets

The world’s second-largest network of high-speed railways in the world after China is Spain. Now, travelers visiting Spain have more route alternatives with trains that are running at a speed of over 180 miles hourly. These newly provided routes are also available for travelers at better prices.

There was a launching of 30,000 introductory tickets which went for 19 euros until the end of 2023 for the new route, Renfe. The newly provided route will be able to provide up to eight services daily while stopping at Elche and Orihuela. The AVE will also be offering an alternative longer route which is often 3 hours and 25 minutes. 

The AVE will be stopping at various fascinating cities such as Villena, Cuena, Alicante, and Albacete. In November, a private high-speed operator, Irya launched a new high-speed train route. The new train route is between the largest cities in Spain which are Barcelona and Madrid. 

Also, Madrid is the central city from which most travelers can access various destinations in Spain by train. The new route served by Renfe, Ouigo, and now Iryo provides passengers with some low-cost alternatives. In the past month, there has been a 43% reduction in ticket prices for the new route. 

When taking the waiting line at the airport into account, various train routes connect big cities. These train routes often enable passengers to reach their destinations faster because it is faster than planes.  

More Tourist Travels to Murcia Other Destinations

Now that there is a newly added high-speed train route in Spain, tourists will get to explore more fascinating locations fast and comfortably. Murcia is a known region for its massive production of fruits, flowers, and vegetables in Europe. The wines in Murcia are also very popular amongst tourists. 

There are impressive landmarks and beautiful Mediterranean weather in the City of Murcia. The travelers taking the new AVE train route from Madrid will arrive at El Carmen train station a few minutes away from Plaza Cardenal Belluga. Tourists can admire the Cathedral of Santa Maria from the Plaza Cardenal Belluga and also visit the famous luxuriously styled casino in the city. 

Apart from the great museums in the country, travelers can also enjoy the special traditional dishes and local cuisines. The culture in Spain is rich, and there are other places the tourists can take the high-speed trains to visit apart from Madrid, such as:

  • Sevilla
  • Zaragoza
  • Valencia
  • Albacete
  • Girona
  • Malaga
  • Cordoba
  • Barcelona

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